Count down the 12 days ’til Christmas with Wink

Everyone loves the countdown to Christmas. It’s why kids – and many adults too – open advent calendars and wish away the days until December 25th.

And once it gets to mid-month things really get exciting. You can almost feel the buzz in the air as people start wrapping presents and decorating their homes.

It’s the 12 days before Christmas that are the most enjoyable. We rush to the shops for those last minute purchases, we start stocking the cupboards and we wait, patiently, while eating mince pies.

There’s a stillness in the air, despite the madness on the high street, and there’s a sense of magic and wonder as we approach Christmas Eve.

And there will be even more magic to be enjoyed here at Wink Bingo with our 12 days ’til Xmas countdown, which will see a £1,000 jackpot up for grabs every day from December 13th to 25th.

Play 75-ball bingo at 8pm every day, and if you bingo on the special Christmas pattern you’ll walk away with a cash prize.

Cards cost just 25p for each day, including Christmas Day, so make sure you’re in.

Just think what you could do with £1,000 in the days before December 25th. You could buy all of your gifts and have some left over to treat yourself.

Or you could go all out and throw a fabulous festive party for your family and friends.

You could even save your winnings until the new year and use them to spruce up your home.

One thing’s for sure, it would be a Christmas you’d never forget!

There will be plenty more seasonal surprises and promotions in store here at Wink Bingo over the coming weeks, so make sure you come back for more.

And there are also our usual weekend bonus offers. This Friday November 21st you can enjoy an 80% bonus on a £10 deposit and a 90% bonus on a £20 to £100 deposit using the code LIVE.

Then on Saturday November 22nd, use the code LAUGH for a 70% bonus when you pay in £10 and an 80% bonus when you pay in between £20 and £100.

And finally on Sunday November 23rd we’re giving you a 65% bonus on a deposit of £10 and a 75% bonus on a deposit of £20 to £100 with the code LOVE.

Countdown to party season

Well that’s it folks! Bonfire Night has been and gone, which means the countdown is on to the festive party season.

You’ve probably got the date of your work Christmas party marked on your calendar already, but which other shindigs will you be invited to this year?

Will you be getting together with a group of old school friends, as you do every year, for a good old catch up over wine and nibbles?

Or will you be dancing the night away with your former uni roommates at a swanky club in town?

Maybe you plan to crash your other half’s work do. After all, you’ve bought a fabulous sparkly dress and it needs more than one outing to justify the price tag.

However you plan to party, you better get organised. You’d be surprised how quickly the next few weeks will fly and with venues getting booked up months in advance, party season can easily get underway towards the end of November.

So get started with that pre-Christmas diet, start browsing the shops for your perfect festive outfit and stock up on the food and drink, because it’s almost time to celebrate.

In fact, we’ve started already here at Wink Bingo! We’re kicking off the countdown to party season by offering you some fantastic weekend bonus deals.

To claim an 85% deposit bonus this Friday November 7th, simply pay £10 into your Wink Bingo account using the code WINK. Want a 95% bonus? Increase your deposit to between £20 and £100.

On Saturday November 8th you can bag a 70% bonus when you pay in £10 and an 80% bonus when you pay in £20 to £100 using the code PARTY.

And finally, on Sunday November 9th use the code WIN to enjoy a 60% boost on a £10 deposit and a 70% boost on a £20 to £100 deposit.

Use your extra funds to play some of our bingo and guaranteed jackpot games, and you could win yourself a nice little sum to start off your party pot.

Relax this Halloween and Play our Scary £6,666 Jackpot Game

Ghosts, goblins, witches, wizards, skeletons and spiders – they’re all pretty scary, but do you know what’s really terrifying?

The thought of sitting in all evening and having to jump up off the sofa every five minutes to answer the door to trick or treaters!

Well, you don’t have to. Just put a big bowl of goodies on your front step and let the kids help themselves.

That leaves you free to enjoy a perfectly relaxing Halloween evening without interruption.

You can cosy up in your PJs, take your time over a delicious Friday night meal, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and settle down for the evening.

And of course, you can log on to Wink Bingo and play our £6,666 Scary Jackpot Game for your chance to win a scarily big prize.

