Fun Bingo Sites That You Must Visit

A few clicks at Wink Bingo is all it takes to realise that it is one of the best sites for UK bingo enthusiasts. But first let’s understand what makes online bingo so attractive.

Sites That Let You Do More

Woman playing online bingoWith high-speed internet, bingo sites allow gamers to play in the comfort of their own homes. So if you have an itch to play bingo in the middle of the night, make sure you visit one with the best bonuses. Online bingo sites are safe and secure, and additionally offer the following features:

  • Chat and make new online friends
  • Never miss a number auto-dauber
  • Play bingo around the clock

Guaranteed Welcome Bonus

Wink Bingo is one of the best bingo sites designed specifically for UK bingo aficionados. Upon your first deposit of £10, you’ll get a guaranteed welcome bonus ranging from £15 up to £1000! Making a deposit at Wink Bingo is safe and easy. Plus if you have any questions, our site offers live help. All this makes Wink Bingo one of the best and most friendly places to play.

All the fun of the halls and clubs without the need to leave the comfort of your own sofa…

Old Fashion BingoIf you are feeling slightly nostalgic about the “old” bingo experience whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home wearing pyjamas (why not, you are at home!) and playing the games when you actually want to on-line,  we have come up with some ideas to help you “crossover” gently.

We have all been there in the bingo hall, heads down and concentrating on the muffled numbers being called out ( some of these callers must surely work at the railway station as an announcer during the day) with our fluorescent marker pen in hand, ready to dutifully highlight the numbers that we think were called out. If you think you are missing out on this experience whilst playing your on-line games please feel free to highlight the numbers on your screen with a marker pen but be prepared for some odd looks from the next person to use the computer after you, who can only wonder at what fun you have been having !

Another way of replicating that old bingo experience, (just picture a seaside pier and pouring rain and you could almost be there) in your own home, would be to go out and buy a selection of stuffed and plastic toys that you would not normally want in your house together with some obscure kitchen or other household gadgets and put them on a shelf near to your computer, ready to reward yourself, but only if you win more games than it seems possible to do so in one evening.
Women SmokingIf you are still feeling nostalgic,  you could of course invite a group of people to stand outside your front door smoking under the porch, and join them at various intervals in the cold, if you really feel the need to replicate that true bingo hall experience. On second thoughts, perhaps a mug of tea and a biscuit in your kitchen seems more appealing.

To complete the old traditional experience you might want to learn some of the phrases that are called out for specific numbers such as:


13 – Unlucky for some
22 – Two little ducks
66 – Clickety- Click

Now there is a good idea for a fun evening.. clickety-click ..

Playing on-line bingo is so different from the old fashioned bingo hall experience, you can you play when you want to and there are plenty of choices on how much you spend and so much more variety in the games that you can join in with on-line, and yes we don’t mind if you play in your pyjamas !

Enjoy your on-line gaming experience. Get started today…