June 2012

£500 in Monday £500

“Arrrrrrrrrrgh thank you soooooooo much! I seem to be on a lucky streak as I won £500 last week! Its soooooo exciting I feel some treats coming on! Thanks again Wink xxxx!”

£1,164.25 in Wild Winkers Room

“When I found out I won I nearly bounced around the room! I phoned everyone I knew &wanted to tell more people……. didn’t even know I had won it at first until my balance said £1,164.00 haha…over the moon is an understatement! I’m getting married in 7 weeks so it will go towards the wedding! Thanks Wink! xx”

£1,079.20 in The Hangout Room

“I was gobsmacked when I won the progressive jackpot. Having just returned from holiday, this will help with some of the bills & provide treats for myself & my daughter. Thanks Wink – love playing on your site, everyone’s so friendly from roomies to hosts!”

£754.56 in The Hangout

“Well what can I say apart from thank you, thank you thank you Wink bingo! I cannot believe that I won it as I only won £500 on the 19th May – couldn’t believe my luck. I noticed that I only wanted number 41 & it came out on the 34th call – how lucky was that?! Once again thank you wink bingo you are the best!”

£750 in the Saturday £2,500

“Thanks for my win – very pleased!”

£750 in the Saturday £2,500

“So pleased I won £750 on Wink Bingo, thank you!”

£550 in the Tuesday £500

“Wink Wink buzzing – I have just won! xx”