Fancy a year’s worth of free bingo? Of course you do!

You can earn 12 months of free bingo on January 31st!

What could be better than winning a game of online bingo?Winning a game that has cost you nothing to enter, that’s what!

Christmas might be over for another year, but Wink Bingo is still very much in a giving mood. Our Play FREE for a year game is certainly not to be missed.

It costs just 30p to enter and players who emerge victorious can get their account credited with up to £150 every month for an entire year.

A full house will bag you the full £150, while those who complete two lines and one line will receive £100 and £50 respectively.

So, how does one enter the running for this magnificent prize?

Simply head over to our site at 9pm on Friday January 31st and get ready to roll. You can play through your PC, or if you are one of these upwardly mobile, futuristic types, why not join us via your tablet or smartphone?

It’s not unusual to feel a little down in the dumps in January. The festive season – when we allow ourselves to indulge in as much chocolate and wine as we like – has passed and we must now set about shedding those extra pounds from around our waists.

Chances are the Christmas period will have left your bank balance looking a little sorry for itself too, so what better time to land yourself a major online bingo windfall?

While patience is a trait to be applauded, we fully understand that some of you lovely Winkers simply cannot wait to get your hands on your winnings.

So, if you ask us really nicely, we’ll give you your money in one lump sum, rather than leave you waiting until the first day of each month.

In case maths is not your strongest suit, players who get a full house will bag themselves £1,800 in total, while those in second and third place will get £1,200 and £600 respectively.

Happy new year indeed!