July 2012

£6,127.55 in The Hangout

“l am over the moon that l won your money ball jackpot! My numbers were coming off my ticket so quickly & l was in the room watching them. That feeling of ‘Oh my god l’ve won the jackpot’ was really lovely! I am going to treat my family and put the rest in a savings account toward my pension fund. Thank you once again for my superb win!”

£750 in The Saturday £2,500

“Thank you so much for the wonderful win on Saturday night! Opening my account to find that I had won £750 was a fantastic surprise! I am planning a trip to South Africa & will save this towards that. Hopefully I can make the trip in February next year. Once again, an almighty big thank you!”

£500 in The Friday £5000

“Thank you Wink for my super-duper win! What a lovely surprise when I saw my balance shoot up! Keep up the great work on the great Home of Bingo! Cheers!”

£1,903.66 in The 1TG Club Room

“Hi Winkers, I am truely thrilled at my win! I am now planning to go & see my brother who lives in malta! Woop woop! I’m so thrilled! Thanks Wink, you’re the best!”

£1,696.29 in The 1TG Club Room

“I was really shocked! I never win big – so amazing!”

£1,229.81 in The 1TG Club Room

“We were happily playing the slots 20p spins alongside playing the 90 ball bingo games… too busy concentrating on spinning we did not realise we had won the progressive jackpot! We knew we had won the full house, & did not realise how many numbers we had called it in…It was only when we refreshed the
balance all this money as sitting there! I think the whole street must have heard our screams of delight lol!”

£1,250 in The Saturday £2500

“Thank you so much wink! I could not believe that I won again as I won 2 weeks ago exactly the same amount! It will be really handy as I am going on holiday in August! Wink is the best! xxx”

£1,134.75 in The Naughty Numbers Room

“Many Thanks Wink, as I have just come back off holiday and this win has been a bonus!”

£833.33 in The Friday £5000

“Thank you Wink for my win on bingo! I was overjoyed & am putting the winnings to good use as my daughter is going to Australia travelling!”

£833.33 in The Friday £5000

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw congratulations to your win of £833.33 of £5000 Friday .. I am so exited! Thank you very much – I cant stop smiling!”

£750 in The Saturday £2500

“I am overwhelmed at winning such a large amount & this will go towards a nice holiday. Thank you wink!”

£625 in The Saturday £2500

“Thank you very much for my win! I am over the moon! It will be going towards a new kitchen lol! Thank you again!”

£550 in The Tuesday £1000

“It was such a lovely surprise to log on and find my balance was £550! I will have fun spending it and put it to good use. Thank you thank Wink Bingo, you are the best!”

£550 in The Tuesday £1000

“Thank-you so much on my win it was great to log on and see that amount £550 in my account whooowhooo!”

£500 in The Saturday £2500

“I was thrilled to win £500 on Saturday! I love your site & play often…& win often! Wink is the very best site to play on, thank you all so much …!”

£500 in The Friday £5000

“omg! Thank you so much for my win! I missed the game so was completely surprised to see my balance when I went to log in as usual! I still cant believe it!”

£500 in The Saturday £2500

“I am really Happy about the winning of £500! To be totally honest I was in shock when it popped up on my profile saying I have won £500. It will really help out as my daughter is getting married in a matter of weeks, and we are going abroad for this occasion.Thank you wink bingo for this winning, and I will keep playing. as you never know I may be a winner again!”

£1,250 in The Friday £5000

“I was astonished to open my account & find my balance at £1,650 instead of zero! I have been very lucky on Wink Bingo & would like to thank all the staff who make is a great site!”

£500 in The Thursday £500

“Hi, thank you so much for my £500 win! I couldn’t believe it when I logged into my account and saw my balance – I was jumping with joy! I get married in
three weeks so the money will come in handy for our honeymoon! Thank you Wink bingo :-)

£1250 in The Saturday £2500

“Hi, thank you very much Wink Bingo for win! I’m still in shock – I really can’t quite belive my luck at the moment! Wink Bingo Is The Best!!”

£583.33 in The Friday £5000

“It’s always a thrill to play the games and so exciting when I win thanks wink bingo!”

£583.33 in The Friday £5000

“Hi would just like to say that I was thrilled with my win, which was so unexpected, & will go towards a new laptop!”