Cheers to summer!

Summer’s here, and it’s time to raise a glass to long sunny days, balmy evenings and BBQs.

Here at Wink Bingo we love a good summertime tipple, and with Wimbledon underway we’ve already started sipping at the Pimm’s.

It’s traditional, after all. Like strawberries and cream.

But Pimm’s isn’t the only drink to be enjoyed through the summer.  There are plenty of other delicious beverages to try.

I don’t think you can beat a tequila sunrise, personally. It reminds me of lazy holidays by the sea, listening to chill out music from the comfort of the beach bar.

The classic marguerita and the watermelon daiquiri also feature highly on my summer drinks list, and I will always say yes to a Pina Colada.

If you fancy something non-alcoholic, a June bug will cool you down a treat, while a traditional homemade lemonade will remind you of those carefree childhood summers.

Whatever tipple you have in your hand, you can join us in saying cheers to summer by taking advantage of our Wednesday Happy Hours.

Every Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm, you can win double LPs in all our open hosted chat rooms.

You can also sip your way to success in our Hangout, Fab5 and Bingo Babes rooms by bingoing on the beer bottle, the cosmopolitan, the pina colada, the champagne glass full, the full wine glass, the long island ice tea or the mojito patterns. Each bingo will win you 250 LPs.

We will also be asking our players five quiz questions in the Hangout and the Strip rooms, with each correct answer worth 3,000 LPs.

If that’s not enough to make you say ‘Cheers Wink Bingo’, then we have some generous weekend bonus deals for you too.

Put £10 in your account on Friday June 27th and we’ll boost your deposit by 77%. Pay in between £20 and £100 and we’ll increase the bonus to 88%. Just use the BLOOM code.

On Saturday June 28th will give you a 70% bonus for a £10 deposit and an 80% boost for a £20 to £100 one when you use the code SUN.

Then on Sunday June 29th you can use the SHINE code to bag yourself a 65% bonus when you pay in £10 or a 75% bonus for a deposit of £20 to £100.

Bottoms up Winkers!

Last chance to enter Wink Bingo’s Summer Countdown games

Well, the countdown to summer is almost over, and it seems the glorious season is finally upon us.

We’ve all enjoyed some fabulous sunshine and warm temperatures over the last few weeks, and hopefully the lovely weather is set to continue.

And because summer is now here, that means Wink Bingo’s Summer Countdown games are about to be played.

So Winkers, you have a matter of days left to purchase tickets for our Summer Countdown rooms if you want to be in with the chance of bagging a £3,333 jackpot.

There’s the Pool Room, where we’ll be playing 75-ball bingo on Saturday June 21st at 7pm, and the Beach Room, where we’ll be hosting 90-ball bingo on the same day at 8pm.

There is also the BBQ Room, where you can play 90-ball bingo at 9pm, also on Saturday evening.

Tickets for all three rooms cost just 30p and there’s a jackpot of £3,333 up for grabs in each one.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to win a fantastic cash prize that could really make your summer.

You could book that exotic holiday you’ve been dreaming of, or update your summer wardrobe.

You could even do up your garden and buy yourself a top-of-the-range BBQ so you can host the most amazing summer parties this year.

Whatever you decide to do with your winnings, it’s sure to be a summer to remember.

But that’s not all. You could boost your bingo funds and buy even more Summer Countdown tickets by taking advantage of our weekend bonus offers.

Pay £10 into your Wink Bingo account this Friday June 20th and we’ll boost your deposit by an extra 75%. Make it a £20 to £100 deposit, and we’ll increase the bonus to 85%.

All you have to do is enter the code BEACH into the cashier.

On Saturday June 21st we’re offering a 70% bonus for £10 deposits and an 80% boost for deposits of between £20 and £100 with the code SAND.

And then on Sunday June 22nd, you can enjoy a 65% bonus on a deposit of £10 or a 75% boost if you pay in £20 to £100. Just use the code SUN.

Whether you’re lucky this weekend or not, we hope it’s a sizzler!

Celebrate the sunshine with Wink Bingo’s Summer Raffle!

Yay, summer is finally here! And Wink Bingo is celebrating that fact by launching a fantastic Summer Raffle, with three amazing prizes up for grabs.

Fancy a 16GB iPad mini with retina display so you can surf the web, watch videos, take pictures and, of course, play online bingo? Maybe you’ll get lucky.

Or if you’re a foodie, you might be more enticed by our other two prizes – a Fortum & Mason’s hamper stuffed with delicious luxury goodies, and a Weber charcoal BBQ, which we’re giving away alongside a copy of The BBQ Book by Jamie Oliver’s Good Tube.

Sound good? Well Winkers, all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to purchase a ticket for one of our Summer Countdown games.

You have until Sunday June 15th to do so, as the raffle will be taking place on Monday June 16th.

