step in the arcade with starburst

Take your slot gaming out of this world with Starburst slots. Its space-based theme is a glittering new attraction on Wink Bingo, with beautiful modern graphics and a timeless gameplay model that ties in both dazzling jewels and even more dazzling prizes.

How to play

Starburst takes a classic approach to slots that regulars of Wink Bingo will instantly recognise: spin five reels across three rows to try and hit a big selection of payouts. There are 10 lines to play across and 10 patterns to match your sparkling jewels to, creating more than enough combinations to keep you engaged. Wild symbols here do much more than your average slot wilds, too, as regular symbols get replaced by the Starburst Wild, a special feature that spreads across a whole reel.

Starburst Wilds

When a Starburst Wild falls on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel, it expands, and remains in play for three free re-spins, giving you a massive range of payout possibilities. It’s one of two exciting special features in the game – the other being two-way wins, where pay lines can take you in different directions. These two special bonuses add enough variety and opportunity to give the game an exciting edge, without making it too complicated.

An arcade experience

The simplicity of Starburst might not appeal to all slot gamers, returning as it does to a traditional style of gameplay without progressive modes and interactive bonus rounds. That’s not what Starburst is about though: it’s all about reviving and reinvigorating the best retro arcade games – and updating them with crystal clear graphics. It definitely knows its audience, with rich cosmic backgrounds and a vintage electro score, and the fast, simple gameplay is all an essential part of that experience. Without storytelling or sudden jumps, the focus here is all on the excitement of the spins and the beauty of the graphics – and in this case, less really is more.
Set in space, decorated by gem symbols and with a flower-like Starburst Wild Symbol, these glittering treasures are certain take you right back to the futuristic charms of the best arcade games, as well as giving you the chance to win some real gems of your own. Revisit the charms of polished simplicity with this gorgeous new slot game at Wink Bingo today!