Bingo Etiquette Rules Explained

Bingo etiquette rules! Pun intended. The bingo industry is still thriving and the game has remained ever popular, particularly with players who are able to find solace in its social aspect where etiquette is the name of the game.
Bingo Etiquette
Players can meet each other in traditional brick-and-mortar bingo halls, as well as, very conveniently, on online bingo sites. Whether the game is played in land-based halls, or online, or even via mobile bingo applications, all players are obliged to follow some form of etiquette. This will help maintain a calm, friendly and enjoyable environment in both online and offline situations without compromising on the fun. A bingo player who can follow etiquette rules is socially adept, and will tend to cultivate and cherish a deeper sense of belonging within their bingo community. Since the typical bingo aficionado enjoys a certain degree of routine, abiding by the rules will also deepen the familiarity factor.

Having to stick to a set of rules may sound daunting, yet the benefits of doing so definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Etiquette rules certainly do not hamper the fun-factor. Remember! There is no freedom without rules.

Bingo Etiquette in the Bingo Hall

No two bingo halls operate in an identical manner and etiquette rules may vary from one to another. However, bingo enthusiasts would normally attend the same hall every time, making it easier for them to comply with the house rules.

On arriving at the bingo parlour, players should read the posted rules prior to the start of the session. These are commonly presented in the form of handouts, and any additional rules pertaining to a particular game can be found at the end of the standard rules. Newcomers fear not! Bingo players are generally cheerful and social beings who will be more than happy to show you the ins and outs of playing at their bingo locale, especially if they see that you are having problems.

Think Twice: Would You Alter a Bingo Card?

It may be rather tempting, but trying to alter a bingo card is a no-go in light of experienced bingo managers or callers being particularly quick on their feet. They wouldn’t think twice about publicising a player’s attempt to cheat throughout the entire bingo hall – not exactly the ideal situation for a bingo fanatic who wants to be held in high esteem by their community. At times, managers or callers might even go as far as prosecuting to the full extent of the law. Players are advised to play it safe by observing the rules and being honest. Below are some rules that players may come across:

Clatter Patter, Chitter-Chatter

With bingo being a highly interactive, social game, it is no wonder that noise can get out of hand every now and then. Bingo attendees can play a part here by keeping talk to a minimum, eliminating chit-chat altogether and talking only when required. Silence is golden especially when the numbers are being called. Players should make every effort to ask questions before the game begins, and when they need to query anything during the game, they should do so in a quick manner so as not to disturb anyone for very long. Refrain from asking the person sitting next to you to repeat what the caller said. Otherwise, you will pose the risk of missing the next number, apart from irritating your neighbour.

“Kelly’s Eye! Kelly’s Eye!”

Some people are in the habit of repeating numbers as they are called to help with their concentration while locating them on their sheets, but which can prove very distracting and irritating to their fellow players.

It is recommended that you study the numbers beforehand to reduce the time needed to find them. Keep this in mind: Don’t be a parrot.

The Lucky Seat Syndrome: For the Ultra Superstitious

If you are a newcomer to the bingo hall, chances are that you do not own a lucky seat as yet. In this case, watch out for the avid bingo player who loves to sit in their same seat each time they attend their bingo hall. People at bingo halls can be ultra superstitious, and finding their lucky seat can be one big priority. They might not always be able to get their seats though, because newcomers to the bingo hall will sit anywhere, having no knowledge as to who likes to sit where.

Players are very attached to their ‘lucky seats’ – they’re almost like marked territory. If a player wins constantly one day in a certain chair, and then wins nothing the next time around when sat in a different chair, they will have it ingrained in their heads that their previous winning was due to the fact that they were sat in that particular ‘lucky’ chair. They feel the need to sit in that chair every time they play bingo in order to win. Why would they want another player to have the lucky powers of that seat? Newcomers can cooperate by staying away from the ‘owned lucky seats’ and if asked to change seats, they would ideally comply. You will establish your own lucky spot, and you will expect other players to respect that.

The Joys of Being 18

Most bingo parlours specify that only people aged 18 years and over are allowed to play the game. However, there are some that restrict play for those above 21, so be sure to check before turning up at the hall.
Clatter Patter Chitter-Chatter

“Kids! Quiet Please!”

Most people will empathise with you if you need to bring your children to the venue, but they won’t tolerate boisterous behaviour that will interfere with their concentration and impede their hearing while the numbers are being called. If children must be present at the bingo hall, it is only proper bingo etiquette to keep them quiet during game play. Give your children some activity or items to keep them occupied, such as a video game, tablet computer or even colouring books. Some bingo halls offer fun bingo cards for children, featuring themed pictures and also words. On another note, if you had to take your friends to a game, it is advisable that you get them to purchase tickets. Some halls will let them enter for free, but best not to abuse this privilege.

Respect to the Caller

Another bingo etiquette rule is to respect the caller. If you’re having a bad day or are on a losing streak, then don’t blame the caller. There is no way possible that they can influence the numbers that are being drawn. Be heard only if the caller is too fast, or their voice is very quiet and you can barely hear them. Remember to be courteous while making the requests, and if that won’t work, take up the issue with the bingo manager.

“I’ve Got a Bingo!”

Do not call a false “bingo!” as this will stop the flow of the game and you’ll annoy other players, especially if they’d have already begun scrunching up their bingo sheets in disgruntlement.

“Could I Have a Tip Please?”

Have you ever wondered whether you should tip a bingo caller when you win? The answer to this is that there is no hard and fast rule as to whether you must tip or not. This is entirely up to you. Some bingo players like to tip when they hit a jackpot, and if you feel that you want to share a fraction of your winnings, you are safe giving about five to ten per cent. If you’re unsure about what to do, you can observe what other players are doing and then follow suit. Players do not usually tip at non-profit bingo since staff are voluntary workers. However, casino bingo is for profit, and staff expect tips even though they are paid.
Respect to the Caller

WTG Mate – Etiquette: Way to Go! It’s Online Bingo

The online bingo scene is relatively new, yet there are quite a few similarities with the physical one, even when it comes to etiquette rules. Again, players are usually loyal to one brand and can quickly familiarise themselves with any house rules.

While the etiquette rules for online bingo are much the same as for land-based, they are applied differently at online bingo sites. This is because the game is played from the comfort of the player’s own home, or anywhere on a mobile device. Rules are slightly less strict in the online scenario. However, again, they are the order of the day.

The rule that online and offline bingo have in common is the ‘chatter’. However, chatting in online bingo sessions differs from its traditional counterpart. Firstly, an online bingo player can chat to their heart’s content with other players during the game. Secondly, they can choose whether to be social or not, as it is easier to ignore online chatter, unlike audible chatter in a physical bingo venue. However, despite the differences, the usual manners and respect shown in the bingo hall should also apply online.

Below are some of the most common etiquette rules to consider when playing online:

Online Bingo – Top Ten Etiquette Rules

  • Always respect the bingo chat host. Players who distract or interrupt the host run the risk of losing their chat privileges for quite some time.
  • Never type in CAPITAL letters unless requested to do so by the chat host. It’s normally only the host who uses CAPS, the purpose of which is to distinguish themselves from the players and so that players can single out the host who is in charge of running of the room.
  • If you have spent all your money, do not ask other players for bonuses, gifts or cash at any time. Doing so can get you banned from the site.
  • Never impersonate any of the players or the chat host. This type of behaviour is considered rude.
  • Make sure to choose an appropriate user name. If you select a name that is not allowed or is deemed inappropriate by the chat host, they can ask you to change it.
  • Arguments, harassment and disrespect towards other players are not tolerated.
  • If you have a complaint, keep it out of the chat room. Complaining will disrupt the chatter, and the host won’t be able to deal with complaints anyway. Direct your issues to the relevant complaints department on the site.
  • Never use inappropriate language in the chat room. This is where players meet, and the game must remain enjoyable for everyone.
  • Do not solicit, endorse or promote other bingo sites. Doing so could get you removed from the site.
  • Racial or sexual abuse is not acceptable! If you use words containing ethnic, racial or sexual references, you could be banned from the site, even permanently.