We’ve got three Summer Countdown rooms, where jackpots of £3,333 will be available. There’s our Pool Room, where 75-ball will be taking place on Saturday June 21st at 7pm, and our Beach Room, where 90-ball bingo will be played on the same day at 8pm.

We also have a BBQ Room, where you can play 90-ball bingo on Sunday June 22nd at 9pm. Tickets for all three Summer Countdown games cost just 30p.

A raffle will be held in each room, with the iPad up for grabs in the Pool Room, the hamper available for the taking in the Beach Room and the BBQ and book going begging in the BBQ Room.

If you’ve already bought your Summer Countdown tickets, don’t worry, you’ll automatically be entered into the raffle for your chosen room. So cross your fingers now!

In the meantime, you can boost your playing power with our weekend bonus offers. Deposit £10 in your account on Friday June 13th and you’ll enjoy a 75% boost. Pay in £20 to £100 and we’ll increase the bonus to 85%. Just use the code GET.

The on Saturday June 14th, you’ll receive a 66% bonus when you pay in £10 and a 77% bonus when you deposit £20 to £100 using the code READY.

And finally, on Sunday June 15th, pay in £10 and see your funds increased by 65%, or up your deposit to between £20 and £100 and we’ll give you a 75% bonus. Just use the code SUMMER.

What a way to celebrate the sunshine!

The summer countdown has begun!

Well ladies, it looks like we can finally start getting excited about the fact that summer is on its way. After a few weeks of this lovely spring weather, the countdown to our favourite season has begun.

Get those legs spray tanned, stock up on sun cream, dust off that BBQ and start browsing through those holiday deals.

Sure, we’re bound to get a few downpours over the next few months – this is Great Britain after all. But if this summer is anything like last year’s, we’re in for a scorcher.

So what will you be doing with your summer? I’m hoping for a holiday abroad. Hopefully in July some time I’ll be lounging by a pool somewhere, cocktail in one hand and bestselling novel in the other.

I’ll be spending some time on the beach too, whether I make it abroad or not. We have some fantastic beaches here at home, you know. Bournemouth is my personal favourite.

And of course I’ll be hosting plenty of BBQs for my friends and family, because nothing says summer like the smell of burgers sizzling away over hot coals.

One thing we’ll definitely be doing this summer here at Wink Bingo is offering you some sizzling hot promotions, and we’re starting right now with the opening of three new Summer Countdown rooms.

Take a dip in our Pool Room where you can play 75-ball bingo for the chance to scoop a £3,333 jackpot, or stroll down to our Beach Room, where you can enjoy a game of 90-ball bingo in the hope of winning the same amazing prize.

There’s our BBQ room as well, where we’re also offering a lip-smacking £3,333 jackpot.

Games play on June 21st at 7pm in the Pool and BBQ Rooms and 8pm in the Beach Room, and tickets cost 30p each.

If you can’t wait until then for a summertime treat, you can take advantage of our great weekend bonuses instead.

Deposit £10 in your account on Friday May 23rd and we’ll give you a nice little 75% bonus. Make a bigger deposit of £20 to £100 and we’ll up it to 85%. Just use the code POOL.

Use the BEACH code on Saturday May 24th and you’ll receive a 65% boost for a £10 deposit and a 75% bonus for a £20 to £100 deposit.

Or if you put £10 in your account on Sunday May 25th using the code BBQ, we’ll reward you with a 60% bonus, which we’ll increase to 70% for larger deposits of between £20 and £100.

It’s Party Plus weekend here at Wink Bingo!

Are you ready to partaaaaay? Well you’d better be, because it’s Party Plus weekend here at Wink Bingo, and like any good party host we’re handing out a goodie bag crammed with delights.

Forget going out. You’ll only come back with a hangover and an empty purse, and maybe a half-eaten kebab. Stay in and party with us instead.

From Friday 16th until Monday 18th May we’ve tripled the jackpot in our £50 Party Plus room, which means there’s a cash prize of £150 up for grabs.

If that doesn’t get you in the mood for merrymaking I don’t know what will!

Purchase cards for all three games in the Party Plus room this weekend and we’ll automatically enter you into our raffle, where two lucky winners will walk away with up to £300 of Love2Shop vouchers.

That not enough for you party animals? Then why not take advantage of our weekend bonuses to boost your bingo funds as well?

If you deposit £10 on Friday we’ll give you a 77% bonus, which we’ll increase to 88% if you deposit between £20 and £100. Just enter the code PARTY into the cashier.

Over the rest of the weekend we’re offering a 66% bonus for £10 deposits and a 77% bonus for larger ones. Use the codes PLUS on Saturday and TRIPLE on Sunday.

If you’re still going strong on Sunday evening you can take part in our free £250 guaranteed jackpot on your mobile or tablet at 9pm.

