See in the New Year with Wink Bingo

We’ve all gone a bit overboard on New Year’s Eve, haven’t we?

There’s nothing like starting as you mean to go on and we assume many of you lovely Winkers will be beginning 2014 with a bit of a headache and an impossibly dry mouth.

Not to worry, as our fabulous £10k New Year’s Day! promotion will soon perk you up a bit. Available on PC, tablet and mobile (which is very handy if your hangover is preventing you from leaving the comfort of your bed!), it will comprise six rooms under the £10k NYD tab.

Five of these rooms will offer a £2,014 prize, while the sixth room will give you the chance to win three cards into the jackpots. It works like this… If you have made a deposit in the past seven days, you can enter the WIN FREE CARDS room. You will find that Pink Room, Orange Room, Yellow Room, Lilac Room and Blue Room patterns will play on rotation, with every bingo on a special pattern equalling two free cards into the corresponding room. With such a kaleidoscope of colours, we told you we would brighten up your day!

We will also be running numerous promotions throughout December, which will give you more opportunities to get your hands on free cards into the New Year’s Day jackpots.

Of course, before we even think about the New Year, we have to get Christmas over and done with. We at Wink Bingo are always excited at this time of year and we’re in a particularly generous mood this time around.

Our £15,000 Christmas Count-up promotion is guaranteed to put a smile on somebody’s face and it could be you! We are offering wonderful cash prizes in the run-up to December 25th and the offer will culminate with an eye-watering £6,000 jackpot on Christmas Day.

Will you have a wad of cash to spend in the January sales? We hope so!