Online Bingo Etiquette

Let’s Go Bingo!

Following the bingo etiquette rules don’t necessarily mean pleasing other players. Rather, it is respecting other people’s needs, allowing them to enjoy the game. If everyone abides by the bingo etiquette rules, then you’re sure to enjoy a great game where all players can have a bucketload of fun!

The Host with the Most… Is the Bingo Chat Host!

If you have come this far, you will know that bingo is a fun and sociable game that relies upon groups of people. No gathering would be complete without a good host. Bingo gatherings are no exception!
Bingo Hosts

‘Real’ World Bingo Hosts

Most websites and virtual offerings are based on events and items that first existed in the ‘real’ world. In traditional bingo halls people from all over get together for a fun and interactive night out. But it is not just the crowd that contributes to the supercharged atmosphere in a bingo hall. The bingo host also has an important role to play! The bingo host is almost like a master of ceremonies. He or she sets the tone of the game and delicately moderates play, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

In national bingo games, where bingo halls are linked, the host is also responsible for representing a specific bingo club or locale. A successful bingo host is a performer, a manager and a people’s person rolled into one. Those who were around in the 80’s, may remember the BBC1 television show called ‘Bob’s Full House’. Bob’s Full House was based on bingo and you could say that the show’s presenter, Bob Monkhouse, was the quintessential bingo host.

  • Bingo revolves around gatherings of people.
  • In bingo halls, the bingo host plays a critical role.
  • A bingo host must moderate the game, entertain and makes sure everything run smoothly.

Real World Bingo Host

‘Virtual’ World Bingo Chat Host

Online bingo games need hosts and moderators, in the same way that traditional bingo halls do. In online bingo you could say that the chat room has replaced the bingo hall. The chat room is where you get to claim your winnings as well as interact with other players. Your chat room host will make announcements, inform you about promotions, host chat games, answer questions and moderate.

Your bingo chat host wears several hats:

  • Moderator
  • Announcer
  • Entertainer
  • Promoter
  • Expert

Virtual Bingo Host
In bingo chat rooms, people often use abbreviations to make typing easier, so your chat host might also be referred to as a CH (Chat Host) or CM (Chat Moderator). In virtual bingo, chat hosts are sometimes taken for granted because they cannot be seen. However, for many online bingo players, the chat host can make a valuable difference between a good bingo site and a bad one! For the most part, online bingo chat hosts do not get paid, but some sites will pay a modest salary. Chat hosts usually take the job because they are bingo enthusiasts who love the game. Some websites reward their hosts by offering them free cash bonuses and other goodies.

As well as wearing different hats, bingo chat hosts must possess certain skills and qualities. For example, a chat host should be a team player with a positive attitude. He/she needs to find the perfect balance between creating a fun environment and yet be professional at the same time. It also helps to understand the concept of customer service because the chat host must be able to provide help and assistance when necessary. Like any good customer service provider, the chat host must be able to empathize with the players as well as know all the ins and outs of the company in case any complicated questions arise. He/she should also be somewhat tech savvy, a speedy typist and a quick thinker, plus they should be available to work flexible hours… Last but not least, an understanding of bingo is a MUST!

The Chat Host Skill Set:

  • Team Player
  • Positive Attitude
  • Professional
  • Fun
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Tech Savvy
  • Fast Typist
  • Quick Minded
  • Understanding of Online Bingo Industry
  • Bingo Wizard

An impressive CV always helps, but the best way to spot a great bingo host is by entering a bingo hall or online bingo chat room… If all the players are having a giggle and making friends, you know that the bingo host is a hit!
Chat Host Skill Set

What’s in a Game? Online Bingo Chat Games Explored

A bingo chat game is an online bingo game that takes place within a virtual room, commonly referred to as a chat room. The chat room is like the bingo hall of the virtual world.
Bingo Chhat Games

What Is A Bingo Chat Game?

A chat game contains pretty much all the features of games that take place inside a physical bingo hall. There is a real chat host (CH) who moderates, entertains, and makes announcements regarding bingo promotions. There is also a bingo caller who calls out the numbers, even though these can be automatically daubed (marked). Most importantly, chat games allow for the kind of social interaction that takes place in the real world. In bingo chat games you can meet new friends and fellow players, also known as “roomies”. You can even choose to chat with your roomies from within the group chat or in a private chat window! Players can type to each other, make comments, crack jokes and have plenty of fun.
What Is A Bingo Chat Game?

  • Bingo chat games take place inside an online chat room.
  • The bingo chat room is meant to replicate a bingo hall.
  • Chat games have hosts, moderators and bingo callers.
  • Bingo chat games allow for social interaction via online chat.
  • Bingo chat games are tons of fun!.

What Are The Common Types Of Bingo Chat Games?

The types of chat games on hand differ from site to site. Within a website, the games can vary too and game providers are constantly updating and creating new games. That said, there are some basic common types of bingo chat games to choose from. Let’s take a look:

Buddy Chat Games

Buddies bingo games involve you pairing up with a fellow player (roomy) from your chat room. Buddies bingo is naturally lots of fun as it encourages social interaction. Here are some different versions of buddies chat games that you might come across:
Buddy Chat Games

  • Up-Down Buddies :- If you win a prize, the two players listed above and below you on the chat room player list also win a prize. Similarly, if the roomy listed immediately above or below you wins, you win too!
  • Alphabet Buddies :-  Players whose usernames begin with the same letter as the winner will all win at once.
  • Team Buddies :-  The bingo chat room is divided into teams and the bingo winner’s team all win a bonus prize.
  • Birthday Buddies :-  A prize goes to all the players who share the winner’s birthday!

Trivia Chat Games

Trivia chat games are a bit like a quiz, where players are challenged by the bingo chat host to answer general knowledge questions. Just like our favourite general knowledge games, trivia chats offer questions in all the various categories, including culture, entertainment, history, geography, politics, etc. In this fast paced chat game, the first person to answer is the winner.
Trivia Chat Games
Here are a couple of different types of trivia chat games:

  • Karaoke Trivia :- The host will post the beginning lyrics of a song and whoever completes the song or names the singer wins.
  • Movie Trivia :- The chat host posts a quote from a famous film. The first one to name the film is the winner.
  • Celebrity Trivia :- The chat host might post one half of a famous celebrity couple and the first player to name his or her partner wins the game.
  • Invention Trivia :- The chat host will mention two items that were invented during the same era. The players have to guess which invention came first in order to win.

