Vote for Wink at the Which Bingo Awards 2014

Wink Bingo is the best in the business – we know it, you know it and now we want the whole world to know it too!

We’ve been shortlisted among the finalists in the prestigious Which Bingo Awards 2014 and we would dearly love to win.

In fact, we’ve been nominated for no fewer than four gongs, including Best Online Bingo Promotion, Best Socially Responsible Online Bingo Site, Best Mobile Bingo Experience and Best Online Bingo Chat Team.

Not that we’re greedy or anything, but we’d like to win as many of these categories as possible and all of you fabulous Winkers can play your part in making this happen!

The competition will close at midday on May 2nd, so you still have the best part of a month to make your vote. Don’t let us down!

We like to think that we look after our customers and you only have to look at the quality of our offers and promotions to see that we are extremely generous.

Take the £8,000 Eggstravaganza for example. This Easter-themed promotion has been running for a few weeks now, with Winkers merrily collecting tickets into the main game on Saturday April 19th.

Nobody knows how to build up the egg-citement (sorry – only a few days left of these egg-related puns, we promise!) like Wink Bingo and the 90 ball game to determine the winners of this latest promotion will be a real rollercoaster ride.

That’s because we’ve made £5,000 available to the overall winner, while £2,000 will be given to the player who makes two lines first and a further £1,000 will be dished out for one line.

Cards cost just 40p and you can still get your hands on free tickets via our Free Tickets Room until April 12th.

If this doesn’t convince you to vote for us in the Which Bingo Awards, what will?

Wink Bingo looks ahead to the London Marathon

Any of you lovely Winkers planning to run the London Marathon this weekend?

I doff my virtual cap to anybody who can run for so long without stopping and I cannot begin to describe the amount of respect I have for people who complete the event in order to raise money for charity.

The thought of covering 26 miles of the nation’s capital in a car fills me with enough dread, never mind actually running it!

I like to think I’m in reasonable shape, although the recent opening of a new American barbecue rib joint just around the corner from my house has the potential to make my gym sessions that little bit harder.

While I like to watch the marathon on the TV, I can think of far better ways to spend a weekend than sweating profusely and struggling to keep up with a bloke dressed as a panda around the streets of London.

Instead, I prefer to spend my weekends playing online bingo. It is far more exciting than running, it is far less strenuous and it is certainly more profitable!

We’ve got instant games, casino games, scratch cards, popular slots and so much more for you to take advantage of.

As our regular players will know, we are always launching special promotions and the size of some of the jackpots on offer simply defy belief!

To give you an even greater chance of winning big, we’ve lined up some eye-catching weekend bonuses that pay homage to the London Marathon.

On Friday April 11th, you can claim a 70% bonus when depositing £10 by entering the code LONDON. You can increase this to 80% if you add between £20 and £100 to your account.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also offering a 66% bonus on £10 deposits and a 77% boost on £20 to £100 deposits on Saturday. Just use the tag MARATHON.

Finally on Sunday – the day of the big race – we are giving you a final opportunity to increase your playing power by offering a 65% bonus on £10 deposits and a 75% bonus on £20 to £100 deposits.

Wink Bingo’s latest offers are egg-ceptional!

Crikey, is it April already?

It only seems five minutes ago that I was taking my Christmas tree down and already we are a quarter of the way through 2014.

The next big public holiday we have to look forward to is Easter and Wink Bingo is determined to ensure it goes off with a bang!

We’ve got some egg-ceptional offers and promotions lined up in the coming weeks, including the £8,000 Eggstravaganza.

This game plays on April 19th and you can get your hands on tickets now in the Free Tickets Room.

With the chance to win either £5,000, £2,000 or £1,000, you would be an April fool not to take part.

We’re also planning to launch an Easter Egg Challenge on April 6th, which will give Winkers an opportunity to win some very tidy bonuses.

As with any good old fashioned Easter egg hunt, the aim of the game is to collect as many eggs as possible and you can win a new bonus every single day.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until then to boost your playing power.

