Online Bingo Players

online bingo players

Bingo is a popular game to play both online and in person. Today’s bingo players are loud and excited about the game. In fact, there are more than 45 million visitors to United Kingdom bingo clubs every year, a number that continues to grow. Today’s bingo halls have thumping music, team events, and a party atmosphere. It’s no wonder that players across London are lining up to try the game.

Bingo is also rising in popularity online. It’s an easy game to play on the way to work and a nice way to wind down at the end of the night. Players across the country are all tapping away at their phones and computer screens.

With Bingo attracting such a diverse crowd, we started to wonder. Who is playing this game? Who makes up the communities of tight-knit bingo players logging in every night? Be sure to check out the full infographic here, and enjoy our findings below.

Our Methodology

To gather our data, we came up with two primary methods for collecting user information. The first came from existing data provided by our users. This provided us with basic information, but we wanted to dig deeper. To better understand who’s behind online bingo screens, we sent out a survey to our customers, asking them to tell us a little about themselves. Many of our users were eager to tell us how they played, and we used their results to paint a clearer picture of the average online bingo player.

Who Is Playing Bingo?

online bingo player woman

Let’s start with the demographic information. The first thing we learned is that 75 percent of bingo players are women. The biggest age group includes players 25 to 34 years of age, which makes up approximately 35 percent of our total bingo players. The second largest group, ages 35 to 44, makes up 30 percent of our players. The remaining players who chose to share their age are over 45, and 13 percent are over 55.

Our survey also revealed that the average bingo player is married. These players reflect 56 percent of the total, while 32 percent are single. The remaining 12 percent are either separated, widowed, or divorced.

While the average player may skew young and female, the even distribution between age and marital status indicates a diverse community. It also shows that almost anyone can enjoy playing bingo.

Why Do People Play Bingo?

why bingo players play online

Naturally, the age and gender of those playing online bingo aren’t as important as why they play. After all, the reasons for playing help to build the community of bingo players who join together to compete in friendly competitions.

Primarily, users play bingo because they find it exciting. More than a third of respondents said they enjoy playing online bingo for the thrill of it or the buzz they feel after winning. Another 47 percent of respondents play online bingo to stay relaxed during stressful situations or a long day.

One particular respondent plays online bingo because it’s a chance to win money without going out of the house. However, our data has shown that bingo isn’t always about the money. In fact, 91 percent of bingo players spend less than 100 pounds per month on the game. While the excitement and a chance to win money is definitely a reason for playing, many people also said they enjoyed the excitement of the win and community around them. This is what keeps players returning again and again.

How Do They Play Bingo?

online bingo player mobile vs desktop

If bingo players log in to try their luck when they’re looking to relax or enjoy themselves, it’s important to understand what constitutes their most relaxing environment. It turns out that 92 percent of online bingo players access websites through their desktop or laptop computers. Overall, 55 percent watch TV while they play, and 65 percent play in the evening.

The vast majority of bingo players access the site through their desktop computers, but 47 percent also sign in through their mobile devices. There are two main differences between desktop and smartphone players. Desktop players visit three times as many pages as smartphone users and stay on the site three times as long. While smartphone users might be looking to enjoy a quick game after work, desktop users enjoy settling in and participating in the bingo community.

online bingo player experience

What Is the Standard Myers-Briggs Profile for Bingo Players?

online bingo player profile

To learn more about the traits of the people playing online bingo, we asked about their Myers-Briggs profiles. About 54 percent of bingo players consider themselves to be extroverted, and they prefer to use their intuition and look at the big picture of the world. About 60 percent of our respondents are thinkers who use logic rather than feelers who rely on values. About 57 percent are perceivers who like to go with the flow.

All in all, the average online bingo player has an ENTP personality. This personality type loves to form strategies and restructure plans as needed, which is clearly a good skill to have in bingo. Notable ENTPs include Benedict Cumberbatch, Anna Kendrick, and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Where Are Bingo Players Located?

While Wink Bingo has players logging in from across the UK, Brampton takes the lead above all other towns, with the most pages per visit. It’s quickly followed by Gourock, Chipping Sodbury, and Haywards Heath. Marske-by-the-Sea of Yorkshire rounds out the top five.

