Enjoy Happy Hour with Wink Bingo!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t escape a tough day.

Whether none of the kids slept very well last night, or your boss gave you loads of work to do, don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

The important thing is that you don’t let it get you down too much and that you do something to really take your mind off the stress or frustration.

One great way to do this is to get your friends along to a local Happy Hour where you can normally enjoy cheap drinks for a limited period of time. You can catch up with your friends, have a laugh and generally forget about the worries of the day.

I think that’s a great remedy and so you can take advantage of Wink Bingo’s very own version of that.

Inspiration has been taken from some of the best cocktails on the market and you have the chance to play every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

All you need to do is choose your favourite bevvy throughout our Hangout, Fab5 and Bingo Babes rooms.

There’s an extensive selection – Beer Bottle, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Champagne Glass Full, Full Wine Glass, Long Island Ice Tea or Mojito.

The great news is that each bingo will get you 250 LPs!

If you’re feeling brainy, there’s also quizzes that you can take part in. All you need to do is answer five questions in either The Hangout or The Strip. Each are worth a huge 3,000 LPs!

Alternatively, enjoy our weekend deals. Put £10 in your account on Friday September 19th and we’ll give you an 80% bonus – meaning you’ve got £18 to play with. Or put between £20 and £100 in and 90% extra is coming your way. Just use the code WINK.

On Saturday, use the code BINGO and you’ll get 70% more for a £10 bet and 80% for one between £20 and £100.

There are also great deals on Sunday – 60% for a £10 stake and 75% for £20 to £100. All you need to do is use the code FUN.


Which slot will be the winner?

Two of our most popular slots are battling it out this week!

Enter our slots competition by playing any of our Fluffy Favourite slots or any of our Shaman’s Dream slots on PC or mobile.

The slots game which is played the most will win and 5 lucky players will each win £100 of Love2Shop vouchers!


  • Spend £5 on either Fluffy Favourites
    or Shaman’s Dream games
  • Enter raffle

Every £5 spent will get you 1 raffle ticket for you + 1 competition point for your fav slot!

The competition will run until 4/9/14 and the raffle winners will be announced on 5/9/14.

The more you spend, the higher your fav slots will climb up the leaderboard!

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Terms and Conditions

  • Usual site terms & conditions apply
  • The Slots Competition between the games will take place between 1/9/14 to 4/9/14
  • The winning game= the game with the higher number of total competition points
  • The raffle will take place on the 5/9/14
  • To be eligible for raffle entry, the player must wager £5 on instant game any of the ‘Fluffy Favourites’ games or ‘Shaman’s Dream’ games
  • £5 wagered on specified slot games = 1 rafelle ticket
  • The winning game will be the game with the highest amount of competition points
  • The Fluffy Favourites slots which participate in the competition: Fluffy Favourites, Fluffy Favourites mini game, Fluffy Favourites mini game, jackpot, Fluffy Favourites jackpot, Fluffy Favourites mobile, Fluffy Favourites moon tournament
  • The Shaman’s Dream slots which participate in the competition: Shaman’s Dream , Shaman’s Dream mini game, Shaman’s Dream mini game jackpot, Shaman’s Dream jackpot, Shaman’s Dream mobile
  • Wagering can be carried out on PC or a mobile device.
  • This offer is available to funded players only.
  • Leaderboard will update every 24 hours

Box of surprises


This August, we’ve added a mysterious twist to a variety of our games in the big jackpot rooms.

Every week, there’ll be extra special prizes to win, just waiting to be unwrapped and make lots of you very, very happy!

We can't reveal all of the prizes just yet, but we can guarantee you that whoever wins one of them, will be delighted!

You can find out which room the Mystery Box will be playing in, by clicking on the box below! Check back now and then as we’re updating it often.


This Week's Surprise is... An extra £1000 will be split between all
players that don't win any of the prizes!

Where: Saturday £5000
When: Saturday 30th August @ 10pm

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All of these games are available on our app on mobile & tablet,
so you never have to miss one!

This month is full of surprises! There’ll be more waiting for you…

Terms & Conditions

  • The Mystery Box promotion will take place between 1/8/14- 31/8/14.
  • Only funded players are eligible to participate in the pre-buy games.
  • We will contact prize winners up to 72 hours after their game played.
  • If any of the jackpots are won by multiple winners the prizes will be split equally amongst the winners.
  • Wink Bingo bonus policy terms and conditions apply.

Another day, another weather forecast

Well, whad’ya know? Apparently we’re in for some tropical weather this weekend, with Saturday being the hottest day of the year so far.

Unfortunately, though, we won’t all be donning our bikinis and heading to the beach. Oh no, we’re more likely to be stuck indoors.

