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Jack Hammer 2

It’s all fun and games as Pearl performs at the Dockside club – but when the evil Don Crabby and his henchmen try to kidnap her, Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business really kicks into gear! With super-stylish cartoon graphics and an unbelievable 99 paylines, this time the sequel is even better than the original!

Setting the scene

Our story begins at the Grand Gala, which the Mayor is throwing to thank Jack Hammer for saving the city. Femme fatale Pearl is singing a sultry jazz number onstage, but her cruel capture by Don Crabby and his goons turns the party into a rescue mission! The symbols in this five-reel game combine the five starring characters with a series of snapshots that could’ve come straight from an iconic film noir: guns hide in violin cases, a silver microphone stands on a dimly-lit stage, and behind the docks a speedboat is zooming off with an unwilling passenger on board.

To win the day and save Pearl, first you’ll need to decide on a bet level between 1 and 10, and a coin value between 1p and 50p. Your next task is simply to hit that spin button, hold your nerve and hope to see your just rewards lined up in front of you! Combinations of more than three matching symbols on active paylines will see your bet doubled at the very least – but for real returns, you’ll be hoping to see five headshots of your hero, Jack Hammer himself, smouldering back at you from the reels. Although the goons, Don Crabby and Pearl all offer top returns of well over a hundred times your bet, Jack Hammer more than doubles their best offer with a maximum multiplier of 500!

The plot thickens

Every timeless tale has a few twists and turns along the way, and in Jack Hammer 2, it’s the special symbols that supply the real thrills. A ‘sticky wins’ feature means that every time you hit a winning bet line or more than three free spins symbols, all the symbols involved in the win will freeze where they are as the reels spin again – hugely increasing your chances of landing yet another winning line-up! If standard symbols triggered the win, then the feature ends whenever you stop winning – but if the fishy free spins symbols were behind it, you could be in for as many as 20 completely free turns afterwards! A blockbuster hit that packs a punch every bit as lethal as your hero’s right hook, play Jack Hammer 2 at Wink Bingo today!

Wu Shi Lion Dance

let the wu shi lion dance take you to the far east

Travel to beautiful China in this eastern-inspired slot. Look out for firecrackers, traditional temples and lucky cabbages, as well as the lucky golden lion!

How to Play

This thrilling five reel slot features 25 paylines that zigzag across the screen: choose how many you want to play by clicking the lines button below the reels. The more you play, the higher your chance of striking a winning combo! At the top of the reels you’ll find your credit level, your current bet and your total winnings. Control how many credits you want to bet per line using the bet button at the bottom of the screen. All you need to do now is click spin, or set up the autoplay feature to play up to 100 games automatically at your current bet!

There’s a range of elaborate symbols to match up in this slot, each paying different prizes. Matching just three gold coins will multiply your triggering bet by five, while getting five temples along an active line pays out 1000 times the amount you bet! To find out just how valuable each symbol is, click the handy help button at the bottom of the screen and check out the paytable for a graphic guide.

Special Features

Don’t forget the hero of the game – the golden Lion! Match three or more Lion symbols anywhere on the reels to win up to 25 free spins. You’ll also need to look out for the Lettuce, the game’s exciting wild symbol. This substitutes for all symbols except for the scatters to help you get more matches and more money. Even better, any combination that uses the lettuce doubles your prize!

In addition to these special symbols, finding three or more Firecrackers anywhere on the board will start the Fireworks Festival, which could see you earning up to 100 times your original bet! The red envelope is another important symbol: three of these anywhere on the board triggers the Hong Bao Bonus, which gives you the chance to choose an envelope and unveil a prize of up to 200 times your bet!

Join the fun and enjoy those big bonuses when you play this roarsome game at Wink Bingo!

Happy Mushroom

make your mushroom happy

If you like your slots packed with cute cartoon critters, free spins and bonus features, Happy Mushroom will make you one happy bunny!

A Walk in the Park

Happy Mushroom is a 25-payline slot game with a wonderful woodland theme. The five reels are displayed on a rustic chalkboard, and the background is decorated with rainbows, trees and cartoon creatures! The paylines are clearly numbered at the side of the reels, with active ones displayed in white. Every time you strike a winning combo, colour flashes across the screen to highlight the lucky payline! Select the number of lines you want to play with the ‘Change Lines’ button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll also notice the ‘Change Bet’ button: use this to choose how many 1p credits you want to bet per line. Your remaining balance, current bet and total winnings are displayed in colourful bulbs along a line in the top right corner of the screen, making it easy to keep track of your game. Hit ‘Spin’ to begin your adventure, or use the auto-play function to play up to 100 games automatically, leaving you to relax and take in the scenery!

