Wink Bingo is going bonus crazy on Black Friday

Have you got that Friday feeling? The Wink Bingo team certainly have!

A recent study commissioned by British Airways showed that many of us sign off for the weekend a little earlier than we perhaps should.

Apparently, the average person will down tools at 2.39 pm on a Friday and do you know the best thing? Our bosses don’t even mind too much! The research revealed that managers are quite happy to turn a blind eye to a bit of skiving towards the tail end of the working week.

Our motto is ‘work hard, play hard’, so we think you’re entitled to take it easy after a hard week’s grind. While we look forward to every Friday, we are particularly excited about this one.

November 29th is ‘Black Friday’, which is generally a telltale sign that the Christmas spending boom is about to start. Retailers usually come up with attractive discounts and offers at this time of year and Wink Bingo is no different. Our latest promotion – Black Friday Bonus Madness! – will certainly grab your attention.

This is definitely one for those early risers among you, as the biggest bonus codes will be on offer before 9am. So set your alarms!

You can use the code 200 to get a 200% bonus between 2am and 5am – we told you the early bird catches the worm. Between 5am and 7am, you can use the code 150 to get a, you guessed it, 150% bonus.

If you fancy a bit of a lie-in, you can still make use of the 100 code to secure a 100% bonus between 7am and 9am. All of these offers are valid on deposits between £10 and £50. Once the clock strikes 9am, we will revert to our usual weekend promotions, which are not too shabby either!

Winkers can use the codes BLACK, HELLO and DECEMBER on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively to receive bonuses of up to 85%

We can think of worse ways to spend the weekend!