The summer countdown has begun!

Well ladies, it looks like we can finally start getting excited about the fact that summer is on its way. After a few weeks of this lovely spring weather, the countdown to our favourite season has begun. Get those legs … More Info

It’s Party Plus weekend here at Wink Bingo!

Are you ready to partaaaaay? Well you’d better be, because it’s Party Plus weekend here at Wink Bingo, and like any good party host we’re handing out a goodie bag crammed with delights. Forget going out. You’ll only come back … More Info

Wink Bingo loves Eurovision!

It’s that time of year again, and here at Wink Bingo we simply can’t contain our excitement. That’s right, Eurovision is here, and I for one won’t be going anywhere this Saturday night. Instead, I’ll be putting on my PJs, … More Info

Thank goodness for May Day: Another 3-day weekend!

I don’t know about you, but after an Easter weekend spent gorging on chocolate and enjoying the fact that, for once, the sun was shining, I was pretty miserable when I had to climb out of bed at some ridiculous … More Info

Spring is here: Time to clean up!

Doesn’t everything seem so much better once spring comes around? No longer are we thrust into complete darkness by 4pm and the weather is also far more favourable. I even managed to have a barbecue over the Easter Bank Holiday, … More Info

Vote for Wink at the Which Bingo Awards 2014

Wink Bingo is the best in the business – we know it, you know it and now we want the whole world to know it too! We’ve been shortlisted among the finalists in the prestigious Which Bingo Awards 2014 and … More Info

Wink Bingo looks ahead to the London Marathon

Any of you lovely Winkers planning to run the London Marathon this weekend? I doff my virtual cap to anybody who can run for so long without stopping and I cannot begin to describe the amount of respect I have … More Info

Wink Bingo’s latest offers are egg-ceptional!

Crikey, is it April already? It only seems five minutes ago that I was taking my Christmas tree down and already we are a quarter of the way through 2014. The next big public holiday we have to look forward … More Info

Happy Mother’s Day from Wink Bingo!

This weekend is Mother’s Day – a time to show the most important woman in our life our appreciation for all that they do. Where would we be without our dear old mums? It’s fair to say a lot of … More Info

It’s time for bingo!

It can’t have escaped your notice that UK chancellor George Osborne delivered his latest Budget this week (March 19th) – and bingo got a pretty big mention! The government has decided to cut bingo duty to ten per cent, which … More Info