August 2012

£7,518.83 in The Hangout Room

“I still can’t believe it! Thank you Wink for my amazing win, I am totally overwhelmed. It just shows that things like this do happen to ordinary people. I couldn’t believe it when it came up that I had won the progressive jackpot I was completely speechless for once! The money will be spent wisely, with a few treats of course! With a young family to look after I now get to spoil the people I love. Thank you again for my amazing win!”

£13,500 on The Temple Of Isis

“l am over the moon with my win, it will go on a holiday!

£4,000 in our £10k BinGo For Gold

“I was so surprised to wake up this morning & find out I had won £4,000 I just couldn’t believe it…. Thank you so much Wink bingo xx”

£3,000 in our £10k BinGo For Gold

“I would like to say a massive thank you! I nearly fell over when I saw I had won! I’m fairly new to this site &totally over the moon with it! Thank you wink bingo!”

£2,646.06 in Yummy Mummies Room

“I am very happy to have won the money! At first I thought there was a mistake & I may have deposited more than I thought! It wasn’t until everyone was congratulating me I realised I actually had won it! I am looking forward to booking a holiday for myself, wife & 2 chilldren next year :)

£2,000 in our £4k Summer Night Bingos

“I signed into my account the day after I won £2000.00 & I thought I was seeing too many noughts on my balance! I’ve been a member of Wink for 2 years & have never won that much before! Thank you wink bingo.. the money will come in very handy!”

£500 in The Thursday £500

“Hi everyone at Wink! Fantastic news! How pleased I am to discover I’ve won Thursday’s £500 bingo promo! I look forward to taking a few days away!”

£500 in The Monday £500

“Thank you very much for my win of £500! During the game I lost my tickets so it was a nice surprise to see that amount when my balance refreshed! Thank you very much xx”

£1,250 in The Saturday £2,500

“Thank you very much for my win! I was shocked to see I had won! It was a lovely shock & I can do some improvements at home now. Thank you again! Love your site!”

£7,500 on X Factor Slot

“Over the moon that I won – it will go on the house, specifically a conservatory!”

£500 in The Saturday £2,500

“I love coming home from work and relaxing and playing on Wink! Bought tickets for the Sat £2500 and left them to play. I was totally uplifted when I checked my computer the following day to find out that I had won £500! tyvm Wink! Will continue playing in future and remember to use prebuy if going out!”

£1,250 in The Saturday £2,500

“Thanks for the fabulous win of £1250.00 on Saturday. I LOVE WINKBINGO ;)

£500 in Saturday £2,500

“I am delighted at winning £500 and would like to thank everyone at Wink for making the site so great!”

£1,250 in The Saturday £2,500

“Hi Wink Bingo! Thanks so much for my win! You guys are the best & I’ll be playing you all the time :)

£750 in The Saturday £2,500

“Thanks so much for my win! I’m so excited & I love playing on Wink! Thanks again for my win!”