What’s your lucky number?

We all have a lucky number. For some it’s our birthday, or that of a loved one, for others it’s our house number, our anniversary or our favourite footballer’s number.

Some of us choose a lucky number simply because we like the way it looks, or sounds, or because we’ve had a run of luck with it in the past.

Of course, if you’re a bingo fan you might base your choice on your favourite bingo number call.

There are the traditional ones, like knock at the door, number four and one fat lady, number eight.

Then there are the more modern versions, such as Jimmy Choo, number two and Deirdre and Ken, number ten.

We’re sure you have some of your own funny versions too!

If you have a lucky bingo number, why not check to see whether it’s one of our weekly Winky Numbers? If it is, you might just bag yourself a nice little prize.

Every Friday we pick a new Winky Number, and the player who bingos the most on this chosen number during the week will win £30 in bingo funds.

Just ask your host what the Winky Number is each week between Friday and Thursday. If you win, you might decide you have a new lucky number.

If not, you can still boost your funds by taking advantage of our generous weekend bonus deals.

This Friday July 25th, put £10 into your account and we’ll increase your deposit by 80%, giving you £18 to play with. Pay in between £20 and £100 and we’ll increase your deposit by 90%.

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