As always, we’ve got some egg-cellent weekend bonus offers for you to take advantage of, starting on Friday April 4th.

You can secure a 75% bonus when depositing £10, while those adding between £20 and £100 to their account will be given an 85% boost. All you have to do is enter the code BOAT.

On Saturday, the RACE tag will entitle you to a 70% bonus on £10 deposits and an 80% bonus on £20 to £100 deposits.

If you are playing on Sunday, you can claim a 66% boost on £10 deposits and a 77% bonus when adding between £20 and £100 to your account. Just enter the code THAMES.

With so much going on, Winkers have never had a better opportunity to win big!

Happy Mother’s Day from Wink Bingo!

This weekend is Mother’s Day – a time to show the most important woman in our life our appreciation for all that they do.

Where would we be without our dear old mums?

It’s fair to say a lot of us underestimate their influence for 364 days of the year, but this Sunday (March 30th), we must spoil them rotten.

I didn’t fully understand just how much my mother did for me until I grew up and flew the nest.

All of a sudden my washing basket was overflowing, my meals weren’t being cooked and the carpets were in a real sorry state. As it turned out, there wasn’t a magic fairy doing all of these arduous chores, it was my fabulous mum all along!

My mum has always been there to support me through numerous breakups, she never said no when I asked to borrow some cash and she needed no encouragement to give the school bully what for when my dinner money had been taken.

Taking all of this into account, I want to get her something special on Mother’s Day. A cheap supermarket card and petrol station flowers simply won’t suffice!

Of course, good presents cost money and you can boost your bank balance by taking part in one of Wink Bingo’s superb instant games.

We’ve also got plenty of offers and promotions for you to peruse, many of which have some frankly mind-blowing jackpots.

To really enhance your chances of winning big, why not take advantage of our weekend bonuses?

On Friday March 28th, you can secure a 75% bonus when depositing £10 or an 85% boost when adding between £20 and £100 to your account by using the code MOTHER.

The following day, you can get your hands on 70% and 80% bonuses respectively when you enter the tag FLOWERS.

If you’ve left things until the last minute, we’re giving you a final chance to claim a 65% bonus when depositing £10 and a 75% bonus on deposits between £20 and £100. All you have to do is use the code SPECIAL.

It’s time for bingo!

It can’t have escaped your notice that UK chancellor George Osborne delivered his latest Budget this week (March 19th) – and bingo got a pretty big mention!

The government has decided to cut bingo duty to ten per cent, which is great news for players up and down the country.

Bingo is a great British institution – just like fish and chips, terrible weather, cups of tea and Ant & Dec – but there is no doubt the popular pastime has changed dramatically over the years.

With so many wonderful games and massive jackpots on offer, you Winkers really are spoiled for choice.

You can play our mobile games whenever and wherever you like and you can chat to people who are hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

It hasn’t always been like this, though.

Not so long ago, the only way you could get your bingo fix was to visit your local hall once a week and you certainly would not be leaving with a six-figure sum of money in your bank account!

While there is something romantic about the camaraderie that you used to get in the old bingo hall, the game has evolved and more people than ever can now take part.

With more online players participating, Wink Bingo is able to offer some eye-watering jackpots. We’re talking life-changing amounts of money here!

If these mammoth cash prizes weren’t enough to get you on board, we’ve also lined up some superb bonus offers, allowing you to get more for your money.

This weekend, Winkers can get their hands on a 75% bonus on Friday March 21st when they deposit £10 or an 85% boost on £20 to £100 deposits. All you need to do is enter the code TIME.

On Saturday, you can get a 70% bonus on £10 deposits or 80% bonus on £20 to £100 deposits when using the tag FOR.

Then, to round the weekend off in style, you can use the code BINGO on Sunday to scoop a 66% bonus when adding £10 to your account or a 77% if you are depositing between £20 and £100.

It really is time time for bingo!

Are you ready for Wink’s latest eggstravaganza?

Easter has never quite captured the excitement of Christmas or a birthday, but 2014 will be very different if Wink Bingo has anything to do with it!

