May 2012

£3,000 in the £6k Spring Fling Game

“Cheers! I cannot believe that I have won! I will start looking for a holiday somewhere exotic with the family. It’s a wonderful feeling!”

£1,500 in the £6k Spring Fling Game

“I’m thrilled about my win! It was a complete surprise as I had forgotten I had even brought the tickets! I plan on taking my family away for a week on
holiday with the winnings. Thank you!”

£1,000 in the £6k Spring Fling Game

“Many thanks for my win! All I can say is OMG! What a great surprise when I turned my laptop on & saw my balance of £1,000! Thank you Wink bingo – what a great bingo site!”

£2,440.24 in The 1TG room

“Thank you for my big win! I can’t believe I won so much money! My first ever big win! I don’t know what to spend it on – it’s so much money! Once again, a big thank you to all at Wink”

£1,250 in Saturday £2,500

“I was truly thrilled to win big on Saturday night! I only had 6 tickets so didn’t fancy my chances much. It was great to then go into a bingo chat room to be met with really nice messages from the host and the roomies. Wink is a very friendly site and I feel I have lots of friends here. Thanks Wink!”

£1,250 in Saturday £2,500

“Just over the moon! It was unbelieveable to log in & see that amount in my account!!”

£500 in Saturday £2,500

“It’s great news to find out that I had won part of Saturdays jackpot The winnings will be put to good use!”

£500 in Saturday £2,500

“Thank you so much for my win! I have just arrived back from Italy, having been on Rugby tour, and just checked my emails to say I’d won. Thanks again Wink, Im overwhelmed! You’re the best!”

£6,914.13 in The Hangout Room

“I was very shocked when my win came in – I didn’t believe it at first! I’ve never won anything this big before & am looking forward to a holiday thanks to Wink! To all you roomies that feel unlucky – eyes down & good luck, you never know when you’re win is coming! Looking forward to my next win with Wink!”

£500 in Thursday £500

“Great surprise when I got the email at work telling me I was a winner! Thanks Wink!”

oyster 15

£2,000 in The Hangout room

“Hi thank you for my big win im still in shock i cant quite belive my luck xxxx. I actually won nearly 8 thousand now as i played on slots after my big win
happy days xxx”


£2,766.40 in High 5

“I was so thrilled to have won in high5 and everyone was so thrilled for me still hasn’t sunk in yet going on my holidays soon so will come in handy plus I’m going to treat myself to a new laptop so many thanks wink I love the site and got so many friends on there once again thank you wink.”


£4,957.32 in The Strip

“i was very shocked when my balance went up, im very pleased in my big win thank you very much”


£500 in Saturday £2500!

“I was so surprised when I received your e-mail saying that I had won I had forgot that I had pre-bought tickets it was the perfect end to a perfect day yesterday I had been to meet Westlife (they are in my photo) and then watched the concert after, I had a brilliant time and to top it off I find out I have won £500.00 tyty so much wink bingo just perfect.”