Single 0 Roulette

single 0 roulette is the classic roulette game you know and love

It’s one of the most iconic casino games in the world, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the high class action – play Single 0 Roulette at Wink Bingo today! Place your bets and let the spinning wheel decide your fate – will red or black be lucky for you?

How to play

With gold and black chairs pulled up at the green baize table and a richly patterned carpet underneath, Single 0 Roulette perfectly recreates the air of glamour and excitement that comes from a classic casino. Coloured chips sit stacked up near the just-out-of-sight dealer, with your own tokens clearly set out in front of you, letting you place bets of anything from 1 to 500 credits with just one chip. A table in the bottom left-hand corner shows you the minimum and maximum bets for each potential choice – but more on that later!
Single 0 Roulette works on a simple premise – the grid on the table represents the red-and-black wheel that sits to the left of it. Players place their chips on the table and the wheel is spun – if that little white ball rolls into a compartment that matches your bet, those chips will be coming back to you with a few welcome additions!

Streets, splits and straights

The thrill of roulette comes from the number of betting options, letting you play with the odds on each and every spin. The most simple is the ‘straight’ bet – you place your chips on just one number and win or lose depending on whether or not the ball falls into that particular compartment. However, beyond this there are several alternate options that allow you to cover up to half the wheel: you can bet on black/red, even/odd or even 1-18/19-36. Of course, the game’s title gives away a certain twist in this particular game – unlike many American roulette wheels, which have two, this European-style wheel has only a single 0. This edges the odds back into the player’s favour, helping you feel even more confident when you place your chips on the table!
Find out if lady luck is on your side and spin the wheel today with Single 0 Roulette at Wink Bingo! When you sign up and deposit just £10, you’ll get an amazing £45 to play with!