La Partage Roulette

Take La Partage Roulette for a Spin

Spend your afternoon living the Monte Carlo high life with La Partage Roulette, the classic casino game available to play now at Wink Bingo! Once the glamorous hosts have greeted you, the real fun can start – get ready to place your bets and cross your fingers!

How to play

Once you’re settled at the opulent red velvet table, your first decision in La Partage Roulette will be to decide how much you want to bet – and what on. In front of you, you’ll see a numbered grid representing all the compartments of the red and black wheel that sits spinning almost out of sight at the edge of the screen. There are several different bets you can place, which you’ll pick up easily as you get more familiar with the game. For 2/1 odds, you can choose to bet on red/black, odd/even or 1-18/19-36, splitting the wheel into two sections. The extreme opposite of this would be to bet on just one number – a big risk, but if you get lucky, those 37/1 odds can really pay off! In between, there are dozens, corners, couples, streets and splits that bet on anything from two to twelve numbers.
When you’re confident that you know where you want to place your bet, select one of those colourful chips from the bottom of the screen and place it on the grid. Your chips range in value from 10p to £25, but you’ll need to place a minimum bet of 50p to play. You can use more than one betting option per spin if you want to hedge your bets – or you can be completely daring and place it all on black 17, just like a certain gentleman by the name of Bond…

La Partage

Hitting the arrow button to the right of the screen will transport you to the roulette wheel screen, where you’ll be able to watch that white ball spin round and round until it – hopefully – lands in a winning compartment! The wheel’s ‘wild card’ is the 0, which in many roulette games means a loss on except a straight-up zero bet, but with La Partage rules, landing a 0 will still return half your stake on an even money bet, tilting the odds in your favour!
To take your place at the La Partage Roulette table, visit Wink Bingo today!