Fancy a year’s worth of free bingo? Of course you do!

You can earn 12 months of free bingo on January 31st! What could be better than winning a game of online bingo?Winning a game that has cost you nothing to enter, that’s what! Christmas might be over for another year, … More Info

Look to the future now, it’s only just begun…

With Christmas just a few days away, I started thinking about what my favourite festive tunes are. Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas Is You’ is certainly up there with the best, as is ‘Fairytale of New York’ by … More Info

Got a mobile or tablet? Sunday is your lucky day!

If all you fabulous Winkers are anything like us, you will always be glued to your mobile phone. Are we right? From a personal point of view, it only seems like yesterday that I couldn’t put my Nokia 3210 down … More Info

Will Friday 13th be your lucky day?

Are you superstitious at all? Do you panic when you have no choice but to walk over three paving grids in a row? Maybe you refuse to walk under ladders, or perhaps you are scared about putting a pair of … More Info

Fancy a drink? Have one on us!

We’re approaching that time of year when everybody likes to let their hair down a little bit. We expect many of you lovely Winkers will be having a tipple or two at your Christmas party in the coming weeks – … More Info

Wink Bingo is going bonus crazy on Black Friday

Have you got that Friday feeling? The Wink Bingo team certainly have! A recent study commissioned by British Airways showed that many of us sign off for the weekend a little earlier than we perhaps should. Apparently, the average person … More Info

Do they know it’s Christmas time? Wink Bingo does!

We know it might be a little too early to put the Christmas tree up, but nobody can stop us from getting excited about the festive period. With six weeks to go until the big day, the team at Wink … More Info

Happy birthday from Wink Bingo!

Is it your birthday today? At Wink Bingo, our generosity knows no bounds, which is why we want to celebrate with all of you lovely Winkers! For the first time ever, we are offering a 100% bonus to all of … More Info

See in the New Year with Wink Bingo

We’ve all gone a bit overboard on New Year’s Eve, haven’t we? There’s nothing like starting as you mean to go on and we assume many of you lovely Winkers will be beginning 2014 with a bit of a headache … More Info

Had a manicure? Wink Bingo wants to see it!

Have you given your nails a dazzling makeover? Share your new look with Wink Bingo and you could win an iPad Mini. Calling all Winkers! Have you treated yourself to a manicure lately? If so, we at Wink Bingo would … More Info