Team Bingo

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Why Team Bingo?

Sometimes bingo is better together. That’s why we’ve introduced Team Bingo. The more you play, the more points your team earns, the more bingo buddies you make. Essentially, you don’t have to do anything but do what you love… play bingo, and you stand a chance to win extra prizes!


1st Place 170,000
2nd Place 120,000
3rd Place 70,000
4th Place 50,000
5th – 10th Place 15,000

Team Bingo Results 22nd July – 4th August

Team Players Bingos
Orange-throated Whiptails bubble0, poppy321, denonie, bigcat1 7
Western Gulls diannej, blueyblue, luckyprincess, needtowinaly 6
Baboons dolphins32, Jakesgranny, babybambi123, shafty 4
Badgers sexygina, wacjac47, carina007, luckyloulou66 4
Mississippi Kites fefee1979, brenny47, jap, sexyaxse 4
California Slender Salamanders mum04, Yeinz1, keepsonwinning, ifonlyicanwin 3
Iguanas courtney04, paddie12, hellokitty1, hinds10 3
Pelicans raeleen, marysj, wendyc1987, twinkle3211 3
Summer Tanagers leigh077, loulou1979, myanne, pippa01 3
Parrots wildheart68, vodkaguzzler, debz68, denj57 2
White-tailed Tropicbirds Angie7771, winon22pls, ann299, janes8 2
Basking Sharks chrissysuzie, win4jay, madmonk, kayjay22 1
Beavers blink69, looandtig, dewdrop173, kazzy222 1
Black Salamanders zoepink1, elliebelli, ChristineKelly, jojo4969 1
California Tiger Salamanders igotthebuzz, koicarp, gabrini, bingo92 1
Thick-billed Kingbirds mauro1, margo46, turkishlady, twinkle301074 1
Yellow Rails matt1hew, ednamay039, zedhower, dabba01 1
African Wild Dogs debs765, triciaellen, leesmom, callum58 0
Amazon River Dolphins ladykaz, rachH77, ann6722, peppi7 0
American Martens sarahsworld, suzie777, Anna66, b57 0
Anacondas lol63, bingobills, markni, SALOPIANSUE 0
Angel Sharks carol1965, Jez05, jj06, lilshelleybear 0
Annelids juma65, sweetpea1888, jennybs, niki2010 0
Ants TEACUP5, friese147, spudok, mexico08 0
Arachnids Emma112800, moggies, nanmoon, teddtbear 0
Asian Elephants pixiebell, lizmills65, dee306, cosietosie 0
Baleen Whales amylou49, Trixybelle, allywin, carole05 0
Bears graciesgran, Aquadebbi, lynda60, steve007 0
Bed Bugs angelamaud, sha38, carolnic, Aztecgold 0
Bees ashyt08, weyheyiwon, paul5867, tanya33 0
Black Phoebes julie246, xkliketyklikx, mbee, CHATTYCATHY123 0
Cephalopods ddeebb, natasha917, tezgg, cherieb 0
Chinese Sturgeons funkymum81, luckjacksmum, emapari, rachieyeah 0
Clay-colored Sparrows breezybre, les123, auditor, chrissy70 0
Colossal Squids janet36, lynnok, karls30, xpixielotx 0
Common Ground-Doves merrypoppins, kaz69, driver8739, leanne7789 0
Granite Spiny Lizards peteanne, shelley76, pauline456, jules2010 0
Gypsy Moths remoc, daniki, mamsbabys3 0
Heather Voles lollywally, Hypercat, cath32, bubbles9 0
Kakapos mandy2512, kath1968, angelaxis, ctchmeifucan 0
Melon-Headed Whales jen1984j, pisces41, mamies, manhay33 0
Mountain Lions jojo7301, mau55, oldun44, suzianna 0
Newts joannemart, jaccky, gillian39, redemmz 0
Northern Flying Squirrels loopylynd, hcky, BingoBird2Win, rachgib84 0
Northern Waterthrushs juliemcdon, madvick, shayne1234, BoBByBeau 0
Painted Redstarts margthewinner, teresashaw, happy1996, fiftyeight58 0
Shrimp zakman, babslmt, Dalls, Sooz2 0
Sidewinder Crotaluss mags04, wackyjacqui64, blackie, gta5star 0
Tusotheuthis Longas alex1988, jimsy35, carly70, ssteggs 0
Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes yankyduly, suzyb48, di333, jamleo2 0
Whooping Cranes reeceboy6, joandy5, bush1949, microdot 0
Wilson’s Plovers denisels01, mazarina, mizzbehavin, dinkydo 0

How to Play

At Wink, we like to do things a little differently. So instead of choosing your team, we randomly place you in a team and change it every two weeks. Not only does this help you to make more friends, but it also gives everyone a fair chance of pairing up with a winning team. And since we pride ourselves on being the best, it’s only natural to come up with the fairest (and best) way to play Team Bingo!

All you have to do is play bingo as many times as you can in the two weeks and the winning team will be the one that bingoes the most at the end of the two week period. If there is a tie, the team that bingoes the most on the ‘Letter T’ pattern will win the main prize. At the end of the two weeks the scores will return to zero and the teams will be reshuffled. We’ll announce the winners on a Tuesday, and if you’ve made it to a top ten spot we’ll credit your account with points on the day the new period starts. (Each period starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Monday).

Team Bingo Rules

The rules are simple. The winning team will be the one to score the most bingos during the month. In the event of a tie, the team to score the most bingos on the “T” pattern will be the winner.

  • You must be signed up for Team Bingo before the start of the new competition. Entries received on or after Tuesday will NOT be considered for the current competition, but will be entered into the next competition.
  • All 75-ball bingo wins and all Full House 90-ball bingo wins count towards your Team Bingo score.
  • Only bingos between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 pm UK Time will count towards your team’s final score.
  • You don’t need to re-register for Team Bingo. Once you are in a team you will be automatically entered into the next competition.
  • Only funded players are eligible to join Team Bingo.
  • BP’s will be credited to funded aliases in the Top Ten teams on a Tuesday following the latest promotional period.
  • Aliases who have not wagered for a month prior to the start of a new promotional period will automatically be removed from Team Bingo.