Friday £13 in Chat em Up!

£13 jackpots for 3p EVERY 13 minutes! Friday 13th is lucky for some!

On FRIDAY 13TH ONLY win a guaranteed £13 jackpot, EVERY 13 minutes in the Chat ‘Em Up room!

Cards are only 3p, and these special games play from 1pm ‘till 10pm!

That’s not all… you can also enjoy…


  • Double Your Deposit!
    Deposit using the weekend bonus code LUCKY on Friday 13tth. You’ll get 73% extra to play with, PLUS, you’ll get entered into a raffle in which 13 players will have their deposit money doubled.


  • Double Trouble!
    Win double LPS in the special chat games listed below on Friday 13th during selected hours: 1pm – 2pm / 5pm – 6pm / 8pm – 9pm / 11pm – midnight


  • Get Lucky In Our Chat Rooms!
    Take part in our special Friday 13th chat games in all of our open hosted rooms during the same hours as listed above.
    - Lucky 13
    - 13 Out
    - Rub my Rabbit’s Foot
    - Friday 13th


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Terms & Conditions

  • First player to bingo on the 13 pattern wins £13 fullhouse.
  • Jackpot credited in real funds
  • Funded players only
  • Min 1 – max 96 cards.
  • Cards are 3p
  • £13 jackpots play every 13 minutes with a 5 minute buy time from 1pm – 110pm, 13/09/13 only.
  • If there is more than one winner per line, jackpot value will be split.
  • Jackpot prizes will be credited to winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • Chat games subject to usual terms. Chat Host decision is final. Players must have a minimum of 1 card into the game & be funded to be eligible to win.
  • Double Deposit winners will have their prize credited in real funds on Monday 15th September.

Newbie Room

Welcome to the exciting World of Wink!

Play FREE Bingo, Win up to £250 Every Day for a week, No Deposit Needed!

If you’ve never played bingo before, or want to get to know our site, this is the perfect room to get started in! We will gently ease you in to the world of Wink, & do our utmost to ensure that your time here is as pleasurable as possible ;)

Want to know the best thing about this room…you can experience the heady feeling of a win for FREE! Just get in there quick - because you only have seven days to play!

Our Newbie room is found in the Free & Fun Tab on PC, and under the Bingo 90 section on our mobile & tablet app.

Newbie room Opening time:

Daily from 12pm – 10pm

The newbie room will be hosted throughout this time by one of our helpful & charming chat hosts, so feel free to ask any questions & listen out for tips & special games!
So what are you waiting for…play FREE bingo TODAY!

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Availabe to new players only for seven days following registration.
  • Jackpot credited in Bingo Funds only. Bingo Funds can be used to purchase cards in any bingo games, however players will need to deposit in order to play Instant Games.
  • Players must register to have access to the Newbie Room.
  • Minimum 1 cards & maximum 6 cards to play each game.
  • The total Jackpot in all OF the games in the Newbies Room is up to £250 per day.
  • Cards cost 0p.
  • The Newbie Room will be a 90 ball bingo room from 12pm 10/01/14. (Currently a 5 line bingo room).
  • The Newbie Room can be accessed via a PC, mobile & tablet devices.