Cute Critters

As you enter the woods, you’ll spot a variety of cuddly forest dwellers on the reels. Look out for fluffy bunnies, smiling mushrooms and adorable ladybirds, all of whom can be used to make winning combinations! Matching just two of certain symbols multiplies your triggering bet by five, so keep a close lookout as you explore. For more details on how much each will pay, click the ‘Options’ button and choose ‘Paytables’.

Woodland Wonders

You can also look forward to Happy Mushroom’s three bonus features! The wild rose will substitute for any standard symbol to help you make even more successful combinations, and winnings from these matches will be doubled! Wise players will also want to see the cuddly owl: three, four or five of these anywhere on the reels rewards you with 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively.

Let’s not forget the game’s favourite fun guy! Finding three or more of the multi-coloured mushroom will start the Mushroom Adventure feature. For each mushroom in the triggering combination, you get the chance to pick a bonus that could reward you with up to 100 times your triggering bet – so choose carefully!

Venture into the woods for your chance to find colourful characters and exciting prizes with Happy Mushroom at Wink Bingo!

Gets the Worm

early bird gets the worm and prizes!

In a sweet little farmyard not so very far from here, there’s an eager birdy awake nice and early hoping he’ll be the one who Gets the Worm! You’ll have to stay on your toes if you want to get there first, so shake off that sleepyhead and rise at sunrise to make sure you claim that juicy prize!

Morning Mayhem

The sun may only just be peering over the horizon, but already that bird has taken up his spot on the tree! To be in with a chance of beating him to it, you’ll need to make two tricky decisions: firstly, how many of the 25 paylines do you want to activate and secondly, how many credits do you want to bet per line? With five reels and four rows on each, every payline counts, so think before you click! If you’re sure of your bet, you can use the autoplay option to set as many as 100 games in motion without so much as ruffling a feather.
The setting for Gets the Worm is a quaint and quiet countryside scene, with adorable animation bringing the bird perched on his twig to life. The symbols are in on the theme too, with the card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A designed in cheerful bright colours. You’ll also spot dainty daisies, painted watering cans and wooden birdhouses spinning round of those reels – and since the last two could win you up to 500 times your line bet, you should keep your fingers crossed to see a little more of them!

Wriggly Little Worms

As you’d expect, the two special symbols in Gets the Worm are the age-old adversaries, the bird and the worm. The worm is the game’s scatter symbol, which means that whenever three or more appear anywhere on your reels, you’re in for seven completely free games! During these games, the bird symbol acts as a substitute worm symbol, which helps increase your chances of re-triggering another seven games and keeping the free wins going!

In normal play, the bird can’t stand in for the worm – but he can play every single other symbol to help you land high-scoring combinations. As useful as this is, you’ll still be hoping to get the bird on his own: four birds on an active payline wins you an incredible 1000 multiplier, while the jackpot combo of five birds beats even that with a multiplier of 5000! Swoop down on these juicy prizes with Gets the Worm at Wink Bingo today!

Mermaid’s Pearl

swim to find the mermaid’s pearl

Search the seas for the Mermaid’s Pearl at Wink Bingo and you might just surface with some impressive riches of your own! With five reels and 25 paylines, you’ve got plenty of chances to angle for that buried treasure – just make sure you don’t fall overboard!

Fish out of water

This beautifully depicted game whisks you away to an underwater paradise, where the Mermaid’s Pearl is far from the only prize on offer. Set in an enchanting coral reef, the symbols that spin past your eyes include clownfish, turtles, starfish and seahorses along with the mystical mermaid herself. To win, all you’ll have to do is decide on a bet per line and then activate your chosen paylines - you can choose to play on anything from one to 25, just remember that the more you activate, the more chances you’ll have of winning! After that, simply press the spin button to start your deep sea adventure!

With a graphics style that calls to mind a particularly delicate painting, these symbols are lovely to look at – but they’re also much more than just pretty faces! The biggest payout comes from the sweet blue dolphins, who could help you win 2500 times your stake bet! At the other end of the scale you’ll find the jellyfish and conch shell, but even these could give you returns of 100 times your stake bet. Playing at the maximum level of 30 credits per line, that’s an impressive return of 3000!