Just because these towns reflect the highest number of bingo player visits doesn’t mean that they’re home to the biggest bingo fans. Gourock actually has the longest session duration, with the average user spending 40 minutes playing online bingo. Dodleston trails behind with the average duration of 24 minutes, and Alcester comes in third with 22 minutes.

online bingo players cities

online bingo players cities

Since it has such a large lead when it comes to session duration, as well as the second highest number of players, we would consider voting Gourock the bingo capital of the UK.

Painting a clear picture of bingo players across the UK is a fascinating way to learn about the community, and we also learned how incredibly diverse and widespread the game is across regions, ages, and genders. This diversity is only expected to grow as the popularity of online bingo does. Check out the full interactive infographic to learn more.

Bingo Through the Decades

Over the last half-century, bingo has taken hold of the UK audience in a big way, reaching hundreds of thousands of players and raking in billions of pounds in annual stakes. It all started, strangely enough, with the television. Step back to the 1950s and take a peek at where the excitement all began.

bingo through the decades

Enjoy a history lesson, and then travel back in time with our Time Warp promotion, showcasing bingo through the decades. Pay anywhere from 2p to 25p to play, and relish in jackpots adding up to £5,500. Promotion ends 11 July 2016, so don’t delay (T&C’s Apply)!

1950s — The Failing Theatre Gives Rise to Bingo

bingo in the 1950’s

Entertainment got a dramatic facelift in the 1950s with the rise of television. When the 1953 Coronation was broadcast, over 20 million viewers tuned in across the UK. Social habits took a dramatic turn as people moved away from cinemas and gave their attention to the smaller screen instead. Theatres began closing en masse, with both Rank Organisation and Associated British Cinemas (ABCs) closing their doors. Though the connection wasn’t immediately obvious, these activities were paving the way for a resurgence of bingo in the UK.

1960s — The Debut of the Bingo House

bingo in the 1960’s

The 1960s brought major changes to gaming laws in the UK, revitalising this industry and putting bingo on the map in a big way. In 1961, the country legalised gambling for small sums; betting shop operations also became legal. Failing theatre houses saw their opportunity for a fresh revitalisation.

The Odeon Theatre screened its last programme on 20 May 1961 and immediately transitioned into the Top Rank Bingo Club. Though notable for being one of the first to make this transition, it was far from the only theatre to take this approach. In 1963, the failing Gaumont Theatre followed suit and became the Top Rank Bingo and Social Club, with comedian Tommy Trinder and television presenter Shelagh Kennedy presiding over the opening ceremony.

1970s — A Working Class Staple

bingo in the 1970’s

Interest in bingo grew steadily through the 1960s, peaking in the middle of the 1970s. At the height of its popularity, there were nearly 2,000 bingo clubs in the UK. It was a popular activity for those in the working class, becoming a much-anticipated part of the weekly routine. Peter Lazenby fondly recalls serving on the committee of the Hawkhill Social Club and taking his regular turn calling Sunday night bingo for a gathering of about 30 people. For him, the duty “was a serious commitment,” and for many of the regulars playing, it was the “highlight of their week.”

1980s — Purpose-Built Halls Take Hold

bingo in the 1980’s

By the 1980s, bingo was well-established as a popular pastime in the UK. The first purpose-built bingo hall, the Castle Club at Canton in Cardiff, opened in 1988. Others sprang up soon after, replacing some of the repurposed theatre settings.

Many existing establishments rapidly changed hands as major gaming companies fought to dominate the market. ABCs, acquired by Star in 1970, passed to Bass Leisure in 1981. Though the number of bingo venues fell to 1,600 by the mid-80s, some of the decline was due to reigning companies expanding their operations and putting smaller establishments out of business.

1990s — The Market Settles

bingo in the 1990’s
During the 1990s, major gaming chains began to emerge victorious from the sales and negotiations of the previous decade. Clubs like Gala and Mecca established market dominance, while many older bingo clubs went out of business. Many of the buildings that began their life as theatres moved on yet again to new purposes, ceasing bingo operations to try their luck as pubs or arcades.

2000s — Internet Bingo Begins

bingo in the 2016

Though bingo halls were less prevalent by the turn of the century, the game was no less profitable. Gala, the largest bingo operator in the UK, held a 40 percent share in the game with 166 clubs in 2003. The coveted company changed hands twice during the decade.

In mid-2007, a public smoking ban in the UK put a damper on the activities in many bingo facilities. As live bingo games fell out of favour, online bingo began to take hold. In the middle of the decade, bingo was reported as the number one leisure activity for women aged 20 to 25 years.