And if you fancy partying on into next week, well, firstly we want to know where you get your energy from, and secondly we want to let you know that we have some new Happy Hour offers!

Every Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm you can win 250 LPs if you bingo on the Beer Bottle, the Cosmopolitan, the Pina Colada, the Champagne Glass Full, the Full Wine Glass, the Long Island Ice Tea or the Mojito patterns in our Hangout, Fab6 and Bingo Babes rooms.

We’re also offering double LPs in all our open hosted chat rooms and will be asking five quiz questions in the Hangout and the Strip. Get them right and you’ll bag 3,000 LPs.

Now let’s get the party started!

Wink Bingo loves Eurovision!

It’s that time of year again, and here at Wink Bingo we simply can’t contain our excitement. That’s right, Eurovision is here, and I for one won’t be going anywhere this Saturday night.

Instead, I’ll be putting on my PJs, cracking open a bottle of wine and surrounding myself with nibbles as I settle myself down for an evening in front of the box.

Terry Wogan may have been replaced by Graham Norton as telly host, there may be ongoing controversy over political voting and the United Kingdom might never stand a chance of winning the thing, but let’s face it, it’s still damn fine TV entertainment. We just love the cheese!

Plus, there’s always something that gets us talking, whether it’s Scandinavian heavy metal, Israeli transsexuals or hyperactive Irish twins. Then there are the UK entries. I’m never quite sure whether to be proud of our eccentricity or to hang my head in shame at our apparent uselessness.

Anyone remember Scooch in 2007? This super camp entry left the UK in second to last place, which is hardly surprising since none of them could actually sing. In fact the singing was so bad it was embarrassing. Then there was Liverpudlian duo Jemini, who failed to score a single point in 2003.

Hopefully our 2014 entry will do a little better. Molly Smitten-Downes will be singing Children of the Universe and hoping to steal just a tinsy bit of the limelight from Austria’s bearded lady. We’ll be rooting for her, anyway.

And we’ll be rooting for you this weekend too! To celebrate this year’s Eurovision Song Contest we’ve got some amazing bingo offers that we hope will help you win big, even if the UK doesn’t.

If you put £10 in your bingo account on Friday May 9th we’ll reward you with a generous 75% bonus, and if you put in between £20 and £100 we’ll up it to 85%. Just enter the code EURO into the cashier when you make your deposit.

We’re also offering 65% and 75% bonuses on deposits of £10 and £20 to £100 respectively on Saturday May 10th when you use the code VISION, and 60% and 70% bonuses on Sunday May 11th when you enter the code FUN.

If that doesn’t provide you with a big enough boost your bingo account, you can win an extra bonus by playing Winky Numbers.  Simply ask your host what this week’s Winky Number is, and if you bingo the most on this number you’ll receive £30 bingo funds. We’d definitely award that offer douze points!

Thank goodness for May Day: Another 3-day weekend!

I don’t know about you, but after an Easter weekend spent gorging on chocolate and enjoying the fact that, for once, the sun was shining, I was pretty miserable when I had to climb out of bed at some ridiculous hour and go back to work on the Tuesday.

Still, at least there were only four days to get through before the next weekend arrived. That’s why this week seems to have lasted an eternity. After two consecutive four-day weeks, I’ve been waiting for that Friday feeling since Tuesday!

But never fear; there’s yet another bank holiday on the horizon to save us all. Easter this year was so well timed that we haven’t had to wait long to enjoy a glorious three-day weekend. So what will you be doing with your extra day off?

Traditionally, people have danced around maypoles, crowned May Queens and Morris-danced their way into the summer season. Nowadays, most of prefer to catch up on some sleep, crack open a box set or, should we be lucky enough with the weather, fire up the barbecue.

You never know, the latter could just be an option, since the Met Office is predicting a fine and dry weekend for many of us, and though it could feel chilly at nights, the daytimes should be pleasantly spring-like.

Of course we all know the Met Office doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to forecasting barbecue weather, so nothing is guaranteed. What is guaranteed is the fun you’ll have taking part in Wink Bingo’s latest games over the next few days.

We’ve lined up some fantastic weekend bonuses that are sure to make you smile, even if your bank holiday turns into a washout. On Friday May 2nd we’re giving you a 75% bonus when you deposit £10, or an 80% boost for £20 to £100 deposits. Simply use the code HAPPY.

Then on Saturday May 3rd, enter the code MAY and you’ll receive a 70% bonus when you add £10 to your account and an 80% bonus for larger deposits of £20 to £100.

And it doesn’t stop there; use the code DAY on Sunday May 4th to take advantage of a 65% or a 75% bonus for deposits of £10 and £20 to £100 respectively.

Haven’t signed up to Wink Bingo yet? Well what are you waiting for? Do it now and take advantage of our great welcome offers. Happy May Day from the Wink Bingo team!