Themed Chat Games

Themed chat games are based upon popular events such as sports events, hot new film releases and seasonal occasions.
Themed Chat Games
Here are some themed chat games that you might encounter:

  • Film Themed Chat :- The chat host might post questions relating to a new film that is being released. For example, the first player to state the name of the first James Bond film wins; Or the first player to guess the romantic lead in a particular film is the winner, and so on…
  • Football Themed Chat :- Websites take advantage of events such as the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics, by creating fun sports themed chat games with challenging questions and hot prizes
  • Seasonal Themed Chat :- Seasonal themed chat games come around at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

Numbers Chat Games

Numbers chat games are based on traditional bingo games but they play around with the numbers, making the games more interesting and challenging.
Numbers Chat Games
Here are examples of some numbers chat games:

  • First Ball Out :- In First Ball Out, the players have to predict which ball will be called out first in order to win.
  • Winning Number :- In Winning Number, players need to guess the final ball to be called out.
  • Mirrors :- The first player to spot two mirroring numbers wins the game. Examples of mirroring numbers are 34 and 43, or 27 and 72, etc.
  • Eggs Up :- The Eggs Up winner is the first one to guess a pre selected number that ends with zero.
  • Birthday :- In a Birthday chat game, players must provide their birth dates at the beginning of the game in the following format 10-3-75 or 27-8-69… If all three numbers get called out, the Birthday winner must type “Birthday” in the chat room window and he/she will win a great prize!


As you can see, there are so many different types of bingo chat games. However, there are also several commonalities to watch out for. Take note that some bingo sites may ask you for a minimum deposit before you can take part in a chat game. Other sites do not require a minimum deposit but they may require an active bingo ticket. Chat game winnings are often given in the form of a bonus or free cash, that cannot be withdrawn, but may be used to play for real cash in other games. Always remember to check your game rules and regulations before entering a chat game. Don’t forget that your chat hosts are also available to answer any questions that you might have. Above all, bingo chat games provide an opportunity to win some great free bonuses, plus each game is equally fun, sociable and interactive – So enjoy!

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is one of the most popular bingo variations played in the UK. It varies in layout patterns from it’s relative, 75-ball bingo and has quickly become the fastest growing form of the game worldwide.
90-Ball Bingo
To buy into a 90-ball bingo game, you simply need to purchase numbered bingo tickets from a bingo representative (in a live bingo hall) or from the digital host (in an online game).
90-Ball Bingo Cards

Card Layout and Pattern

Tickets for a 90-ball bingo game are made up of a 3×9 chart of numbers. Each line of 9 boxes has 5 numbers and four empty spots. The lines are arranged as such:

  • 01-09 in the 1st Column
  • 10-19 in the 2nd Column
  • 20-29 in the 3rd Column
  • 30-39 in the 4th Column
  • 40-49 in the 5th Column
  • 50-59 in the 6th Column
  • 60-69 in the 7th Column
  • 70-79 in the 8th Column
  • 80-90 in the 9th Column

90-Ball Bingo Patterns
In almost all instances, 90-ball bingo is played on a single strip that contains a total of six tickets to be used per round. The 90 numbers used in the game are spread throughout the six tickets (with blank spots taking up the remaining positions), so that each number is represented somewhere on one of the six tickets.

How to Play

The numbers 1 through 90 are used in a standard 90-ball bingo game. In a live hall, a bingo caller will call each number one at a time until the winning cards are identified. The same goes for an online game, though the computer software will select the balls. During a game, each number will only be called out once.

When a number is called, locate it on your card and use your dabber to mark it. In an online game, you’ll likely have the option to have the computer auto-dab your numbers for you, or you can do it manually. Some players like to dab their own tickets when playing online because it creates more of an interactive feeling, but the choice is completely up to you.

How to Win

What’s most unique about 90-ball bingo is that for every round there can be up to three different winners. You can win by getting a one-line bingo, a two-line bingo and a full house bingo. Here is how each winning variation breaks down:

  • One-Line Bingo :- Cover all of the numbers on any single row on any ticket.
  • Two-Line Bingo :- Cover all the numbers on two of the three rows on any ticket.
  • Full House :- Cover all the numbers on all three rows on any ticket.

If you are playing in a live hall, you will have to shout “BINGO” to signal to the bingo staff that you have a winning bingo combination.

After all three winning combinations have been announced, the round ends and you can then discard your used ticket strip and prepare to start the next round with a fresh strip. In an online game this will be done for you.


The amount you can win is typically determined by how much the price of each ticket was and also by how many players are participating. The higher the price of a ticket and the more players that are involved in the game, the higher the prize money will be. Many halls and online providers will have guarantees attached to some of their games, which ensures that a designated minimum amount of prize money will be offered to the winners regardless of how many players are in the game.

90-Ball Tips and Strategy

90-Ball Bingo Tips

  • Know the Rules: While 90-ball bingo is played the same way almost universally, each hall and online provider has their own set of rules and ways of operating that you should know about. This way you don’t have to worry about doing something wrong or accidentally making a mistake that could cost you prize money.
  • Watch for Special Promotions: Every bingo provider has unique games and promotions that they run. Participating in these games are a good use of your buy-in money as whatever the promotion is, chances are you’re getting a higher value when compared to a standard bingo round. Some places will offer a buy one/get one special where for every ticket you purchase, a free one will be added. Save your money for these games, especially if they offer a guaranteed minimum prize pool, and you’ll be stretching your bingo money wisely.
  • Don’t Play During Peak Hours: When it comes to bingo odds, the math is simple. The more players you’re playing against, the harder it’s going to be to win. Instead, try to adjust your schedule so that you can focus on playing during off-peak hours. This is possible both in a live and online setting, as all you have to do is a little research to find out what games/start times attract the most players and then avoid those games. This is a quick and easy way to maximize your odds of winning.
  • Play in Inexpensive Games: If you’re playing on a tight budget, you can always find bingo games from your preferred provider with lower-priced cards. By playing in these games, you can increase the number of total matches you can participate in, thus giving you more chances to win overall during your session.
  • Play with Multiple Cards: Another way to put the odds in your favor is to purchase multiple cards for each round, rather than playing on a single card. This can affect your budget, so take that in to consideration before buying too many cards for a round. In a live game, it takes a lot of concentration and fast reflexes to be able to play multiple cards at once, so only accept that challenge if you feel you can handle it. Online, simply select the option that will enable the computer to mark all of your cards for you.
  • Combining Tips: By putting a few of the above tips together, you can really put the odds on your side. Find games with low-priced cards that are taking place in off-peak hours. Then, if your budget allows, purchase multiple cards for those rounds. You’ve now given yourself about just as good a chance of winning as any experience bingo player could hope for.

Most importantly, don’t forget that bingo is ultimately about having fun, so find the 90-ball games that you enjoy the most and you’ll never find yourself unhappy with a session.

It’s B4, Not Before. We Speak Bingo Here!

Do you speak bingo? Have you ever wondered what acronyms like WTG mean or where bingo rhymes come from? Thanks heavens, Winkipedia has an article about everything, right?
Bingo Lingo

First Things First – Why Is There Bingo Lingo at All?

We all know that bingo is more than just a game. People get in fights if some unsuspecting newcomer (Got forbid!) dares take their lucky seat in the local bingo hall. Your sweet old granny can turn from the caring angel who always has a new knit scarf for you to a fierce beast just because Margery had the cheek to interrupt the main bingo session with her stupid sneezing.

And if you think that this happens only in the land-based clubs, think twice. We’ve heard newbies report feeling like outcasts in the online chat rooms of the bingo sites and being treated as if they were intruders. Shame, indeed. We really think these are isolated cases of undeserved rudeness. Probably the reason this is happening is that some bingo fans believe they belong to a special group or ideology so firmly, that sometimes things get out of hand.