Today — Modern Players Gather Online

bingo in the 2016

Online bingo has given this game new life and a younger customer base. In 2011, there were 3.4 million online bingo players pouring £600 million into the game each year. Over 20 percent of these players were between the ages of 18 and 25. Annual bingo stakes peaked in the UK in 2012 at over £1.3 billion. Though they decreased steadily over the following years, stakes were still respectable in 2015 at well over £1.1 billion.

Bingo’s enduring popularity has made it a notable part of UK culture for over 60 years. Take an interactive journey through the game’s history while enjoying some bingo fun yourself with the limited time Time Warp experience from Wink Bingo.

wink bingo timewrap promotion

Bingo in the UK

Bingo in the uk


This post takes a look at the overall picture for bingo in the UK today: how it has evolved and why, who is playing and where, typical ages of the players, the overall socio-demographic profile, and information regarding how people play and with what regularity.

From the 1960’s until nowadays

It almost goes without saying that the picture of bingo in the UK has changed radically during the Internet age (broadly speaking, the last 20 years).

Similarly, the advent of the smartphone and its mass adoption in the UK since 2008 and, more specifically, the mass adoption of Android Smartphones since 2010 (as depicted below) shifted the marketplace further still, due to the obvious removal of any restrictions as to where players are stationed.
We will look later at the rapid uptake of online bingo and the impact of the mobile “revolution”. Firstly, however, we’ll look at the statistical evidence for the decline of the traditional physical bingo hall, along with other factors unrelated to shifts in technology which contributed to this decline.

Traditional bingo halls in uk

The rise and fall of the traditional bingo hall

Although the 90-ball traditional bingo game has been popular in the UK since the First World War, it was previously primarily played for fun or as a fundraising activity. It wasn’t until the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 that bingo became a legalised form of gambling. The first clubs were opened soon after, with Mecca Bingo alone seeing over 150,000 players a day visiting its halls in the mid-1960′s.

By 1963, UK bingo club membership had reached an incredible 14 million. Companies were quick to capitalise on this explosion in popularity at a time when dance hall and cinema numbers were in decline. The Rank Corporation, for example, converted many of its Odeon and Gaumont cinemas into Top Rank Social Clubs, mainly for bingo, whilst Granada changed many of its theaters to “Granada Social Clubs” for precisely the same purpose.

By the mid-1980′s, there were around 1,600 bingo venues in the UK. In 1988, the first of the out-of-town purpose-built bingo halls appeared, giving players more modern facilities, easier access by road and better parking facilities.

The launch of the National Lottery in 1994 very probably contributed (along with the afore-mentioned increased use of the Internet from the late 1990′s) to the number of bingo clubs falling by 21% between 1995 and 2000.

Over a decade later, the UK smoking bans introduced in 2006 and 2007, almost certainly helped to hasten this decline (it is estimated that around half of all players attending bingo halls previously smoked during play).

Furthermore, the tax regime was cited as being unfair to operators of traditional bingo halls, with profits taxed at 20%, compared with 12% on the price of a lottery ticket and 15% for bookmakers and fixed-odds gambling (although the figure was halved to 10% in the 2014 budget “to protect jobs and protect communities” according to Chancellor George Osborne).

More recent statistics have not been encouraging for traditional bingo halls. According to the most recent figures published by the UK Gambling Commission, there are 615 licenced bingo premises, down by almost two-thirds over the last 30 years.

Also, there are still 13,040 people employed in the industry, although this figure is down from around 19,000 over the last ten years, and down significantly from 18,495 in March 2011.

Number of premises today by operator:

Commission licensed activity At 31 Mar 2011 At 31 Mar 2012 At 31 Mar 2013 At 31 Mar 2014 At 30 Sep 2015
Gala Leisure Limited 267 143 137 135 135
Mecca Bingo Limited 103 97 98 97 91
Other operators 325 406 476 441 389
Total 695 646 711 673 615


According to Mintel, however, there were 354 bingo venues in total in March 2015, broken down as follows:

  • Gala: 132
  • Mecca: 93
  • Others: 129

The apparent discrepancy is probably explained by the “others” numbers including only dedicated premises in the case of the Mintel report.

A brighter future for the traditional bingo hall?

