Wink’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2017- Eat Healthier

The New Year is almost here and with the arrival of 2017 comes the chance to reevaluate your goals, prioritize your time and make some resolutions (yet again)!
Unfortunately, as we all know from experience, the making of the resolution and the achieving of it are two completely different things; “I’ll start next week, when I have some spare time, when the moon turns pink, when I wake up next to David Beckham”. 
We have compiled a list of Wink’s top five resolutions for 2017 and included the pitfalls to avoid and some tips to help ensure your success.

1. Get in Shape
2. Eat Healthier
3. Reduce Stress
4. Get Organized
5. Get Happy

2. Eat Healthier 

The goal is to start eating healthier food or eat the right amounts at the right times. Switching to a healthier diet can be incredibly hard when we are constantly surrounded by cheap but very tasty junk food or quick ready-made meals. However, with a good amount of determination and some basic tips you can develop healthier eating habits. Learn to recognize emotional eating, be aware of reasons for diets to fail and make use of these not so well known tricks and tips.

Boogie Your Way to a Cleaner Home

Hand on heart we could all put a bit more effort into home maintenance. In order to keep on top of your household chores you will need to vacuum every other day, wash the dishes, do some dusting, wash and iron your clothes and go up and down the stairs at least ten times a day. This is actually a great way to exercise and is fun if you add some music to the mix. You will be spending time on your feet, moving muscles in your back, stomach, arms and legs, all of which help you get fitter and burn off those extra calories.

Brush Your Teeth

This is one of the lesser known tricks that really works! Brushing your teeth after a meal signals that eating time is over and it also leaves that strong minty taste in your mouth that makes everything taste weird. You won’t want to eat anything for at least 15 minutes after brushing your teeth (until the minty taste diminishes). A great tip that ensures clean teeth and avoids snacking in-between meals.

Read a book instead of watching TV

We all eat when we watch TV. Whether it be a snack or a meal on a tray it is much harder to do if your hands are holding a book. A good book, particularly one that keeps you engaged, is not something you’ll want to leave chocolate smudges on and it requires a lot more focus than watching TV. Your mind will be engaged so you will forget about snacking and as your hands will be occupied you will find it less comfortable to eat.

eat healthier

Shoot your food

No, not with a gun! We all know the method of writing down everything we eat (this is supposed to scare us into eating less)? Rather than writing down every crumb you imbibe, take a picture of your meal with your smartphone. A visual account of what you are eating will help curb your intake. Before every meal take a look at the photos from the food you consumed throughout the day. This will enable you to make a more informed decision of what and how much you eat each meal. It will also point out your little ‘cheats’ such as the fried sweet potato chips on your salad.

Give Up the Guilt

After a particularly unhealthy meal or binge don't give yourself a hard time. Stressing about what you have eaten will only make you eat more and as dieters are prone to eat when they are stressed this is simply counterproductive. By making yourself miserable you are ensuring failure. One bad day is just that, one bad day. When you wake up tomorrow morning you get to start from scratch.

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