Frolikin’ Frogs

Hop and Scratch with the Frolikin’ Frogs!

Meet the Frolikin’ Frogs at Wink Bingo today and see if you can make your fortune by finding three matching friends! With prizes ranging from just £1 to £1,000, you never know where that next ticket might take you!

Luck on the lily pads

Frolikin’ Frogs is an interactive scratch card that’s hiding fantastic prizes deep in the pristine pond. With beautifully reflective water surrounded by green grass and rocks, this game is lovely to look at even before you’ve revealed your new best friends – the fabulous frogs! There’s even a little dragonfly buzzing around, setting the scene perfectly for this sweet and simple game.

To get started, all you’ll need to do is pick up a ticket for just £1 using the ‘buy tickets’ option. Once you’ve done that, you can either use the reveal all button to discover all five frogs in one fell swoop, or you can heighten the tension by using the little ladybird cursor to hover over each frog individually and discover your line-up one by one. The silver covering that hides the inhabitants of each lily pad will fall away, revealing the cutest little frog you ever did see, who’ll jump up and wave to show how happy he is to see you!

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Although you might think of frogs as all being green, the Frolikin’ Frogs are here to prove that wrong! Although there are a few green guys and girls among them, they also come in five other colours – purple, yellow, blue, red and beige. To win, you’ll need to find three frogs of the same colour sitting in the pond at the same time. If you do, the happy little hoppers will jump for joy on your behalf in an adorable display of excitement!

Froggy Payouts!

Although they’re all equally cute, the Frolikin’ Frogs can’t all offer you the same payouts. The beige frogs return the price of your ticket with winnings of £1, followed by the yellow and green frogs who push that up to £5 and £10 respectively. Then there are the blue frogs, which are worth £25; the purple, who quadruple that to £100; and finally the undisputed king of the pond – the ruby red frog, who’ll award you a spectacular payout of £1000 if you find three of him on your lily pads!

To get to know the Frolikin’ Frogs and find out what prizes they have in store for you, play today at Wink Bingo! When you join and deposit just £10, you’ll get £45 to play with!