French Roulette

your winnings are up for grabs on french roulette

If you find yourself dreaming of sailing down the Seine, strolling through Cannes or climbing Mont Blanc, chances are you’ll love the thrilling world of French Roulette! This game is played in way that’s very similar to European Roulette, but with a certain je ne sais quoi that’s unmistakably Français!

Screen Layout

Gallic gamblers will immediately recognise the green table and red-and-black wheel that greets them at Wink Bingo – this online version of French Roulette lovingly recreates the casino game in every detail, from the chips to the richly patterned carpet. The wheel has just a single 0, distinguishing it from the American version of the game and shifting the odds in the player’s favour! The numbered segments go up to 36, creating a total of 37 compartments for the ball to fall into.

How to Play

The chips laid out on the side of the table dictate how much you can bet, with values starting at just 1p and going up to £2. You can bet up to £300 on a single spin, with up to £100 placed on a specific outcome. The grid on the table represents all the possible results, giving you the chance to lay all your money on just one number for odds of 36/1, or to hedge your bets by dividing your money between several numbers on the grid.
To get started, all you’ll need to do is ‘pick up’ your chosen chip by clicking on it, then place it on the section of the grid that represents your bet. The simplest option is just to choose one number, but you could also split your bet between two numbers by placing your chip on the line dividing them on the grid, or use a corner bet to include four adjacent numbers. Column bets and dozen bets both spread your money out over 12 numbers to cover a third of the wheel, or for odds of just 2/1 you can choose to bet on whether the ball will land or red or black, odd or even, or on a number above or below 19 – there are known as rouge/noir, impair/pair and passe/manque bets respectively.
If you want to speed things up, you can use the Turbo button to send play shooting off faster than those racecars at Les Mans! Alternatively, set up to 99 games in motion at your current bet level with the handy autoplay function. To take your place at the classic French Roulette table, just visit Wink Bingo and play today!