£8,000 Eggstravaganza

This Easter we bring you the £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA, playing on Saturday 19th April!

Get FREE tickets now in our Free Tickets Room to guarantee your chance to win either £5000, £2000 or £1000!

£8,000 Eggstravaganza
Early Bird Special Room
Free Tickets Room
£8,000 Eggstravaganza

Terms and Conditions

  • £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA campaign runs from 9/03/14 to 19/04/14 and is available to funded players only.
  • The promotion includes 3 Pre-Buy rooms: Special Early Bird room, Free Tickets room (75 Ball), £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA room (90 Ball)
  • The £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA (90 Ball) plays on 19 April. Jackpot: FH: £5000 / 2L: £2000 / 1L: £1000. Cards cost 40p. Min 1 / Max 96. Funded players only. The winner(s) will be the first players to cover 1 Line, 2 Lines, or a Full House. Jackpot will be credited in cash. If there is more than one winner per line, the jackpot will be shared.
  • In the Special Early Bird room, the player can buy cards from the 9/03/14 to 16/03/14 for 20p, for every card purchased in the this room the player will get a card to the £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA game. Min 1 / Max 24. Funded players only. The tickets for the £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA game will be granted prior to the 20/03/14.
  • The Free Tickets room (75 Ball) will be open from the 17/03/14 – 12/04/14. The game will play once a day at 21:30. In each game, Players can win 24 free tickets to the £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA game. The cards are free. Min 6/ Max 6. Tickets won for the £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA games will be granted prior to 14/04/14.
  • Players can have a total of 96 cards for the £8,000 EGGSTRAVAGANZA game (including cards earned & pre-bought).