Even if you are not religious, the Easter holiday is still a welcome break and a good excuse for people to eat as much chocolate as is physically possible.

This year, some lucky Winkers will be getting far more than a few calorific eggs to savour.

We’re launching our £8,000 Eggstravaganza on March 17th and it could make some of you very rich indeed!

As the name of the promotion suggests, a total prize pot of £8,000 will be up for grabs in this 90-ball bingo game.

The game itself will take place on April 19th at 9.30pm, so you’ve got ample opportunity to buy cards, which cost 40p each.

A full house will net you an eye-watering £5,000, while two lines are worth £2,000. Those who successfully complete one line will receive £1,000, which is certainly not to be sniffed at!

We’ve already launched the Early Bird Special Room, where Winkers have been able to buy half price tickets for the main game.

Just think about it. A measly outlay of 20p could land you £5,000 in the long run. We love the sound of this!

There is also a Free Tickets Room, which carries a jackpot of 24 free tickets into the Eggstravaganza game.

You can play for this prize three times a day and do you know the best part? It’s free to enter!

In addition to this, you may have noticed the 1TG Club room has been given a new name.

From hereon in, it will be called The Bunny Club – yet another Easter reference. We told you we were marking the occasion in style this year!

When Irish eyes are smiling

Anybody heard the famous old song ‘When Irish eyes are smiling’?

We certainly have and we hope all of you lovely Winkers will be grinning from ear to ear this St Patrick’s Day.

For we are running a fabulous promotion that pays tribute to the Emerald Isle and we hope you’ll all take part.

All you have to do to enter is wager £20 in the Irish Luck Slot & Irish Luck Jackpot and you’ll get one ticket into the St Patrick’s Day raffle, where ten winners will share a cash prize of £1,000.

You can accumulate tickets into the competition between March 16th and 18th, with the final draw taking place on March 19th.

We believe in fair competition, so players can only gain access to a maximum of ten tickets each.

It is safe to assume that towns and cities throughout Ireland will be awash with revellers this weekend, as the country demonstrates to the world yet again just how to celebrate the life of a patron saint.

As well as the £1,000 raffle, we’re marking the occasion by offering some fantastic weekend bonuses.

On Friday March 14th, you can secure a 75% bonus on £10 deposits and an 85% bonus when adding between £20 and £100 to your account by using the code HAPPY.

The following day, Winkers can bag themselves a 65% bonus on £10 deposits and a 75% boost on £20 to £100 deposits when entering the term SAINT.

Finally, on Sunday March 16th – or St Patrick’s Day Eve, as you might like to call it – players can grab the same bonuses as Saturday by using the code PADDY.

With so many spectacular bonuses and cash prizes up for grabs, why wouldn’t you want to play online bingo this weekend?

We’ve got some amazing welcome offers too, so if you haven’t already signed up, what are you waiting for?

Have you been spoilt rotten this Valentine’s Day?

It’s that time of year again.

While some of us look forward to being spoilt and pampered by our men on Valentine’s Day, others are not so lucky.

February 14th provides us with an opportunity to see just how much our boyfriends and husbands really care.

While we may dream of being whisked away to a country retreat with flowers and a romantic picnic containing strawberries, champagne and plenty of chocolate, the reality is very different for a lot of women.

How many of you expect your other half to stumble through the door at 11pm on Friday night with a mangled card that was clearly written in the pub and still has a 99p label attached to it?

Fortunately, we at Wink Bingo love a bit of romance and we certainly won’t let you down this Valentine’s Day.

Our Catch Cupid! promotion will run between February 14th and 16th and there are some fabulous prizes to be won. Enter The Love Shack between 5pm and 9.30pm to be in with a chance of winning.

Cards cost just 5p and you can bag yourself £50 in cash on Friday February 14th if you get a full house while bingoing on the Cupid’s Arrow pattern.

The following day, a full house will get you a £50 Ann Summers voucher and those of you playing on Sunday can secure a £50 Pizza Express voucher.