Most bingo operators do their best to promote communication and adopt various techniques of building a loyal community where comradeship and kindness are basic values. Organising competitions such as “Pet of the Month”, “CM of the Week”, “Roomie of the Week” and chat games that require following the conversation, are just two examples of the social features of the online games. Communication in the chat is further encouraged by Chat Masters who lead the discussions, remind the players to buy tickets and act as mediators. Those chat rooms have a typical “slanguage” that looks like a Morse code if you are not familiar with the acronyms. This is where we can help. Read our basic guide on the most popular bingo vocabulary and never feel like a noob.

Chat Slang – The 10 Most Common Abbreviations Decoded

Bingo Chat
The first time I entered an online bingo chat I felt like a fossil. It was like my teenage daughter was writing some gibberish texts on her iPhone. I almost decided to close the window and never give online bingo another try, when one of the roomies wrote “bingomama301 welcome!” (I know, my nickname is as corny as it can possibly be.) This greeting felt kind of obliging and heart-warming at the same time. I replied and then I googled “chat language”. No kidding. I was that pathetic. Lucky you, you’ve got all the information with one click, heh? Don’t be so smug, I know you don’t know half of them. But I won’t tell. Below you’ve got the top 10 abbreviations that will give you a head-start in any bingo chat and will make you look more knowledgeable (or at least 10 years younger).

Did you know
The first known use of OMG was in 1917 in a letter to Winston Churchill from a 75-year-old admiral
  • LOL – Laughing out loud
  • ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
  • B4 – Before
  • WD – Well done!
  • WTG – Way to go!
  • GLA – Good luck all!/GL2U – Good luck to you!
  • BLNT – Better luck next time
  • AFK – Away from the keyboard
  • AFAIK – As far as I know
  • 1TG/2TG/3TG – 1 (ball) to go/2 to go/3 to go – This means you are missing just 1,2 or 3 numbers to call bingo.

Traditional Bingo Calls – What’s With All Those Funny Rhymes?

Bingo Calls
Most of the online rooms nowadays announce the numbers like this: “two and nine – twenty-nine” but you may have heard also: “twenty-nine – rise and shine”. The traditional British bingo calls are still a thing, even if they are used more rarely than before. Some of them have a very obvious origin. For example, the latter one simply rhymes with the number 29. Some numbers have as many as 8 or 9 different nicknames, but most of them have up to 4. If you wonder why, it’s probably because with the time going by the jokes, the references and the popular associations change. So in contrast to 29, there are other examples where the etymology of the call is not so obvious at first sight. Let’s explore together the different categories below. We are not going to include all the calls here because you can find a full list on many sites. What’s more interesting is the story behind the call. We present you the most peculiar ones.

  • Resemblance – It’s easy to guess why “One Little Duck” is 2 and “Two Little Ducks” stands for 22. And once you know that 7 is sometimes called “A Little Crutch”, “One Little Duck With One Little Crutch” is logically 27. Here are some more examples when you hear what you see.
    88 – “Two Fat Ladies” 55 – “Snakes Alive” 80 – “Gandhi’s Breakfast”*

    *The last one may need a bit more explaining, though. Picture Gandhi cross-legged and an empty plate in front of him. Now you get it, don’t you?

  • Rhymes – Some rhymes are just a random phrase that stuck to the number, whereas others have a hidden reference or association.
    4 – “Knock at the Door” 5 – “Man Alive” 23 – “Thee and Me”
    25 – “Duck and Dive” 26 – “Pick and Mix” 28 – “Over Weight”
    32 – “Buckle My Shoe” 34 – “Ask for More” 35 – “Jump and Jive”
    42 – “Winnie the Pooh” 52 – “Danny La Rue” 58 – “Make Them Wait”
    59 – “Brighton Line” 66 – “Clickety Click” 67 – “Made in Heaven”
  • Historical Reference/Pop Culture – This is the most interesting category because most of the references here a long forgotten. Take for example 9 – “Doctor’s Orders”. Number 9 was a laxative pill given to soldiers who faked ill health during the WWII. Another favourite of mine is number 10 “David’s Den” and it is named after the famous 10 Downing Street – the address of the prime minister of Great Britain. This one changes every five years to the name of the current head of the government. 77 “Sunset Strip” – does anyone remember the private detective TV series from the 1960′s, I guess very few of you. Religion has also found its well-deserved place in the bingo call tradition, 23 “Lord Is My Shepherd” is a reference to the beginning of the 23 Psalm of the Old Testimony.
  • Music/Dance -The first thing that pops in my mind is, of course, 17 – “Dancing Queen” – the evergreen hit from the unforgettable ABBA. 25/35 rhyme perfectly with the dance step “Jump and Jive. 76 “Trombones” comes from a song in the musical the Music Man. 30 “Dirty Gertie” has a less noble origin. This was a bawdy song sung by the soldiers in North Africa during the WWII. And finally, my personal favourite in this category 64 “The Beatles Number” from the lyrics of their song “Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?”
  • Ambiguous – These have a hidden meaning that may be a bit outdated in most cases. For example 16 goes by the name “Never Been Kissed”. Well, maybe…long…long ago that was true. And then 17 “Often Been Kissed” – now we are talking. 56 “Was She Worth It?” was the old price of a marriage license. Usually, the players shout back “Every penny!” Aww….
  • “Two Fat Ladies” a bit offensive? - In 2009, John Sayers, a bingo caller, who ran charity bingo games in the Sudbury, Suffolk was advised by a council clerk to refrain from using the funny calls in case someone in the audience feels offended. This sparked a lot of discussions and later on John reported that no one ever felt offended by the calls, but now the players were moaning because simply announcing the numbers was boring. Rob Hutchinson, an industry expert, commented:
    “The call of ‘two fat ladies’ in bingo is part of our heritage. What’s the alternative, ‘two generously proportioned people of either gender?’ It’s not very snappy.”

Modern Bingo Calls – Maybe a Little Bit More Comprehensible?

In 2003, the holiday camp operator Butlins made an attempt to replace some of the outdated rhymes from the 50′s with new ones that are more relevant to the modern day. They even hired a professor of popular culture to forge the new calls. The traditional rhyming slang was a mirror of the Postwar Britain, but these references are long forgotten. The professor had to come up with associations from the new millennium that mean something to the British players.

Thus 30 became Ali G and 32 was changed to the Jimmy Choo in honour of the popular shoe designer (and let’s not forget that Sex and the City was a big craze at that time..oh Carrie, we do miss you). J Lo’s Bum was immortalised in the rhyme for 71 and 7 got its name from David Beckham and his famous jersey. And although some of these are quite creative, they did not make it, did not turn into a norm and are now so rarely used that we can’t think of a single online operator that has chosen J Lo’s buttocks over the good old drum. Whatever you call the balls, it’s bingo and it will always be a favourite game of us Britons. I hope you became proficient bingo lingo speakers after reading this article and GLA!
Bingo Names
* This article was researched and created by the team behind For more interesting topics on various bingo-related topics, please check out our site.

Lucky Charms – Is there more to winning than chance?

The secret edge of any successful bingo player. Keep your lucky charms close.
Lucky Charms
One extremely popular method of getting Lady Luck to come sit in your corner during a game of bingo is to gather up some lucky charms and keep them on display alongside you every single time you play. Some players are understandably sceptical about the power of lucky charms, butanything that makes playing more fun and does not compromise/interfere with the terms and conditions laid out from the offset is doing nobody any harm at all!

The concept of lucky charms in bingo is actually rather fascinating. For as long as the game of bingo has been around, so have lucky charms – which means that these items of good fortune have a rich and intriguing history.

