Thank goodness for May Day: Another 3-day weekend!

I don’t know about you, but after an Easter weekend spent gorging on chocolate and enjoying the fact that, for once, the sun was shining, I was pretty miserable when I had to climb out of bed at some ridiculous hour and go back to work on the Tuesday.

Still, at least there were only four days to get through before the next weekend arrived. That’s why this week seems to have lasted an eternity. After two consecutive four-day weeks, I’ve been waiting for that Friday feeling since Tuesday!

But never fear; there’s yet another bank holiday on the horizon to save us all. Easter this year was so well timed that we haven’t had to wait long to enjoy a glorious three-day weekend. So what will you be doing with your extra day off?

Traditionally, people have danced around maypoles, crowned May Queens and Morris-danced their way into the summer season. Nowadays, most of prefer to catch up on some sleep, crack open a box set or, should we be lucky enough with the weather, fire up the barbecue.

You never know, the latter could just be an option, since the Met Office is predicting a fine and dry weekend for many of us, and though it could feel chilly at nights, the daytimes should be pleasantly spring-like.

Of course we all know the Met Office doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to forecasting barbecue weather, so nothing is guaranteed. What is guaranteed is the fun you’ll have taking part in Wink Bingo’s latest games over the next few days.

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