There are some signs, however, that the physical bingo halls are fighting back successfully in the era of the smartphone and Internet. UKbingo clubs still have an estimated 45 million visits per annum, and those attending are getting gradually younger. Also, January 2016 witnessed the first new UK opening of a bingo hall for seven years, a dedicated 1,000-seat bingo venue in Southampton.

According to the BBC, industry experts anticipate that continually declining revenues for physical venues will be halted and reversed, and that players will spend above £30m per annum directly on playing bingo by 2019.

These expectations are backed up by research group Mintel, who predict that aggregate spending in all UK bingo halls will increase from the £690m level recorded in 2014, to £728m by 2019, mainly due to the aforementioned halving in the duty levied on profits to 10%.

What do we know about UK bingo players today?

Overall, the picture regarding the online bingo industry in the UK is not a particularly clear one due to the absence of robust, objective statistical data (beyond the aggregate industry data provided by the UK Gambling Commission). It is necessary, therefore, to look at what evidence exists and to extrapolate as accurate a picture as we can from the data that does exist.

According to Gambling Commission data, bingo currently makes up just under 5.7% of the overall UK remote gambling market (see table below). “Remote gambling” refers to any gambling via remote communication, including the internet, telephone, TV or radio, or any other form of technology which facilitates communication. It seems safe to assume that the Internet (including smartphones) makes up the vast bulk of this market in today’s world.

Bingo compared with other forms of UK gambling

Bingo compared to uk gambling sectors

GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) from remote gambling activities (£m) for UK customers

November 2014 to 31 March 2015
Proprietary GGY Revenue Share GGY Total GGY
Betting 317.83 154.91 472.74
Betting Exchange 55.66 - 55.66
Bingo 38.36 44.26 82.62
Casino 359.88 474.37 834.25
Pool Betting 6.29 - 6.26
Total 777.98 673.54 1,451.51


It seems safe to assume (given the aforementioned decline in staffing numbers) that the online marketplace has continued to win market share from the physical bingo halls, as the latter are more labour-intensive (although there may be signs that this will not continue, as previously mentioned).

Whether the overall market is increasing, however, is more difficult to decipher from the available data, and data preceding the evolution of the smartphone does not paint as relevant a picture.

Number of employees across all UK gambling sectors

Employees As at 31 Mar 2011 As at 31 Mar 2012 As at 31 Mar 2013 As at 31 Mar 2014 As at 31 Mar 2015
Betting 55,411 55,882 55,234 52,461 50,809
Bingo 18,495 15,829 14,939 14,093 13,040
Casino 13,949 14,701 15,010 15,611 15,566
AGCs 9,697 10,295 9,667 9,983 9,216
FECs 3,147 2,474 2,133 2,056 1,914
Gaming machine technical 7,673 7,604 7,306 6,882 6,372
External lottery manager 754 849 847 1,130 816
Remote 6,438 5,832 4,725 5,835 7,136
Total 115,564 113,466 109,861 108,051 104,869


Licensed online operators:

According to Gambling Commission statistics, the number of licensed operators regulated under the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act of 2014, was 52 in September 2015, up from 49 the previous March, although previous data under the Gambling Act of 2005 is notas comparable since the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 came into force on 1st November 2014. The Act brought in legal changes, meaning that recent data for the “remote” (online) market can’t be treated as continuous with earlier data.

Bingo revenues – traditional vs. online:

According to “Statista”, UK prize bingo revenue (via bingo halls) reached £24.66m over the year October 2011-September 2012. This compares with online bingo revenues of £76.7m in the year to September 2014 according to Gambling Commission stats. In other words, income from online bingo accounts for around three-quarters of all bingo revenue in the UK today.
However, according to “Which Bingo”, annual revenues for online bingo could be far higher, as high as £768m in fact.

How many people play online bingo in the UK today?

Bingo player profile

In 2008, market research (via revealed that just 50,000 people played online bingo in the UK. Today that figure is said to be above 3 million.

Age & gender:

According to recent studies (UK, there are approximately 100 million worldwide bingo players, four out of five of whom are women aged 30-50 and most of whom are stay at home parents. There is little evidence to suggest that the UK profile alone is any different. The same report suggests that there are 3.5 million online bingo players present in the UK today.

Similarly, the Gambling Commission’s Gambling Prevalence Survey of 2010 suggested that 12% of all UK women (compared with 6% of all UK men) played bingo in some form or other.