To put an even bigger smile on your face this weekend, we’re also offering some amazing bonuses.

On Friday, you can use the LOVE code to grab yourself a 75% bonus when depositing £10 and an 85% bonus when adding between £20 and £100 to your account.

The following day, Winkers can secure a 70% bonus on £10 deposits and an 80% bonus on £20 to £100 deposits when using the tag CATCH.

To finish the weekend in style, we’re also offering 65% bonuses for £10 deposits and a 75% boost for those parting with between £20 and £100. All you have to do is enter the code CUPID.

Love is in the air at Wink Bingo

Cupid’s has Wink Bingo in his sights this month.

Turn down the lights and get comfortable, as we’re about to bring all you beauties a raft of deliciously-tempting offers to get you in the mood for love.

Cupid’s on the loose! Help us catch him to be in with a chance to win cash and prizes. Come join us in the Love Shack (renamed just for the occasion) and bingo on the Cupid’s Arrow pattern between February 14th and 16th to stake your claim on the goodies.

Don’t forget it’s our birthday this month and to celebrate, we’re running our Big Birthday Bash promotion. Every player who purchases a minimum of six cards into each of our Birthday Candle rooms will be guaranteed to walk away with a share of a £6,000 cash payout!

The celebration doesn’t stop there, as we’re giving players a 66% bonus on all deposits between £10 and £100 on our birthday. Simply use the code BIRTHDAY between 00:01-23:59 and we’ll credit your account.

Our wonderful bingo bonuses are back too. Pay in £10 on February 7th to earn a bonus of 75%, with a deposit between £20 and £100 will earn you a credit of 85%. Just remember to use the code BDAY and we’ll apply the bonus.

A £10 credit on February 8th will be credited with a 70% bonus, while anything between £20 and £100 will be credit with an extra 85%. To qualify, use the code CANDLE. Meanwhile, deposits of £10 on February 9th will be rewarded with an additional 65%, rising to 75% on amounts between £20 and £100. Just remember to use the GAMES code.

Our I HEART Wink incentive is still running, offering players who have been with us for 6 months of more the chance to win cash prizes. Find it in the Free and Fun Tab. Also check out our Candy Land Slot Tourneys, now with a reduced rebuy price of just 75p!

We’re also introducing 1TG to Bingo Babes, offering a 50/50 split in the jackpot. Half will be awarded to the 75 Ball winner, while the rest will go to 1TG cards. There are no other changes to schedules so you can continue to enjoy your favourite games.

Sir Elton once asked if you could feel the love tonight. With all these fantastic offers, we know we can!

Happy birthday to us!

Everybody loves to celebrate their birthday, but here at Wink Bingo there’s one big difference – you guys are the ones who get the presents!

That’s right, we’re celebrating our sixth birthday in February by sharing a whole host of great offers with you – just think of it as the goodie bag you used to get when you went to your friends’ birthday parties as a child, only much, much better!

Things get underway on Monday February 3rd when cards go on sale for the BIG Birthday Bash, which involves six games – one for each year of course – that get underway later in the month.

The first room opens at 7am, with the game taking place on February 21st at 10pm. Each card costs 6p – the price is the same for all games – and players can win a full-house jackpot of £300, with £200 and £100 up for grabs for two lines and one line respectively.

Games continue for six days from February 21st and anyone who buys six or more cards for each of the six games is guaranteed to get a share of a £6,000 cash payout.

If you can’t wait that long for some bingo action, we’ve even got a special birthday treat lined up for this weekend. If you pay in £10 on February 1st or 2nd and use the code ITS on Friday and Our on Saturday you’ll get a 75% bonus, rising to 85% if you deposit between £20 and £100. On February 3rd, the same deposits will net you bonuses of 65% and 75% respectively.

As if that’s not enough, on January 31st you could get your bingo paid for the whole of 2014 in our Play FREE for a YEAR game. Available on PC, tablet or mobile at 9pm, winners of this game will get £50, £100 or £150 credited to their account every month.

With offers this good you’ll be disappointed our birthday only comes around once a year!