Pearls aplenty

The slightly startled-looking starfish acts as the game’s wild symbol, which means it’ll stand in for any standard symbol to help you complete a high-paying lineup! Whenever the starfish is in your winning combination, your prizes are automatically doubled, sending the top multiplier soaring up to 5000! Then there’s the seahorse, who unlocks a thrilling bonus feature in which you’ll need to place your bet on one of five seahorses. After they’ve raced, your pick’s final position will determine how big a payout you receive!

Mermaid’s Pearl video slots also has a prize pick feature, unlocked by finding three or more purple clams anywhere on your reels. Finally, the mermaid herself holds the key to the free spins bonus, unlocking at least 15 extra games whenever you land three or more of her. Add that to an extra-special black pearl feature and you’re in for a thrilling underwater ride!

See if your oyster holds the Mermaid’s Pearl by playing at Wink Bingo today! When you join and deposit just £10, you’ll get an incredible £45 to play with!

Pharaoh’s Luck

have you got pharaoh’s luck?

The sands of Ancient Egypt hide priceless treasures, but you’ll need all your wits about you to navigate the complex hieroglyphics and win at Pharaoh’s Luck! Find your way through enchanted pyramids and action-packed feature games – and hope that you’ll soon see a Pharaoh’s mask pop up on those reels!

Pharaoh’s Treasures

With the pyramids in the background and an ornate golden mask just behind the reels, there’s no mistaking the setting for the Pharaoh’s Luck slots game! Five reels with three rows of symbols take up the centre of your screen, with 25 paylines running diagonally up and down along them. To get started, you’ll need to decide how many of those paylines you want to play on, and how many credits you want to bet per line. Once that’s decided, you can either press the spin button to set just one game in motion, or use the autoplay option to power through up to 100 games without stopping!
The symbols in Pharaoh’s Luck are suitably regal, with hieroglyphics and playing card royalty all mixed up together. The lowest-scoring symbols are 9 and 10, with values climbing up through J, Q, K and A. The ankh is next up, offering a top multiplier of 250 times your line bet if you can match up five on an activated payline! The owl doubles that with a maximum multiplier of 500, but the game’s most valuable standard symbol has to be the Eye of Horus. If your Pharaoh’s Luck holds out long enough for you to land five of these on an activated payline, you’ll win an incredible 1000 times your line bet!

Magic Masks

There are two special symbols in Pharaoh’s Luck, both of which could send your winnings soaring! The first is the substitute symbol, played by that mysterious pyramid with the scarab sign etched onto its side. This symbol can stand in for almost any other to complete a winning line-up, and whenever it does, the multiplier is automatically doubled. That means that if you can line up four Eyes and one pyramid on an active payline, you win 2000 times your line bet!

Finally, there’s that regal funerary mask, which has the power to unlock the feature bonus game. Three or more of these appearing anywhere on your reels will send you to a prize pick feature, with a new screen full of 15 masks. You’ll have to choose just three and keep your fingers crossed that the ones you’ve picked reveal the biggest prizes! Try your Pharaoh’s Luck at Wink Bingo today!

Super Nova

travel to deep space with super nova!

The space age has arrived and it’s time for all brave adventurers to leave planet Earth and explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy with the Super Nova slots game! Study asteroids, planets and moons and see if your research pays off with a huge reward at the end!

Out of this world

Super Nova is an epic five-reel, 25-line online slot game that shows our familiar universe from a very different perspective! From your reels you can gaze down on the planets, spinning them all around in hopes of finding that winning combination. To begin your intergalactic quest, you’ll need to decide how many of those 25 paylines you want to activate, and how much you want to bet per line – you can go as high as 25 credits, or as low as just 1, but remember that the bigger the stakes, the bigger the potential prizes!

The central reels have the paylines clearly labelled at each end in bright neon colours. Whenever you hit a winning combo, the line it’s on will light up and flash to celebrate your victory! Wins that come from the classic card symbols are smaller than the space-themed symbols, with top multipliers of 300 times your line bet. Once the planets get involved, things definitely step up a gear with Mars and Jupiter offering a maximum multiplier of 500, Venus doubling that to 1000 and Earth offering an incredible 5000 times your line bet if you can match up five on an activated payline!

