European Roulette

try your luck at this classic european version of roulette

The red, black and green roulette wheel has to be one of the most iconic sights in gambling – and you can bring it straight to your living room with European Roulette at Wink Bingo! Choose your chips from the colourful selection, place them on the grid and then get ready to spin for your winnings!

How to play

European Roulette is easy to pick up – you use the grid and racetrack at the top of the screen to place your bets, then hit the spin button to watch that animated wheel in the centre spin round and round until the ball lands into a numbered and coloured compartment. If that compartment matches up with your bet, you win! The real fun comes from the huge variety of different bets, with options letting you cover anything from just one single number all the way up to half the wheel. Of course, the odds change dramatically based on how many numbers you’re betting on, but even a simple red/black bet will double your stake if the ball lands in your court!
The best-known options are also the most simple – the 2:1 bets of odd/even, 1-18/19-36 and of course, red/black. However, you can also choose to cover a third of the wheel, split either numerically or by position, in what’s called a ‘dozens’ bet, while other options let you place your money on six, five, four, three, two or just one single number. The steeper the odds, the higher that final win could be!
Once you’ve singled out a lucky number (or twelve), it’s time to put your money where your mouth is by selecting your chips from the right-hand side of the screen. Your options range in value from just 20p all the way up to £250, although you can add more than one chip to your bet – or even more than one bet to the grid! The table has an upper limit of £1000 a spin, but that still gives you plenty of chances to roll high if you’re feeling confident in your choices!
To take your place in this sleek, suave and sophisticated game, just visit Wink Bingo and play European Roulette today. When you sign up and deposit just £10, you’ll receive an amazing £45 to play with!