Furthermore, the number of younger players playing in the UK has risen, with those aged under 45 now accounting for 62% of all online bingo players, up from 46% ten years ago (according to (UK Meanwhile, players aged 18-24 now make up around 20% of the online market.

The impact of the smartphone:

In 2011, industry analysts H2 Gambling Capital said: “now is the time for mobile gambling”. The company estimated that 77% of people gambling while on the move used their smartphone or other handset device for gambling, with 16% using it for gaming and 7% for entering lotteries.

Exact figures on bingo-playing via smartphones in the UK are difficult to ascertain. However, one leading player in the industry estimates that the twin factors of the increasing spread of 4G networks in the UK, and general technological improvements mean that the percentage of GGY from smartphones is growing quickly.

In the year 2014, around 20% of online bingo GGY was generated via mobile devices, whilst expectations are for this figure to have doubled by the time best estimates for 2015 are known.

Overall conclusions

The lack of robust objective data makes analysis of the online industry, in particular, difficult. It is certainly safe to assume that the number playing bingo via their smartphones has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and could now be as high as 1.2 million.

The data also suggests that players are getting younger, although the market continues to be dominated by female players in the 30-50 age range.

There are also signs that the numbers attending traditional physical bingo halls, and the revenues thereof, may have “flat-lined” and may increase over the next few years, thanks mainly to a more favourable tax regime.

One thing’s for sure: the world of online bingo remains a fiercely competitive one.

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Bingo For The Brain

At Wink Bingo, we’ve always known that our favourite game is a fantastic way to keep the brain buzzing, This is why we wanted to explore how bingo can be an efficient element of a phenomenal brain training regime.

a new approach for brain training

Bingo Improves Brain Capacity, Research Finds

Research from the University of Southampton found that bingo is an effective way to slow and counter age-related decline in our thinking capacity. Experts believe the game has a positive impact on mental speed, the ability to scan information and memory – as well as being an awful lot of fun, a great way to meet new people and even win a bit of cash here and there!

So, throw away the apps, games and gizmos – check out our new infographic and let’s drill down into the detail of a fresher, simpler approach to brain training.

bingo games improve brain capacity

Working Out, Thinking Faster

We’d all like to raise our games and be more active, but it’s easy to forget how just a short stint of exercise can sharpen the senses and make you feel better.

bingo helps brain training

Just 30 minutes of light exercise can improve your ability to retain information and react to stimulus. Whether that’s a brisk walk, jog, swim or cycle, it doesn’t take much to integrate a swift workout into your day – one that helps your whole body, not just those troublesome abs.
Aerobic exercise is believed to promote new cell growth – a study from Cambridge University found that regular running, even just for a few days, has a significant impact on your powers of recall – a change attributed to this boost in brainpower.

Making Better Decisions

We’re tired of being told that eating healthily can change your figure – but did you know it can boost your brainbox and get those synapses sparking with energy too?

bingo games to improve your memory

One of the key components of a brain-boosting diet is vitamin E. Found in everything from peanut butter and seeds to salad dressings, scientists believe this antioxidant can protect neurons and nerve cells – keeping the mind sharp and healthy into old age.

Looking for dinner options? Try fish. Oily sea critters like mackerel are high in omega-3 fats and oils, which are fantastic for supporting efficient brain function – as well as a healthy heart and joints. Tomatoes too are packed with lycopene, another excellent antioxidant that can prevent damage to the cells. Together, they make a tantalising and enriching combination.

Brain function is incredibly important – but looking after our noggins is something we often disregard. Bingo is just one spoke on a wheel of ideas to boost your brainpower – take a look at our infographic to discover more.

To learn more about World Health Day 2016 – which is focusing on diabetes as a crucial global challenge – visit the website, spread the word!bingo for the brain

How to Play 5-Line Bingo

Also known as Swedish bingo, 5-line bingo is an action-packed, fast-paced bingo variant that many bingo players enjoy as a way of freshen up their game after too many sessions in their standard bingo style.
5 Line Bingo
5-line bingo is extremely straightforward and easy to understand, which is why it has become a favorite selection amongst newer players who are comfortable in a digital gaming environment.

Card Layout and Pattern

As in 75-ball bingo, a 5-line bingo card consists of a 5×5 grid pattern. The one difference between the two, is that on a 5-line card there is no free square in the middle the way that there is on a 75-ball card.
The word BINGO is displayed along the top of the card and each column of numbers is placed under a letter.

