September 2012

£550 in The Tuesday £1,000

“I was very thrilled on my big win! The money I won will come in handy for the grandchildren fo Christmas! Thanks Wink Bingo!”

£750 in the £6k Summer Dreams

“Thank you for my win Wink! I was truly shocked when I signed in and saw it, this is the best site I have ever been on, thank you again!”

£750 on Saturday £2,500

“Brilliant! I opened my account to find a balance of £750 instead of 0! I will now be able to buy the Winter wardrobe I really need. Many thanks to all at Wink – it’s a great site!”

£1,250 in Saturday £2,500

“A big one at last! Thanks for the win it will pay for a holiday.”

£500 in Tuesday £1,000

“Celebrating my winning of £550 a big thank you to Wink Bingo, can’t believe my luck as we newbie, really enjoy playing on Wink!

£1,250 in Saturday £2,500

“Thank much for my win, I was really thrilled when I logged on and saw I had won big. Wink Bingo is the best site ever!”

£733.69 in the Hangout

“Thank you so much for my win on bingo money ball, am so thrilled. I was booked for a holiday next week, so I’ll hav some fantastic spending money!”

£583 in Friday £5,000

“I was absolutely thrilled to win my prize money of over £500 on Fri 28th an it was my Birthday on Sun 30th so perfect timing! I have abandoned a big rival bingo site as I never won anything with them, but won on Wink soon after joining!”