Easter Egg challenge


This Easter as a special Easter treat, you get the chance to win egg-tastic bonuses!

It’s easy peasy, you just need to catch as many eggs as you can, into a basket, and you’ll get a surprise bonus!

The bonuses go up to 100%, depending on how many eggs you catch!

You can win a new bonus every single day.

This game is only available from the 6/4/14 to 10/4/14 and on PC only.

Happy Easter & happy egg-catching!

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer valid from 6/4/14 to 10/4/14.
  • The player can play the game once a day, and get one bonus per day.
  • The promotion code won is valid for the challenge player only and may not be shared.
  • If you deposit more than once a day with a code from the game, we will count the first deposit made with the highest level code for that day (00:01- 23:59 GMT)
  • Offer available on PC only

We’re going to town with this year’s birthday celebrations!

Generally speaking, people are less excited about their birthday as they get older.  Remember when you were at school? You couldn’t wait to reach another milestone.  However, as you start to mature, the thought of blowing out more than 30 or 40 candles on your cake is not quite so appealing!

Birthday celebrations seemed to go on for weeks when I was younger.  The Queen is the only person to have two official birthdays, but that didn’t stop me from stretching my celebrations out for more than a week when I was in my teens.

I’d have a family party one weekend, then my actual birthday would take place in the middle of the week and to top it off, I’d go out with my friends the weekend after. Wink Bingo is six years old this month and we’re determined to celebrate the occasion in style.

The Big Birthday Bash promotion is running throughout February and will come to a conclusion on the 26th. Although it is our birthday, we’re not expecting any presents from you. We will be doing all the giving! There are some fabulous jackpots on offer and you can win a slice of £6,000.

The various game rooms have been open since the start of the month and the games themselves will take place every day at 10pm between February 21st and 26th. Cards cost just 6p and everybody who purchases a minimum of six cards into each of the six Birthday Candle rooms is guaranteed to win a share of the overall cash prize.

If you went to a friend’s party when you were in junior school, you would expect to come home with some form of goody bag, so it’s only right that all of our lovely Winkers get something for joining in with our birthday celebrations.

In fact, we’ve got so many wonderful offers and promotions running all the time, online bingo players would be forgiven for thinking it was their birthday all year round!

I ♥ Wink!

Win a share of £50 for FREE every single day!

Loyal players – you love Wink & Wink loves you back with a FREE daily £50 jackpot!

It plays @ 8:45pm under the Free & Fun tab on our website.

You could win:
Fullhouse: £25!
2 lines: £15!
1 line: £10!

You just need to have been enjoying bingo with us for at least 6 months, & you’ll need to have made a deposit within the last 30 days to play.

So what are you waiting for… claim your 6 FREE cards NOW!

Register to play online bingo

***I ♥ Wink will be coming soon to mobile & tablet!***


Terms & Conditions

  • Min 1 – max 6 cards
  • Cards are free.
  • Game plays daily @ 8:45pm
  • If there is more than one winner per line, cash value will be split.
  • Cash prizes will be credited to winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • Last chance to claim cards into that week’s game will be a few minutes before the game plays.
  • If you cannot enter the room even if you have deposited in the last 30 days, please contact our support team & they will manually allow your entry.
  • You must have been a member of Wink for a minimum of 182 days to be eligible to play.
  • You must have deposited in the last 30 days to play.
  • Funded players only.

Boxing Day Bonuses!

Boxing Day Bonuses have landed! Today only, 26th December, you can use three huge bonuses & play with up to 150% extra!

Take advantage of these great offers & play even more bingo…!

DateDeposit AmountBonusCode Word
Thursday 26th DecemberDeposit £10 - £201 x 100%BOXING
Thursday 26th DecemberDeposit £30 - £401 x 120%DAY
Thursday 26th DecemberDeposit £50 - £2001 x 150%SPECIAL


Register to play online bingo

Terms & Conditions:

  • Use one, two or all three Boxing Day bonuses.
  • Each bonus can be used once per alias between 00:01 – 23:59 26/12/13.
  • Bonuses credited in bingo funds only.
  • 100% bonus valid on a £10 – £20 deposit using code BOXING.
  • 120% bonus valid on a £30 – £40 deposit using code DAY.
  • 150% bonus valid on a £50 – £200 deposit using code SPECIAL.
  • Funded players only.
  • General Terms & Conditions apply.

Friday £13 in Chat em Up!

£13 jackpots for 3p EVERY 13 minutes! Friday 13th is lucky for some!

On FRIDAY 13TH ONLY win a guaranteed £13 jackpot, EVERY 13 minutes in the Chat ‘Em Up room!

Cards are only 3p, and these special games play from 1pm ‘till 10pm!

That’s not all… you can also enjoy…


  • Double Your Deposit!
    Deposit using the weekend bonus code LUCKY on Friday 13tth. You’ll get 73% extra to play with, PLUS, you’ll get entered into a raffle in which 13 players will have their deposit money doubled.


  • Double Trouble!
    Win double LPS in the special chat games listed below on Friday 13th during selected hours: 1pm – 2pm / 5pm – 6pm / 8pm – 9pm / 11pm – midnight


  • Get Lucky In Our Chat Rooms!
    Take part in our special Friday 13th chat games in all of our open hosted rooms during the same hours as listed above.
    - Lucky 13
    - 13 Out
    - Rub my Rabbit’s Foot
    - Friday 13th


Register to play online bingo

Terms & Conditions

  • First player to bingo on the 13 pattern wins £13 fullhouse.
  • Jackpot credited in real funds
  • Funded players only
  • Min 1 – max 96 cards.
  • Cards are 3p
  • £13 jackpots play every 13 minutes with a 5 minute buy time from 1pm – 110pm, 13/09/13 only.
  • If there is more than one winner per line, jackpot value will be split.
  • Jackpot prizes will be credited to winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • Chat games subject to usual terms. Chat Host decision is final. Players must have a minimum of 1 card into the game & be funded to be eligible to win.
  • Double Deposit winners will have their prize credited in real funds on Monday 15th September.