Spring is here: Time to clean up!

Doesn’t everything seem so much better once spring comes around?

No longer are we thrust into complete darkness by 4pm and the weather is also far more favourable. I even managed to have a barbecue over the Easter Bank Holiday, which is pretty much unprecedented in the UK!

The extra daylight means now is the perfect time to get our homes in order by having a darn good spring clean.

Having hibernated for so many months, it is understandable that one or two cobwebs have appeared in our properties.

Those of you who play online bingo can also clean up this weekend, albeit in a very different way!

As ever, Wink Bingo has a plethora of superb offers and promotions for you to peruse and one that stands out in particular is the Risk-Free £1k game.

Just by looking at the name of the promotion, we’re sure many of you will be yearning to take part. After all, where else are you going to get the chance to win a share of £1,000 without having to risk a single penny of your hard-earned cash?

Played every Friday at 9.45 pm, this game allows participants to claim a refund every Monday if they don’t win.

Those who do emerge victorious will receive £500 for a full house, £300 for two lines and £200 for one line.

This offer seems too good to be true, so surely there must be a catch? We can assure you, there are no hidden surprises – we’re just so darn generous!

If the promise of risk-free bingo wasn’t enough, we’re also offering some spectacular weekend bonuses to sweeten the deal even further.

On Friday April 25th, you can claim a 75% bonus when depositing £10 or an 85% bonus when adding between £20 and £100 to your account. Just enter the code BLOOMING.

The following two days, players can get their hands on a 66% bonus when depositing £10 and a 77% boost on larger deposits. All you need to do is use the code TULIPS on Saturday and DAFFODILS on Sunday.

Vote for Wink at the Which Bingo Awards 2014

Wink Bingo is the best in the business – we know it, you know it and now we want the whole world to know it too!

We’ve been shortlisted among the finalists in the prestigious Which Bingo Awards 2014 and we would dearly love to win.

In fact, we’ve been nominated for no fewer than four gongs, including Best Online Bingo Promotion, Best Socially Responsible Online Bingo Site, Best Mobile Bingo Experience and Best Online Bingo Chat Team.

Not that we’re greedy or anything, but we’d like to win as many of these categories as possible and all of you fabulous Winkers can play your part in making this happen!

The competition will close at midday on May 2nd, so you still have the best part of a month to make your vote. Don’t let us down!

We like to think that we look after our customers and you only have to look at the quality of our offers and promotions to see that we are extremely generous.

Take the £8,000 Eggstravaganza for example. This Easter-themed promotion has been running for a few weeks now, with Winkers merrily collecting tickets into the main game on Saturday April 19th.

Nobody knows how to build up the egg-citement (sorry – only a few days left of these egg-related puns, we promise!) like Wink Bingo and the 90 ball game to determine the winners of this latest promotion will be a real rollercoaster ride.

That’s because we’ve made £5,000 available to the overall winner, while £2,000 will be given to the player who makes two lines first and a further £1,000 will be dished out for one line.

Cards cost just 40p and you can still get your hands on free tickets via our Free Tickets Room until April 12th.

If this doesn’t convince you to vote for us in the Which Bingo Awards, what will?

Wink Bingo looks ahead to the London Marathon

Any of you lovely Winkers planning to run the London Marathon this weekend?

I doff my virtual cap to anybody who can run for so long without stopping and I cannot begin to describe the amount of respect I have for people who complete the event in order to raise money for charity.

The thought of covering 26 miles of the nation’s capital in a car fills me with enough dread, never mind actually running it!

I like to think I’m in reasonable shape, although the recent opening of a new American barbecue rib joint just around the corner from my house has the potential to make my gym sessions that little bit harder.

While I like to watch the marathon on the TV, I can think of far better ways to spend a weekend than sweating profusely and struggling to keep up with a bloke dressed as a panda around the streets of London.

Instead, I prefer to spend my weekends playing online bingo. It is far more exciting than running, it is far less strenuous and it is certainly more profitable!

We’ve got instant games, casino games, scratch cards, popular slots and so much more for you to take advantage of.

As our regular players will know, we are always launching special promotions and the size of some of the jackpots on offer simply defy belief!

To give you an even greater chance of winning big, we’ve lined up some eye-catching weekend bonuses that pay homage to the London Marathon.

On Friday April 11th, you can claim a 70% bonus when depositing £10 by entering the code LONDON. You can increase this to 80% if you add between £20 and £100 to your account.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also offering a 66% bonus on £10 deposits and a 77% boost on £20 to £100 deposits on Saturday. Just use the tag MARATHON.

Finally on Sunday – the day of the big race – we are giving you a final opportunity to increase your playing power by offering a 65% bonus on £10 deposits and a 75% bonus on £20 to £100 deposits.