Celebrate Prince George’s 1st birthday with our special Tuesday £1,000 game

Awww, cute-as-a-button Prince George turns one next week, can you believe it?

It really seems five minutes ago since we watched his tiny little hand give us a perfect royal wave from that little swaddle blanket as his proud parents introduced him to the world.

Now he’s entering toddlerhood – that testing time for all mums and dads when they start to walk, talk and get into all kinds of mischief.

And looking at that butter-wouldn’t-melt face, we reckon William and Kate will be in for a tough couple of years.

So what are we doing here at Wink Bingo to mark the heir to the throne’s big day on Tuesday July 22nd? We’re playing a special Tuesday £1,000 game in his honour, that’s what.

The Tuesday £1,000 pre-buy plays every week at 9pm, with cards costing just 25p.

But this Tuesday, in addition to the usual £1,000 jackpot, we’re throwing in an extra £1,000 to be shared among players who purchase tickets to the game but don’t win.

This means that whether you’re successful in the game or not, you’re guaranteed to come away with something.

Sound good? Well what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now!

Of course the more tickets you buy, the more you stand to win, so you could take advantage of our fab weekend bonuses over the coming days to boost your ticket-buying power.

If you add £10 to your account on Friday July 18th you’ll enjoy a nice little 80% bonus, and if you put in £20 to £100 the bonus will increase to 90%. Just use the code WINK.

If you’re playing on Saturday July 19th you can use the code LOVES to receive a 70% boost on a £10 deposit and an 80% boost on a deposit of between £20 and £100.

And then on Sunday we’re offering a 65% bonus and a 75% bonus on deposits of £10 and £20 to £100 respectively with the code YOU.

That’s right, Wink loves you, and we love Prince George. Happy Birthday little fella!