​10 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. Lovers around the world are celebrating what has become an international day of romance. This tradition goes back hundreds of years and has its roots in ancient folklore. 

These days, partners and lovers mark the occasion by showering each other with romantic gifts or by heading out for candle-lit dinners and romantic getaways. 
However, the romance ‘industry’ failed to include one very important person in the Valentine’s Day fanfare. That very important person is YOU! Yes, that’s right. As well as those close to you, you can also show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. 

True love starts from within

Whether you have a significant other or not, you can take this opportunity to treat yourself to a special gift and go do something nice for yourself. Most psychologists would agree that the most successful lovers are those who love themselves, as well as others. After all, true love starts from within! 
It’s time to start thinking outside the box. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about love in the traditional “Hollywood” sense. We’ve come up with 10 revolutionary suggestions that’ll help you spread the love, from inside out:

1. Order yourself some flowers

Don’t wait for somebody else to send you something special. Search online for your local flower shop and order yourself a fab bouquet, or even a long-lasting plant as a reminder of how special you are. When your flowery treat arrives, you’ll feel amazing!

2. Treat yourself to a fancy breakfast

If dining alone seems daunting, take yourself out for a fancy breakfast in a classy café. You can even take your iPad, laptop or read the newspaper whilst you sit down to some morning delicacies. We suggest you do this even if you have dinner plans in the evening. If you are spoken for, it’s a perfect way to get some quality ‘alone time’.

3. Buy yourself a gift

Is there something you’ve had your eye on for a while? A piece of fancy clothing, some cool gadget, or a good book perhaps? Head on out to your favourite shop and get yourself something special. You can even ask the sales person to wrap it up for you. The best part is, you know you’ll love your gift, because you picked it out!

4. Explore somewhere (or something) new

Going it alone this February 14th? No worries, take a day (or two) off and go on a trip somewhere nice. You could go for a hike in the countryside, or hop on the Eurostar for a change of scenery. Even a visit to a museum or art gallery would do the trick. You’ll feel empowered and inspired.

5. Spend time with friends & family

If you are not partnered up this Valentine’s Day, likelihood is you’re not the only one. Why not take the opportunity to go out for a nice drink or meal with a close friend or family member? You could even buy them a small Valentine’s token. You don’t need to be romantic partners to share the love!

6. Volunteer 

Nothing gets your spirits up like putting a smile on someone else’s face. You could volunteer at a community centre or shelter. Or, you could even offer to babysit for a couple who are in desperate need of a romantic night out. When you help others, you are guaranteed to feel the love.

7. Learn to love yourself

Take this opportunity to learn how to love yourself more. Pick up a good self-help book, or try some meditation. Say no to negative voices and acknowledge all your good points. Maybe write a list of all your accomplishments, no matter how small. Humans are quick to dish out compliments to others (that’s not a bad thing), but how often do we flatter ourselves?

8. Learn something new

Is there something you’ve always wanted to study? Painting, music, a new language perhaps? Take this opportunity to enroll in a workshop or class. By expanding your mind and skillset, you’ll be doing yourself a great service. It’s also great fun AND you never know, you might even meet someone special!

9. Head to the spa

This is the ultimate self-love experience. This February 14th, why not take yourself off to a spa and treat yourself to an indulgent massage or beauty treatment. Let the professionals take care of you for a couple of hours. After which, you can soak in a sizzling sauna or bubbling jacuzzi. Feeling great is guaranteed!

10. Set aside some play time

Set aside some time for your favourite hobbies and fun activities. Go for a walk, do some gardening or relax with a good film. The possibilities are endless... If you’re reading this, no doubt you love online games. Check out our special Cupid’s Challenge Promo. Each day, from 8th-14th Feb, we’ll be giving away tons of Free Spins whenever you deposit £20 or more (use promo code CUPID). Are you ready for your Valentine’s prizes and surprises?
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 So there you have it. Whether you are single or in a relationship, go ahead and make this Valentine’s Day about the most special person in your life - YOU! Go on, give yourself a hearty dose of L❤VE

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