Noughts and Crosses

Scratch those Noughts and Crosses, Old School Style!

Relive an old school classic with Noughts and Crosses at Wink Bingo – only this time, three matching symbols in a row could mean much more than just the excitement of the win! The more you stake, the higher the potential prizes, so get ready to scratch and match in this thrilling instant game!

How to Play

This instant game presents you with the familiar sight of a three-by-three grid. Behind those shiny silver squares you’ll find a mixture of red crosses and black noughts – to win, you’ll need to find three in an uninterrupted horizontal, diagonal or vertical row. Your first move should be to decide how much you want your card to be worth: you can bet between 10p and £10, but your choice will determine how big the potential jackpot is. A bet level of 10p sets it at an impressive £100, but £10 per card sends that soaring up to an amazing £10,000! Above the grid you’ll find a reminder of the maximum win at your current stake, so it’s easy to keep track of things. After that’s all settled, it’s time to pluck up your courage and start scratching to see if those Noughts and Crosses have lined up in your favour!

There’s a total of ten panels that you’ll need to reveal: nine noughts and crosses and one ‘reveal prize’ button that lets you know how much that three-of-a-kind line-up will win you. You can use the ‘reveal option’ to see everything all in one go, or check out the prize value first and then work through the grid, or even see if there’s a winning line before finding out how much it’s worth – the choice is completely yours! There’s no value difference between noughts or crosses, so as long as you see three identical symbols all lined up and smiling back at you, you’ve won that wonderful prize!

Noughts and Crosses Look and Feel

The cheerful yellow background and innovative animations make this a serious step up from the Noughts and Crosses you’re used to, but the winningly simple game structure will still bring back fond memories of schoolroom doodles! You can even choose just to play for fun if you’re happy enough with the joy of victory – but whenever you do want to kick things up a gear, there’s a quick link to ‘play for real’ that’ll let you really reap the rewards of a winning line. To take on a retro classic and win prizes at the same time, just visit Wink Bingo and play Noughts and Crosses today!