It may be a hot day, but it’ll also be a very wet one, according to forecasters. Boooooo

They reckon that some very warm air coming up from North Africa is going to clash with some moist air from a low pressure system coming in from the Atlantic.

What does that mean? It means it’ll result in downpours, hailstones and thunderstorms, and that there could even be a risk of flooding. That’s right, flooding. In June.

Just when I was getting my hopes up that this month was going to be the beginning of a glorious summer like 2013.

Still, we’re an optimistic bunch here at Wink Bingo, and we reckon you Winkers are, too.

So, while we wait for that BBQ summer to rear its warm, sunny head, we’re offering you some lovely weekend bonus deals so you can turn a wet, miserable weekend into a winning one.

Type the code SUNNY into the cashier on Friday June 6th and we’ll boost your £10 deposit by 80% or your £20 to £100 deposit by 90%.

Make a deposit of £10 on Saturday June 7th and you’ll enjoy a 70% bonus, or an 80% bonus for a bigger deposit of £20 to £100 when you use the code DAYS.

Finally, on Sunday June 8th, use the code AHEAD and bag a 60% boost on a £10 deposit and a 70% bonus for a £20 to £100 one.

You can use your extra funds to play our classic bingo games, or you could try one of our popular or video slots.

We also have casino games and scratch cards, as well as instant games like Deal or No Deal and Snakes and Ladders.

Come on England


We’re all gearing up for the World Cup and England’s first game, on the 14th June!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to watch the game on a brand new 55 inch, 3D widescreen TV? Well, here’s your chance to win one before England kick off!

Just use ALL of the 3 following weekend bonuses promo codes this weekend to be entered into the raffle!
One participant will win in new 55-inch Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV.

- Friday 30th – Deposit £10, get 70% OR deposit £20-£100 to get 80%. Use code: WIN
- Saturday 31st- Deposit £10, get 65% OR deposit £20-£100 to get 75%. Use code: NEW
- Sunday 1st – Deposit £10, get 65% OR deposit £20- £100 get to 75%. Use code: TV

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Terms & conditions:
Weekend bonus codes valid once each per alias, per day (00:01 – 23:59) on a deposit of £10 for the lower bonus amount, or £20 – £100 for the supersize bonus amount.
PLEASE NOTE: Code WIN is valid Friday, 30th May only. Code NEW is valid in Saturday 31h May only. Code TV is valid Sunday, 1sth June only.
Bonuses credited in bingo funds only
Funded players only
The raffle will take place in 2/6/2014
One winner will win the raffle
The prize for the raffle: LG 55LA620V 55-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV

Easter Egg challenge


This Easter as a special Easter treat, you get the chance to win egg-tastic bonuses!

It’s easy peasy, you just need to catch as many eggs as you can, into a basket, and you’ll get a surprise bonus!

The bonuses go up to 100%, depending on how many eggs you catch!

You can win a new bonus every single day.

This game is only available from the 6/4/14 to 10/4/14 and on PC only.

Happy Easter & happy egg-catching!

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer valid from 6/4/14 to 10/4/14.
  • The player can play the game once a day, and get one bonus per day.
  • The promotion code won is valid for the challenge player only and may not be shared.
  • If you deposit more than once a day with a code from the game, we will count the first deposit made with the highest level code for that day (00:01- 23:59 GMT)
  • Offer available on PC only

We’re going to town with this year’s birthday celebrations!

Generally speaking, people are less excited about their birthday as they get older.  Remember when you were at school? You couldn’t wait to reach another milestone.  However, as you start to mature, the thought of blowing out more than 30 or 40 candles on your cake is not quite so appealing!

Birthday celebrations seemed to go on for weeks when I was younger.  The Queen is the only person to have two official birthdays, but that didn’t stop me from stretching my celebrations out for more than a week when I was in my teens.

I’d have a family party one weekend, then my actual birthday would take place in the middle of the week and to top it off, I’d go out with my friends the weekend after. Wink Bingo is six years old this month and we’re determined to celebrate the occasion in style.

The Big Birthday Bash promotion is running throughout February and will come to a conclusion on the 26th. Although it is our birthday, we’re not expecting any presents from you. We will be doing all the giving! There are some fabulous jackpots on offer and you can win a slice of £6,000.

The various game rooms have been open since the start of the month and the games themselves will take place every day at 10pm between February 21st and 26th. Cards cost just 6p and everybody who purchases a minimum of six cards into each of the six Birthday Candle rooms is guaranteed to win a share of the overall cash prize.

If you went to a friend’s party when you were in junior school, you would expect to come home with some form of goody bag, so it’s only right that all of our lovely Winkers get something for joining in with our birthday celebrations.

In fact, we’ve got so many wonderful offers and promotions running all the time, online bingo players would be forgiven for thinking it was their birthday all year round!