Discussed below are some of the many lucky charms used by people all over the world when playing bingo. Take a long hard look at these items, and consider adopting a few of them yourself. You may not be the most superstitious person in the worldbut some of the biggest bingo high rollers have had their lucky charms lying alongside them when the jackpots rolled in. Maybe it’s time that you took a look at a few ways to increase your luck?

Here are some of the most popular, surreal, and fascinating lucky charms used by players in the history of bingo all across the world.

A Lucky Seat

If you’re visiting a bingo hall for the first time, you may want to hang back until the final few minutes before taking your seat. Chances are that someone might have been sitting in a particular place for decades and may not look upon you kindly if you’ve snatched their seat away from them. Many bingo players believe that the chair they sit in plays a significant role in how lucky they will be on any given day. Some players even sit in a particular seat one week, and a different one the next, before returning to their original seat the week after. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Many players like to “feel out” the room before taking a seat, believing they can sense the areas that have lots of positive energy flowing through them. The same can be done when you’re playing at bingo at home too. Rearranging your furniture ever so slightly, or transporting your laptop into a different room, may give you a little more luck by the time you begin to play. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not starting until you are 100% comfortable.It may take a little time, but it’ll be worth it if the jackpot comes your way.
Lucky Chair

The Number Seven

The number seven is a numerical value that’s associated with prosperity and good fortune in a wide variety of locations across the world.Many people believe that turning to this number is a great way to keep Lady Luck in their corner while they gamble in bingo halls or online. Getting a bingo card with the number seven on it is often seen as the preferable way to utilise the lucky nature of this particular numerical value, although there are other ways to do so. Some players simply write the number seven on a piece of paper, fold it up and stuff it away in their pocket, whereas others will invest in keychains, magnets, pens and accessories all containing the number seven in some way, shape or form.
Number Seven

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a memorable and popular good fortune figure. Many people use it across the world in an attempt to bring themselves luck in love and life in general. Although the Laughing Buddha can adopt various shapes and forms, the most effective size for good fortune is thought to be around 30 inches high. Aside from behaving like an attractive, feel-good mantelpiece figure, the Laughing Buddha may be worth getting your hands on, given its supposed capability to offer you the kind of luck you’ll need whenever you play bingo online.
Laughing Buddha

The Golden Fortune Cat

Like the Laughing Buddha, the Golden Fortune Cat is a hugely popular and highly recognisable good luck charm across the world – often sitting and smiling on desks, in storefronts and the windows of homes.The most popular form of Golden Fortune Cat is a model that remains stationary apart from a single limb – an arm that repeatedly rocks back and forth in a sort of “knocking” action. The Golden Fortune Cat comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours – but having one on your table when you play bingo may prove to be a huge help when it comes to landing that fabulous jackpot on offer.
Golden Fortune Cat

Cinnamon Sticks

That’s right – they’re not just for a little bit of added flavour for cooking. Cinnamon sticks are actually good luck charms used all over the world. Simply pop a few of these sticks in your pocket when you log onto online bingo and you might see your luck change for the better. Without doubt, the most delicious smelling good luck charm that money can buy.
Cinnamon Sticks

The Four-Leaf Clover

A four-leaf clover is a rarer version of the normal three-leaf clover and having one with you at all times is widely considered a way to improve your overall luck in life. Each respective leaf on a clover is thought to represent something different – with the first leaf representing faith, the second hope, the third love, and the uncommon fourth leaf representing fortune. The lucky nature of four-leaf clovers can be traced way back to the early days of Ireland, when the Druids themselves carried these plants in the belief they provided a sense of magical protection from enemies, disease and vicious animals. Four-leaf clovers remain one of the most commonly used lucky charms among experienced online gamblers to this day. They are carried by thousands of people playing in bingo halls, people playing at home, and those using their laptops and mobile phones to play bingo on the go.
Four-Leaf Clover

The Box of Crickets

One of the more unusual lucky charms used in the modern day but still popular in many places – particularly South America -sees someindividuals enjoying the company of a box containing live crickets while partaking in a typical game of bingo. They may not exactly be the most cuddly or cute good fortune pets to have alongside you when you’re marking off your numbers but crickets are considered extremely lucky when it comes to gambling – especially in Brazil. It may seem somewhat surreal to keep a box of crickets next to your laptop but if it brings you good fortune then it will definitely be worth it in the end. Who knows, you may even grow to love the little guys!
Box of Crickets

Lucky Hand Wash

Sometimes when you’re playing bingo, it can feel as though your own hands are a curse, with everything they touch leading to a streak of horrid bad luck. This is why many experienced gamblers use lucky handwash. This cleanser rids the hands of any bad luck that may be lingering on the fingertips and places players in a better position to start another game. Available at a wide variety of internet marketplaces, lucky hand wash might just be what you’ve been looking for asan ideal good luck charm.
Lucky Hand Wash

The Gambler’s Amulet

A Gambler’s Amulet is an object that sports a prestigious, almost hypnotic appearance. Gold plated, double sided and easy to cradle in the palm of your hand or hang around your neck, this particular good fortune item resembles something that looks as though it could be worth hundreds of pounds – and indeed it might be in the long run! Mysterious and dazzling, a Gambler’s Amulet is something worth getting your hands on if you’re looking for an item that will act as an effective lucky charm while you’re playing bingo. Widely available across the internet, investing in one of these good fortune gold pieces might well change your luck for the better for the rest of your life.
Gambler’s Amulet

The Horseshoe Hanger

Hanging a horseshoe over the entrance door is supposed to bring good luck to a home.This is why that particular lucky charm is so useful for players playing online bingo at home. Hanging a horseshoe above the door at a bingo hall is a little trickier and may defeat the purpose, as it should bring luck to absolutely everyone within the room – not just the person who hung it up in the first place. This particular lucky charm is a practical and popular way to boost your chances when playing bingo online – offering support and good fortune to maximise your chances of banking a big win.
Horseshoe Hanger


A simple lucky charm that’s far more practical for people playing online bingo from home is lighting a candle. This is widely considered to promote good fortune. Some people believe that certain candles are luckier than others but this is disputed depending on whom you talk to. If you decide to use a candle as a good luck charm, don’t be afraid to mix and match varieties until you find the combination/scent/size of candle(s) that appear to work for you.

The Badger Tooth

Another animal-related good luck charm is the tooth of a badger – which many gamblers believe brings them good luck from the moment they start playing. Legend dictates that for this charm to work effectively, a player must wear a single badger tooth on a necklace on the left side of their body – preferably close to the heart. If you’ve got a shirt with chest pockets attached, wrap a badger tooth necklace around your neck and pop the tooth itself into the pocket closest to your ticker. You might just find that your luck is about to change for the better.
Badger Tooth

The Rabbit Foot

Another curious and strange lucky charm connected to the animal kingdom is a rabbit’s foot – which is actually surprisingly popular and supposedly very effective, especially in the Western world. There are several places online where you can purchase these peculiar lucky charms but you’ll need to make sure that they were obtained in the right way for them to work correctly. Players who swear by a rabbit’s foot as an effective lucky charm state that the animal must be caught in a cemetery and the only foot that will bring good fortune is the left hind. Any other limb will not invite fortuitousness. A rabbit’s foot is a common good luck charm that’s available from a wide variety of sources, but obtaining one is not really the pressing issue. What it ultimately boils down to is whether you’re willing to actually have a rabbit’s foot between you and your computer screen. It’s certainly not a good luck charm for the squeamish, animal lovers, or bunny enthusiasts, but if you don’t fall into any of these categories, it may be worth a try.
Rabbit Foot

The Lucky Leprechaun

Ever hear people talk about “the luck of the Irish”? Well you can get in on this luck by getting your hands on your very own little leprechaun figure – which you can take with you everywhere you go. These lucky figures come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you whether you want a bigger Irishman to stand aloft over the top of your computer screen, or a tiny little leprechaun that you can squeeze into your shirt pocket.

