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50 Shades Of Wink

Holly’s jumped on the naughty novel bandwagon & it’s inspired her to offer up a few naughty delights of her own! Win £69 guaranteed jackpots in our Naughty Numbers Room EVERY Sunday, half hourly between 6pm – 9pm!

We’ve got special chat games to get you in the mood from 6pm;

I Love 69:

  • When the numbers `6` and `9` have both been called, then the 2nd player to shout `I Love 69`, will be awarded 1000jps.

Top or Bottom:

  • When the game begins the Host will call `I’m on Top`  (#46-90) or  `I’m on the Bottom` (#1- 45).  If the winning number matches the host call of Top or Bottom, then the 2nd Player to shout  `I like Top or Bottom’ to win 1000jps.

Spread The Love:

  • When you win the house you will tell the Host `Spread the Love to____(fellow roomies name)’. The Host will then give the player you choose 1000jps, once they say ‘ I feel the Love’.

Daz Lost His Speedos:

  • If a roomie wins the House, Daz will pass them his Speedos. Once they say ‘ Daz Lost his Speedos’, they will be awarded 1000jps. If it is not a roomie win, Daz will Flash his speedos & ask ‘ Who Wants my Speedos?.   The 3rd player to shout ‘ Daz Lost His Speedos`, will be awarded 1000Jps. The player holding Daz’s Speedos at the end of the hour, will win 2000Jps, once they say `Daz Lost his Speedos`.

Naughty Numbers:

  • When Bingo is called, the Host will say….. `I’m thinking of a Naughty Number____ ` Players can guess 1x each, before the host calls `Naughty Time` , and then closest to the host number will win 1000Jps.

In Bed With Fred..Again:

  • Give the Host your In Bed # 1-90.  When your number is called, if you are the 1st to shout `In Bed with Fred___times` (use your #), then you win 1000Jps. Players can share the same #, but it is only the 1st player to  call on their number that win pts.

Terms & Conditions

  • Chat hosts decision final.
  • You must be funded, in the room, with a min. of 1 card in the game to win jps.
  • Not all chat games wll play between 6pm – 9pm.

 * Last updated 29.4.2015.