Christmas Albums

Don’t you dislike throwing your Christmas cards away every year? This year preserve your Christmas cards in a special way, as well as find a way to organize all the Christmas letters you’ve been faithfully filing away for years. Make an album for your Christmas letters using decoupage to decorate the covers with this year’s Christmas cards.

We all love decoupage. It is easy and versatile. You really cannot go wrong here. Start by finding something to paste the Christmas cards on. Some dark red card which you will mostly have stocked will seem heavy enough to withstand all the gluing. Next cut your Christmas cards into all different shapes and sizes. Cut out little characters, scenes, holiday greetings, and even signatures of loved ones who had sent the cards. Next arrange the cutouts, overlapping one another, on the card stock, and start applying them one by one with the decoupage finish. There are several kinds of decoupage finish available. You can find a variety at your local craft store. They will mostly have two different varieties. The first is Plaid Royal Coat Antique Decoupage Finish, and the second is the Mod Podge Gloss Lustre. The first one gives one a vintage appearance. The paste gives you a yellow colour on drying, making your collage look aged. The more you apply, the yellower it gets. The Mod Podge dries clear. Use the antique finish and you shall not be disappointment with the results. You use the finish to actually glue the individual pieces on with a paintbrush, and then when you are done, you brush a coat over the entire page. After it dries for about ten minutes, you apply another coat. Adding several coats makes the pages as sturdy as an album cover.

When the covers are ready, arrange your Christmas letters from oldest to most recent, and punch holes in all of them. Then place them between the covers and insert the ribbon through the holes and tied big red bows to hold them together. This special Christmas album should not take you more than an hour or two to create. In this special way you can create a timeless classic in a variety of ways.