  • The B column contains five random numbers ranging from 1 through 15.
  • The I column contains five numbers ranging from 16 through 30.
  • The N column contains five numbers ranging from 31 to 45.
  • The G column contains five numbers ranging from 46 to 60.
  • The O column contains five numbers ranging from 61 to 75.

5 Line Bingo Card

How to Play

The numbers 1 through 75 are used in a standard 5-line bingo game. In a live hall, a bingo caller will call each number one at a time until the winning card/s are identified. The same goes for an online bingo game, though the computer software will select the balls. During a game, each number will only be called out once.

When a number is called, locate it on your card and use your dabber to mark it. In an online game, you’ll likely have the option to have the computer auto-dab your numbers for you, or you can do it manually. Some players like to dab their own tickets when playing online because it creates more of an interactive feeling, but the choice is completely up to you.
In a live hall, there will be an electronic board or screen that displays what numbers have been called, which will assist you in keeping track of the balls in play. Online, many sites will have an area on the screen that show the last 4-6 numbers called.

How to Win

In most 5-line bingo games there are five ways to win and as such there can be as many as five winners per round. Here are the winning combinations:

  • Single Line Win: First player to mark off one full line of numbers.
  • Double Line Win: First player to mark off two full lines of numbers.
  • Three Line Win: First player to mark off three full lines of numbers.
  • Four Line Win: First player to mark off four full lines of numbers.
  • Full House: First player to mark off all five lines of numbers.

Typically, most sites will allow for a completed horizontal, diagonal or vertical line to be counted as a win.
5 Line Bingo Patterns


The amount you can win is typically determined by how much the price of each ticket was and also by how many players are participating. The higher the price of a ticket and the more players that are involved in the game, the higher the prize money will be. Many halls and online providers will have guarantees attached to some of their games, which ensures that a designated minimum amount of prize money will be offered to the winners regardless of how many players are in the game.

5-line Tips and Strategy

  • Know the Rules:- While 5-line bingo is played the same way almost universally, each hall and online provider has their own set of rules and ways of operating that you should know about. This way you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong or accidentally making a mistake that could cost you prize money.
  • Watch for Special Promotions:- Every bingo provider has unique games and promotions that they run. Participating in these games are a good use of your buy-in money as whatever the promotion is, chances are you’re getting a higher value when compared to a standard bingo round. Some places will offer a buy one/get one special where for every ticket you purchase, a free one will be added. Save your money for these games, especially if they offer a guaranteed minimum prize pool, and you’ll be stretching your bingo money wisely.
  • Don’t Play During Peak Hours:- When it comes to bingo odds, the math is simple. The more players you’re playing against, the harder it’s going to be to win. Instead, try to adjust your schedule so that you can focus on playing during off-peak hours. This is possible both in a live and online setting, as all you have to do is a little research to find out what games/start times attract the most players and then avoid those games. This is a quick and easy way to maximize your odds of winning.
  • Play in Inexpensive Games:- If you’re playing on a tight budget, you can always find bingo games from your preferred provider with lower-priced cards. By playing in these games, you can increase the number of total matches you can participate in, thus giving you more chances to win overall during your session.
  • Play with Multiple Cards:- Another way to put the odds in your favor is to purchase multiple cards for each round, rather than playing on a single card. This can affect your budget, so take that in to consideration before buying too many cards for a round. In a live game, it takes a lot of concentration and fast reflexes to be able to play multiple cards at once, so only accept that challenge if you feel you can handle it. Online, simply select the option that will enable the computer to mark all of your cards for you.
  • Combining Tips:- By putting a few of the above tips together, you can really put the odds on your side. Find games with low-priced cards that are taking place in off-peak hours. Then, if your budget allows, purchase multiple cards for those rounds. You’ve now given yourself about just as good a chance of winning as any experience bingo player could hope for.

5 Line Bingo getting playing
Most importantly, don’t forget that bingo is ultimately about having fun, so find the 5-line games that you enjoy the most and you’ll never find yourself unhappy with a session.

Rainbow Riches

rainbow riches slot game


If you are looking for the luckiest slots game online, you have come to the right place. Here at Wink Bingo we have decided to host some Irish Leprechauns again in the hope that they will once again lead us up the path to the pot of gold at the end of the glorious rainbow!

In A Nutshell

The delightful Irish slots game features friendly leprechauns, wishing wells, a pot of gold and the classic 10, J, Q, K and A icons. As with all slot games, begin the game by making your wager and choosing the number of pay lines that you would like to activate.