So there you have it – a huge variety of ways in which you can attempt to boost your chances of picking up a big win online. Whether you believe in lucky charms or not, picking yourself a lucky charm to have alongside you is good fun nonetheless. What do you have to lose?

Playing Bingo Responsibly – When is it Time to Stop?

As much fun as playing online bingo may be, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.
Responsible Bingo Gaming
On very rare occasions, bingo loses its appeal as an innocent activity and becomes something quite dangerous. When it comes to online gaming, it’s up to you to understand the risks that can arise when you do not play responsibly. Sometimes things can spiral out of control, and while bingo sites keep an eye on all players and offers them adequate support if necessary, it is a player’s duty to accept when it might be a good time to stop playing.

However, how do you know when enough is enough? What are the telltale signs of compulsive gambling? When does bingo cease being fun? This page answers all these questions and many more – discussing in detail everything you need to know about playing bingo responsibly. Within this gambling guide are recommendations about what you can do to fully enjoy playing, what bingo sites do to protect their customers, how to set limits for yourself, how to make sure the wrong kind of people don’t become involved in gambling and also where you can go to talk to professionals about the pitfalls of compulsive gambling.

What is Playing Responsibly?

No matter who you are, how long you’ve been playing bingo, or how experienced you are in the field of online gaming – you’ll need to make a conscious decision to play responsibly every single time you log on. Playing responsibly is about remaining in complete control of your spending, making sure that online gambling remains a fun-filled activity that gives you pleasure. Bingo should be a way to unwind and relax after a hard day at work – but if you don’t play responsibly you run the risk of turning this activity into something all consuming and dangerous. Playing responsibly involves a wide variety of considerations, these include:

  • Protecting the young and the vulnerable.
  • Acting within the confines of the law (you must be 18 to play).
  • Being honest from the off and adhering to the Terms & Conditions outlined during player registration.
  • Understanding when bingo is becoming something that’s damaging other areas of your life.
  • Limiting playing time so that other areas of life are not affected.
  • Understanding and accepting financial limitations and applying them accordingly whenever you log on.
At Wink Bingo, we encourage and actively advocate the practice of responsible playing and offer expert advice when it comes to keeping members safe and secure whenever they use bingo sites.

All good bingo sites will support responsible playing by:

  • Guaranteeing the protection of all players’ personal information.
  • Guaranteeing prompt payments.
  • Guaranteeing payment protection.
  • Guaranteeing a fun-filled, exciting and thoroughly rewarding online gaming experience for all.

What is Playing Responsibility
Playing responsibly makes bingo what it should be –a good time for everyone involved.

Site Protection

It’s crucial to remember that playing bingo online is not a bad thing. On the contrary, gambling is actually a terrific bond-building activity that has the ability to bring people together from around the world – creating a sense of enjoyment in the process. However, life has a habit of taking unpredictable turns, and online bingo – just like any other gambling activity – is not a pastime that’s exempt from becoming a financial problem for a player.For the most part, bingo sites want to ensure you have a fantastic time when you play, and their admins will be first on the scene whenever irregular activity takes place on your account. If you’re lodging bigger bets than normal, or gambling on a much more frequent basis, site administrators will often weigh in and make sure that everything is okay.

How to Keep Your Playing Fun

There are few things in life more enjoyable than a great game of online bingo but for a small minority of members the act of gambling can spiral out of control and become a serious issue. Luckily, there are steps you can take in order to keep bingo fun and exciting, preventing yourself from falling into the trap of a gambling addiction. Listed here are a few things to consider when you start playing online. Consider them every time you log on, and bingo will remain a fun-filled activity.

  • Don’t drink: While your idea of sipping a few cold ones whilst winning big cash amounts playing bingo online might be your idea of heaven, drinking alcohol while playing online bingo is not advisable. Alcohol has the ability to impair your judgment and may see you make rash, bold decisions when it comes to placing bets. Whenever you play bingo, the best way to enjoy it is with a completely clear head. You won’t need any alcohol to have a good time playing, so save the beer and wine for when you head down to the pub.
  • Don’t play at inappropriate times: We know more than anyone how much fun playing bingo can be but like any other activity, there’s a time and a place for it. Playing online at work, during social occasions or at other inappropriate times may cause damage to other areas of your life. Set an hour aside during the week for when you want to play and stick religiously to this specific time slot. You’ll enjoy bingo much, much more if you play in your spare time.
  • Watch what you spend from the off: From the moment you begin playing online,be sure to make a conscious effort to examine what you can afford to spend. Taking the time to work out a playing budget will ensure you don’t slide into financial trouble and will guarantee that bingo remains fun, relaxing and carefree. You can track your overall spending by looking at your bingo account transactions whenever you like. You can discover more about ways to curb your spending habits by examining the “Setting Limits For Yourself” section below.
  • You’ll never win back your losses: If you’ve signed up to online bingo in an attempt to win back previous gambling losses, you’re in the wrong place. Nobody should ever gamble to try to win money back. Bingo should be a form of entertainment and a source of pleasure – not a scheme for recouping losses.

How to Keep Your Bingo Playing Fun

Setting Limits for Yourself

One of the best ways to continue enjoying bingo is to set strict limits for yourself. By doing so, you’ll avoid running into financial trouble somewhere down the line and prevent bingo from turning into an addictive and destructive habit.

Cancelling your membership on an ordinary website can often be a tricky affair, as companies will do all they can to prevent you from slipping away. After all, the last thing they want to do is lose a customer. With bingo sites, this is often a very different matter. If you ever feel that playing has become more of a chore than a giddy pastime – you don’t need to feel nervous about approaching bingo site admins to close your account. Naturally, the last thing they want is to see you go, but they also realise that when gambling isn’t fun anymore – it’s time to walk away. If you want to close your account, most bingo sites will allow you to do so immediately – offering you links to places where you can find support in the process.

If you fear that you will reopen your account at some point in the future and rekindle your dangerous habit, you can ask your bingo site customer advisers about the process of Self-Exclusion. This is a self-banning order that will prohibit you from accessing your account for a pre-agreed amount of time. If you feel like you’re ready to enjoy bingo as an innocent, joyful activity again at some point in the future, they’ll probably welcome you back with open arms – but will also closely monitor your account to ensure you don’t fall back into bad habits.

You can also ask support staff to set limits for you. Simply contact one of the site’s customer representatives by e-mail or phone, and mention that you’d like a “time out” from gaming activity. After doing this, your account will be temporarily suspended – allowing you to walk away, gather your thoughts for a few minutes/hours, and eventually approach the game again armed with a fresh and healthy mind set.

Help, Support and Assistance

If you ever feel as though bingo is becoming anything other than a whole lot of fun, there are a wide variety of support groups and assisting bodies you can turn to for help. For any kind of queries you have about the game of bingo or just online gambling in general, here are some of the organisations you can contact:

  • GambleAware/GamCare: A free help line is available on 0808 8020 133. Lines open from 8 a.m. to midnight every day of the week. Visit or for more information.
  • GamBlock: GamBlock is a company that specialise in blocking gambling sites so that they are no longer accessible in places of work or study. Visit for further information.
  • Gambling Therapy: Gambling Therpy offer support for anyone affected by the fallout of irresponsible gambling. Visit for more information.
  • National Problem Gambling Clinic: The National Problem Gambling Clinic is an organisation dedicated to finding solutions to gambling problems. Visit for further information or call their free helpline on 020 7534 6699.
  • Gamblers Anonymous: Gamblers Anonymous UK is a place where people can go to share their thoughts and feelings about gambling with fellow men and women who have encountered issues due to irresponsible playing. See more at
  • Responsible Gambling Trust: RGT are a charity dedicated to helping those who are suffering from a gambling problem. Visit for further info.