The Planets Suite

As the centre of the solar system, it only seems right that the sun plays the game’s substitute symbol, able to act as any other symbol to help increase your chances of landing a winning line-up. Whenever you see this golden orb completing a combination, your multiplier for that line will be doubled, sending your rewards soaring! The moon activates the game’s bonus games feature, sending you straight into a prize pick round in which you’ll have to choose carefully from the crater symbols that appear onscreen – each one can award up to 100 times the triggering bet!

The final piece of the interstellar puzzle is the asteroid, which has the power to award you with free games if you can land three of them anywhere on your reels. You could get as many as 25 spins absolutely free, during which all your wins will be tripled! Better yet, this feature can be retriggered at any point! Join the astronauts in outer space with this thrilling Super Nova slots game!

Lost Island

set course for your lost island adventure

The Lost Island is a tropical paradise that’s just teeming with treasure! Plunge through the palm trees, look out for tigers and scoop the gold in this exciting five-reel online slot!

How to Play

To get started on your island adventure, choose how many of the 25 paylines you want to activate using the Change Lines button at the bottom of the screen. Click the Change Bet button to decide how many credits (worth 1p each) you would like to play per line – you can pick from a range of values between one and 30, depending on how lucky you’re feeling!

At the top of the screen, a stone tablet displays your remaining credit, your current bet and your winnings so far. This game also has a handy autoplay function – click this to automatically play your selected bet as many as 100 times, making your island exploration that little bit easier!

Island Inhabitants

Now that the reels are rolling, you need to know just how much those crucial symbols pay! Click Options to find the paytable, which displays a full list of multipliers. Matching just two friendly tigers or two cheeky monkeys along an active payline doubles your triggering bet, while five of the glittering gold coins will pay out 100 times!

Tropical Treats

There are also some extra special symbols to look out for as you explore this tropical paradise. The mighty volcano is the substitute, and will stand in for any symbol on a payline (apart from scatters) to help you finish off a winning combination. On top of that, you’ll earn twice as much prize money from any match you make using the volcano!

Keep an eye out for tribal masks as you explore – find three or more scattered anywhere on the board to earn 15 free spins at your current betting level! Even better, any winnings you make during your free spins will be doubled! Finding five of these across an active payline will reward an amazing 450 times your triggering bet, so stay on the lookout for these precious artefacts.

If you’re ready for an island adventure and the chance to claim some tropical treasure, make sure you play the Lost Island slot at Wink Bingo today!

Amazon Wild

ride the amazon wild!

Embark on an exciting adventure to chart the depths of the rainforest with Amazon Wild, documenting incredible wildlife and discovering ancient history to win spectacular prizes!

The Mighty Jungle

Suitably enough for a game named after the world’s biggest tropical rainforest, Amazon Wild is built on epic proportions! The five reels have four rows of symbols and an unbelievable 100 paylines, giving you endless chances to score big. The paylines are automatically all activated, so your only decision is to set your stake for each spin. You can even use the autoplay option to set up to 25 games in motion without moving a muscle!

The beautifully designed game really transports you to the Amazon, with lifelike bird noises and tribal decorations all around the reels. The intricate symbols present some of the most iconic creatures of the rainforest, with the paytable helpfully dividing them into flowers, birds and animals. In each group there are higher and lower scoring symbols, with frogs, hummingbirds and spiky plants at the bottom of the scale. The red hibiscus and proud toucan are at the top in their individual groups, but the biggest multipliers of all come from the monkey and the mighty panther, with the latter offering an incredible 1000 times your bet if you can get five in a row on one of those 100 paylines! Whenever you do score a winning line, the symbols light up in detailed animations that really bring the wonders of the Amazon to life.

Tribal Treasures

The symbols of Amazon Wild aren’t just restricted to the animal and plant kingdoms – explorers and ancient tribes make their homes here, too! The Mayan mask is the game’s wild symbol, which means it has the power to stand in for any standard symbol to increase your chances of landing those high-scoring combinations. If two appear on any one reel, they’ll expand to cover the whole reel and dramatically increase your winnings!

Finally, there’s the map – you wouldn’t want to venture here without one, and it’s just as valuable in the game as it is in real life! Three or more of these on the reels will whisk you away to a thrilling bonus game in which you’ll have to choose three, four or five ruins from the map, depending on how many scatter symbols triggered the round. Think carefully, as each ruin hides very different prize values! Set off to explore the rainforest and dig up forgotten treasures today with Amazon Wild at Wink Bingo!