The game is fast paced and there are many wins to be made in the base game alone. The bigger wins however tend to come from the bonus games.


About Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is a legendary slots game that started out as a fruit machine which was played in pubs across the UK. Barcrest Casinos spotted the game’s potential and went on to transform it into an online video slot which remains hugely popular with UK slots players until today. Even nowadays, you will still find a Rainbow Riches slot machine in selected pubs and online casinos.

rainbow riches devices


Rainbow Riches’ Theme

Rainbow Riches’ popularity is no coincidence, it has a fun Irish theme with the friendly leprechaun as its main character. Although the theme is simple and straightforward, the graphics are vibrant and enticing with pots of gold and lucky rainbows at every turn. The leprechaun character appears on most of the game screens and he has taken on the role of brand ambassador. He also appears as a symbol on the reels, along with his hat and various playing card symbols.The lucky rainbows are not just aesthetically pleasing, Rainbow Riches provides players with plenty of opportunity to try their luck at the jackpots, as well as benefit from a plethora of bonus games. Let’s delve a little further to find out what else Rainbow Riches has to offer…


Game Features

  • Rainbow Riches has 5 reels and 10 pay lines
  • You can bet as little as 10p per spin
  • Line up the fun symbols to secure the payout
  • Make your winnings grow by using the Gamble feature

Rainbow Riches is a classic 5 reel video slot. Unlike some of the more complex games out there, it only has 10 pay lines, providing 18 winning combinations. This simplicity is not necessarily a bad thing as it makes play more fun and to the point, plus it means that the game appeals to players of all tastes and levels. Rainbow Riches is suitable for lower budgets too as it can be played for as little as 10p per spin, which amounts to just 1p per line! For those with more cash to spare, the maximum bet is £400.

To secure a payout, all you have to do is line up three matching symbols from left to right. Of course, the more matching symbols, the more money you will win. If you are lucky enough to get a full screen (“carpet”) of Rainbow Riches symbols, you will win the jackpot which can amount to 4000 times your original bet!

rainbow riches spins

rainbow riches spins


Gamble Your Wins

As if that was not enough, Rainbow Riches has an additional feature called the Gamble Feature. The Gamble Feature enables you to gamble your wins (including bonus wins), simply by clicking on the ‘GAMBLE’ button. Once you reach the Gamble screen you are presented with a wheel which indicates how much you stand to win if the gamble goes in your favour. Your gambling odds are fairly and clearly laid out.


Bonus Games

Rainbow Riches provides plenty of thrills in the form of some amazing bonus games.

  • Rainbow Riches contains 3 exciting bonus games
  • Walk along the Road to Riches to look for your pot of gold
  • Land on scatter symbols to access the Wishing Well and increase your winnings
  • Line up your Pots of Gold to access a prize worth 50x your original stake

Road To Riches

In the classic Road to Riches bonus game, you can win up to 500 times your original stake by spinning your way along the road to riches. The further you get, the more you stand to win, ensuring plenty of excitement and suspense regardless of the outcome. A huge pot of gold awaits those lucky ones who make it to the end of the road.

rainbowriches road to riches


The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well bonus game is quite straightforward. Simply land on three or more wishing well symbols to trigger the bonus game. In the bonus game itself, all you have to do is choose one of the wishing wells to reveal a multiplier bonus which will multiply your original bet. Both the Wishing Well and Road to Riches can be activated by landing on 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols. However, in the Wishing Well bonus game, the number of scatters will affect how much your stake is multiplied, so 5 scatter symbols will result in a much larger bonus.


Pots Of Gold

The most prestigious bonus game is called Pots of Gold. Pots of Gold is the hardest one to access and it is what all the players strive to reach. This bonus game can only be triggered if you line up Pots of Gold symbols on the three middle reels (2,3 or 4). Once you are in this special bonus game you will encounter spinning pots of gold and multipliers. You must stop the pots in order to access your prize which could be worth up to 50 times your original stake!

rainbowriches pots of gold


You should play this game if…

With its colourful theme and familiar iconography, Rainbow Riches is bound to be suitable for every type of player. This classic game is fun, simple and easy to play, plus it promises great rewards. If you are looking for some thrills and enjoyment plus the hope of winning a pot of gold, then Rainbow Riches is the game for you!