Bingo Help and Assistance

Protecting the Young and the Vulnerable

When it comes to the act of gambling, it is equally as important to protect the people around you as well as yourself. According to UK law – no person under the age of 18 is permitted to gamble in any way. Given bingo’s reputation as an innocent, family activity, many people falsely assume that it is okay for children and teens to partake. It’s crucial to remember that anyone under the age of 18 who plays bingo is breaking the law and as an adult it is your responsibility to ensure that anyone in your household who falls below the permitted playing age is protected. Bingo is enormous fun – but it is for adults and adults only!

The terms and conditions on all bingo sites clearly state that they adhere to the strict measures put in place by UK lawand by agreeing to the terms you are agreeing to prohibit anyone else from using your account. New members will be subject to verification checks and may be asked for proof of age before they begin playing. This is not to cause unnecessary trouble – it is to protect the young from entering a gambling world that at their tender age they cannot fully understand. We implore you to keep anyone under 18 away from bingo sites and the act of gambling until they are old enough. Only then will they be able to appreciate the game of bingo in all its glory – safely, legally and responsibly.

Consider all this advice before you play bingo online and we guarantee that you will have a fantastic time from the moment you sign up and make your first deposit.If you ever feel like you need to know more about playing bingo responsibly, do not hesitate to contact one of our customer representatives. Our team will be more than happy to share their insight into the aspect of safe bingo and offer the kind of beneficial support you may need to have a great time playing.

Top 10 Facts About Bingo Daubers

Daubers, Dabbers? The Top 10 Facts You Never Knew About Bingo Daubers.
Top 10 Facts About Bingo Daubers
Whether you call them daubers, dabbers, or even dobbers… there’s no question that these specialized bingo markers are “must have” equipment for all hall bingo players. And, of course, as such an important feature of the game, they have made their way into online bingo too.

Even more than a tool, bingo daubers have become the true bingo enthusiast’s ultimate fashion accessory, good luck charm, and form of self-expression. While the notion of marking a bingo card may seem like a simple business, there’s much more to bingo daubers than you ever realised. So without further ado, here are Winkly’s top-ten bingo dauber facts for those in the know…

Number 10: What are bingo daubers anyway?

Bingo daubers are essentially a specialized type of ink pen used to mark paper bingo cards

Bingo daubers are essentially a specialised type of ink pen used to mark paper bingo cards. More than a felt-tipped pen, a dauber is a small plastic bottle with a sponge-like tip and filled with translucent ink. As numbers are called, a player uses the dauber to mark each called number on his or her cards with a transparent circle or other mark.

Inexpensive daubers can be purchased in bulk and generally contain about 45 ml of ink. But real bingo aficionados are likely to prefer daubers with a larger capacity. Daubers of 80 to 120 ml are designed to last from four to eight bingo sessions without needing to be refilled.

Number 9: Where did bingo daubers come from?

You may already know a bit about the history of bingo. Dating all the way back to Italy in the 1500s, it made its way to France, Great Britain, and other parts of Europe in the 1700s. In the early days, as the numbers were called, players marked their cards with beans – leading to the game’s first 20th century name: Beano.

It was during the early 20th century that the game found its way to the shores of North America and quickly became wildly popular – with tournaments often sponsored as fundraisers by churches and NGOs.
During the height of this mass popularity, the downside of using beans as markers quickly became apparent. All it took was a slight bump of the table to create a jumble of beans and a slew of inaccurately marked bingo cards.

Over time, other marking methods came into vogue, including cards with sliding windows over the numbers or small, clear plastic disks in bright colours. (Some of these have even returned to poplar use recently with the advent of mechanised cash bingo.)
It’s only in the late 20th century that bingo daubers came about as a way to ensure that one clumsy bingo player wouldn’t ruin everyone’s day.
History of Bingo Daubers

Number 8: Are there different kinds of daubers?

There are almost as many different types of bingo daubers as there are bingo players! In fact, daubers have become one of the main ways that bingo players express themselves (other than by calling “bingo”, “house”, or – as the Queen does – “palace!”)

There are disposable daubers, refillable daubers, plain daubers, and novelty daubers. You can find daubers with simple round nibs and daubers with nibs of every shape under the sun – even including the sun (along with the moon, stars, hearts, footballs, superstars and superheroes)!

Number 7: What makes a good bingo dauber?

It should have ink that flows freely, but not so freely that it gets all over your hands (and clothes and face and shoes…)
The ink should be transparent, so you can see the numbers after they’ve been marked.
It should be large, colourful, and easy to find in your bag.
Last but not least, as bingo players tend to be a superstitious lot, you might want it to be lucky!

It was only until the late 20th century that bingo daubers came about as a way to ensure that one clumsy bingo player wouldn’t ruin everyone’s day

Number 6: What kind of ink is in bingo daubers?

Just as there are many types of bingo daubers, there are many types of ink to be found inside them.
Standard bingo ink is the most cost-effective type and commonly used by bingo halls and by players who don’t want to make too loud a statement. Even though the colours are not as vibrant as those found in fluorescent daubers, they are not necessarily subdued – with bright options including magenta, aqua, purple, pink, and orange. If you want to refill your daubers yourself, this is the type of ink you’ll use.

Fluorescent ink is the favourite of players who want to leave a more vibrant mark on bingo society. With colours such as coral, lilac, lime green, and teal, fluorescent daubers are perfect for the young or the young at heart.

A more recent evolution for those who truly want to sparkle is the glitter-filled ink found in some novelty bingo daubers.

With safety as an especially important consideration for players with young children and pets, it’s good to know that most dauber ink these days is non-toxic. But to be sure, you should always check the dauber or ink packaging itself or the manufacturer’s website.
What kind of ink says about your personality

Number 5: Where can I buy bingo daubers?

Despite bingo’s immense popularity, you can’t generally find bingo daubers in stores. If you’re happy with the basics, you can usually find them available for purchase at bingo halls. (Be sure to arrive early!) But the best bet for finding the daubers that are perfect for you is online: at bingo supply websites, Amazon, and even eBay. The variety is endless, and if you shop around, you are sure to find attractive prices.

Number 4: Can I make my own bingo daubers?

Yes! The component materials, including bottles, ink, and tips can be found at bingo supply websites. Making your own bingo daubers offers the possibility for infinite customisation – with some of the glitziest players even choosing sequins and Swarovski crystal for their masterpieces. Just be sure to keep in mind that refilling dauber ink can be something of a messy business, so cover your workspace and keep a clean-up cloth close by. (There are even specialty tools available to help with the refilling process, including a lifter designed to easily remove ink tips without the muss and fuss.)
what is in a dauber

Number 3: Are bingo daubers just for bingo?

Bingo daubers have found their way into the hands of creative teachers, crafters, and do-it-yourselfers everywhere. Perhaps the most popular use for daubers outside the bingo hall is in the classroom. With just one quick internet search, you’ll find a host of printable worksheets, art projects, and educational activities designed for use with bingo daubers. Crafters use bingo daubers in their scrapbooks and for quickly inking rubber stamps. There are even those who use bingo daubers to dye their hair in all the colours of the rainbow. A mother’s nightmare!

