Got a mobile or tablet? Sunday is your lucky day!

If all you fabulous Winkers are anything like us, you will always be glued to your mobile phone. Are we right? From a personal point of view, it only seems like yesterday that I couldn’t put my Nokia 3210 down for more than five seconds. Oh to be a teenager in love again!

Of course, nowadays we have super-sophisticated smartphones and tablet devices that let you do pretty much anything you like. Whether it is Facetiming your BFF or updating your Facebook status, it is amazing just how many applications modern gadgets have.

You should know by now that Wink Bingo is right at the sharp end of things when it comes to technological developments, which is why we have put together a frankly wonderful app. Have you found us on the App Store yet? If not, you are definitely missing out.

For a limited time only, smartphone and tablet users can use their device to play our 75 ball bingo game. Each Sunday from 9pm, we are offering a FREE £250 guaranteed jackpot to our mobile players. There you are, we told you that non-mobile users were missing out! We have a number of mobile-only games and promotions, so it really is worth using our app. Do you know the best thing? It’s completely free to download.

You can use it on Android and iPhone handsets, while our technology team are also working hard to bring out an iPad-compatible app. It couldn’t be easier to use. All of your data from the main site will be transferred to your smartphone as if by magic.

You can play wherever you like (as long as there’s a good internet connection). Can you think of a better way to pass the time on a tedious train journey than playing mobile bingo and winning tidy sums of money? We certainly can’t!