Christmas Presents

This is a little list of special Christmas presents that you can make at home with your children. These lovely gifts shall add a personalised and special touch for your loved ones.

First on the list are gifts in a jar. Anything in a glass jar looks lovely. Start collecting these beautiful jars right now. You can fill these glass jars with small bath bombs, bath salts, chocolates or mints. Simply fill these jars and tie them with a red ribbon to add a festive touch. Get some blank white labels from your local stationary store so that the children can design their own. Next on the list are Christmas cookies. Christmas cookies are fun to make, especially when you have cutters shaped like stars, Christmas trees and gingerbread men. Decorate with yellow or green icing, dust with icing sugar, place them on a paper plate and cover with cling film. This can be the perfect present for your neighbor. You can also make your own personalised napkins for your Christmas lunch. Use fabric crayons to colour on plain white napkins. Your child will colour some beautiful pictures and you can fix the colours with a hot iron. Shortbread greetings are another easy to make gifts for Christmas. Use a skewer to write pin pricked messages like ‘Noel’ before baking, evenly spaced so that each individual piece has a message on it. Put the shortbread pieces into small flat packed gift boxes and tie with a golden ribbon. Home cards are a lot more time consuming, but kids love making them and it shall keep them busy for hours. Make sure to have a good stock of coloured paper, glitter and gold stars, Christmas stickers and plain envelopes.

Make the most of the dull and cold winter days of December with special festive celebrations as such. Merry Christmas!