Number 2: How are daubers used in online bingo?

The online counterparts of bingo daubers include both the manual and autodaub varieties. On the manual side, most online bingo sites offer the player a choice of “virtual” dauber shapes and colours. So even though you are playing without paper bingo cards, you can still express your personality through your dauber.

For many players, an even more important evolution is autodaub. With this option enabled, your cards will be marked automatically as the numbers are called – allowing you to play many more cards at once. Often paired with an auto-sorting feature that places the cards closest to winning at the top of your screen, autodaub ensures that you will never miss a bingo.

Of course, some players prefer to mark their own cards (sometimes or all the time), so be sure the site you choose allows you the option to turn autodaub on and off as you like. For the true multitasker (what mom isn’t a true multitasker?), some online bingo games – Wink Bingo among them – ensure that you win whenever you have a winning card, whether you autodaub or not.

Of course, some players prefer to mark their own cards, so be sure that you choose a site that allows you the option to turn autodaub on and off as you like

Number 1: So really, are they daubers, dabbers, or dobbers?

The most common spelling in the industry is “bingo daubers”, with “dabbers” as a close second. But all three spellings are commonly used, so feel free to pick your favourite.

Whatever you call them, and whatever dauber you choose, the most important thing is to enjoy your bingo experience… so keep playing… and daub on!

All You Need To Know About Online Bingo Rooms

Online Bingo Rooms: The Fun Goes Virtual
Bingo Rooms

Bingo buzz from wherever you are

You’re all well-acquainted with traditional bingo, but how many of you know what an online bingo room really looks like?

Well, to be disarmingly honest, it’s exactly what the name says: a room (albeit virtual) to play bingo via the Internet. This means that all of the entertainment from the traditional halls where bingo is usually being held can be played while relaxing in the comfort of your own home, or from wherever you happen to be when you feel the urge to play.

It’s like visiting a website to check the latest news or watch a video, but this time you enjoy your precious bingo game instead.

The online bingo offer comes in many variations: 90-ball, 75-ball and even 5 line bingo, just to mention the most popular ones. All games available have different prize amounts, so you can choose the one you like best without any hassle.

How far the bingo hole goes

When entering the virtual bingo room, you suddenly get surrounded by a plethora of options, menus and sparkling screens. But don’t let that baffle you…

  • The bingo tickets are within reach, just pick the amount you want and then click “Buy Selected Tickets”. 
  • If you’re a member, you can easily choose the option “Auto Select Strips,” meaning you can click on a set amount of tickets without having to click on the actual Ticket strips. 
  • You’re unhappy with the numbers you got? Is your lucky number missing? Well, you can change the tickets you already bought by clicking “Get New Tickets”. 
  • The name of the room you’re playing in is usually displayed above the button “Back To Lobby”.
    Before the next game begins, a countdown will pop up, letting you know if you have time to grab a quick cup of tea or not.
  • You’ll be able to Advance Buy and Auto Buy tickets.

    The “Advance Buy” feature allows you to select tickets that will play automatically, even if you’re away from your computer or mobile device. Don’t worry though – if you win, you’ll receive your glorious update!

    The “Auto Buy” option allows you to buy tickets in advance too, but this time you’ll have to be logged in to be able to play the games.

  • You will also be able to view the ‘”Jackpot” prize amount, the juiciest prize that’s  so damn tough to get your hands on! Remember though, different Jackpots have different winning conditions. Check them all and find the one that makes you suddenly religious!
  • You can also check the number of players participating in the game as well, the number of those who are members in the room, as well as the game pattern. 
  • If you want to jump from one room to another, there is a button called “Lobby”. Push that and you’ll instantly reach a webpage displaying all the available bingo rooms and some other useful details. You don’t feel spoiled by Fortuna in your actual bingo chamber? Feel free to migrate to another one! Here you travel in the blink of an eye.

Navigating around a bingo room

Are you a Chat-Room Juggler?

One of the biggest differences between an online bingo room and a classic brick and mortar room is that in the virtual rooms you can jabber incessantly. A caveat, though: politeness and a minimum of etiquette are always to be followed. Nothing shady happens here!

You engage in talking with other players and with the chat host (CH) through the chat box that allows all members chatting with each other as well as reading what other players type.

To use this socializing feature, you just need to click on the chat window and start writing your thoughts to share.You bored by the chin-wag of other players? Well — you can just ignore it completely!

The chat host (CH) is there to keep the rooms warm an friendly, meet and greet the bingo players, and play funny chat games with them. Moreover, if you have any questions or small silly doubts, the CH will promptly and jovially assist you.

I’m 1tg for £1000! You’re what?

As any other field of entertainment, online bingo has its own lingo. Of course, it’s not a labyrinthine gibberish, and you’ll see that practicing it is very similar to sending text messages or engaging in online chat.

Users in the bingo room will type comradely acronyms, like WTG = Way to go, or GL = Good luck etc. No doubt, there are a lot more lingo terms and expressions, and players will often use them to keep each other amused while in the bingo rooms.

For example, if someone writes “I’m 3tg!” this means that he’s 3-to-go, that is, he just needs 3 more numbers to get the bingo. From there he can go to 2tg, 1tg and then start praying hard to get the WTG from fellow players (which is the common message to compliment a bingo winner).
Popular Bingo Lingo

Smileys and Gifts

Members can also amuse themselves with ‘Smiley’ faces (also known as emoticons). You are probably well familiarized with these acrobatic glyphs since… they are omnipresent!

Emoticons are used to indicate your emotions or attitudes, and to adorn your messages with them you just have to click on the images at the bottom of the chat box and to send them into the chat room. This way you can spice things up a bit or just bring your mood into the chat as a funny facial gesture.

If that’s not enough, you can send virtual gifts to other players or even to the Chat Host! You only have to click on the gift box that appears next to the emoticons menu. Who knows? Bingo romance might blossom!

Popular Bingo Lingo

  • WTG – Way to go (used when a player wins a bingo game).
  • GL – Good Luck (fellow players would type this when someone is getting close to winning bingo).
  • BRB – Be Right Back (used when a player goes off for a few minutes).
  • LOL – Laughing out loud (used when players are laughing madly).
  • 1tg – 1 to go (1 more number to winning the bingo game).
  • 2tg – 2 to go (2 more numbers to winning the bingo game).
  • 3tg – 3 to go (3 more numbers to winning the bingo game).
  • TY – Thank You (well, this one explains itself!).

Choosing The Right Room Name

Picking the right room name can be tricky. The room has to tie in with the site’s theme, the type of game, and, most importantly, it has to blend in with the room design.
Let’s say you have a bingo site that’s themed around a wonderland motif. Your room names would need to match this imaginary ambience. Names like Alice in Wonderland, The Tea Party or even The Mad Hatter’s room are exactly what you should look for.
Picking a room

Why Players Love To Play In The Same Room?

Online bingo players tend to stick to their routines, especially when it comes to their favorite bingo rooms. Various reasons can be behind this: they are good virtual friends with the chat host, they love socializing with certain fellow players, they enjoy playing some specific bingo games or the room has a background theme that they just happen to love. Some are mad about the prizes offered, while others like the more tranquil rooms. What’s really important here is that there’s a perfect room for every bingo soul out there. That’s what makes them come back and stay loyal: that unique mixture of fun, thrills and a sense of belonging…