At 8.30pm on October 31st, we’re hosting a special 90-ball bingo game with a full house prize of £3,000.

There’s also £2,000 available for two lines, £1,000 for one line and £666 if you have just one number to go at the end of the game.

Fancy your chances? Well buy your cards quick!

We also have some ghoulishly good bonus deals for you this Halloween weekend.

Pay £10 into your Wink Bingo account this Friday October 31st, and you’ll be rewarded with an 80% bonus. Increase your deposit to between £20 and £100 and the bonus will rise to 90%.

To qualify for these great deals, just type the code SCARY into the cashier.

Or if you’re playing on Saturday November 1st, use the code TRICK to enjoy a 70% bonus on a £10 deposit or an 80% bonus on a deposit of £20 to £100. 

And finally, on Sunday November 2nd, you can bag a 60% bonus when you pay in £10 and a 70% bonus when you pay in between £20 and £100 using the code TREAT.

Get ready for a ghoulish weekend

OK, so Halloween isn’t until October 31st, but here at Wink Bingo we’re just too excited to wait.

We’ve already told you about our £666 Haunted Jackpot games, which we’ll be hosting on the spooky evening itself.

But if, like us, you just can’t wait that long, you can play our Ghoulish Games instead, and bag yourself a £10 bonus in the process.

There are three games – Elm Street, Bloodsuckers and Haunted Hallows – and we’re certain you’ll have loads of frightening fun playing them.

Just deposit £10 using the code BOO and then spend £10 on one of these fab games.

We’ll then credit you with a £10 bonus for your troubles. Now isn’t that a nice little pre-Halloween treat? We don’t play tricks here at Wink Bingo.

Hurry though, because you only have until Monday October 27th to benefit from this great offer.

And yes, of course, we’re still offering you our usual weekend bonus deals on top of this spooky Halloween promotion.

Deposit £10 into your Wink Bingo account this Friday October 24th and you’ll enjoy a lovely 80% bonus, giving you £18 to play with.

Or if you fancy a bigger 90% bonus, then pay in between £20 and £100.

Simply type the code SWEET into the cashier when you make your deposit to qualify.

Playing on Saturday October 25th? Then use the code LOVE to bag a 70% bonus on a £10 deposit and an 80% bonus on a £20 to £100 deposit.

Or, pay in £10 on Sunday October 26th and enjoy a 60% boost, or a 70% boost when you pay in between £20 and £100 with the code HEART.

There’s just so much to be enjoyed here at Wink Bingo, and not a trick in sight. Aren’t we a lovely bunch?

Enjoy a spooktacular October with Wink Bingo

OK, so it’s still a little way off, but here at Wink Bingo we love Halloween, so we thought we’d start counting down by offering all you lovely Winkers a few tricks and treats throughout the month.

We’re not letting you in on the surprises just yet – you’ll have to keep coming back if you want to find out more – mwa ha ha ha ha!  

Let’s just say it’ll be pretty spooktacular, and there will be some scarily good prizes up for grabs.

One thing we are going to tell you about, however, is the haunted house on Scary £6,666 Jackpot Lane. It’s definitely a place you’ll want to be on October 31st.

On Halloween night it’ll be hosting a ghoulish game of 90-ball bingo, and if you’re brave enough to enter you could be in with a chance of scooping some monstrous jackpot prizes.

There’s £3,000 on offer for a full house, as well as £2,000 for two lines, £1,000 for one line and £666 if you have just one number to go at the end of the game.

The room is now open so you can snap up your tickets for just 30p each. The game will play at 8.30pm on the spooky day itself.

Can’t wait that long? Well why not boost your playing power with our weekend bonus deals and sample some of our other great games in the meantime?

This Friday October 3rd, you can get your hands on an 80% bonus when you deposit £10, giving you £18 to play with. Deposit between £20 and £100, and we’ll give you a 90% bonus.

Just type the code LANE into the cashier when you make your deposit to qualify.

Then on Saturday October 4th, pay in £10 and we’ll boost it by 70%, or pay in £20 to £200 and we’ll increase it by 80%. Use the code HOUSE on this day.

And finally, to round off the weekend, you can enjoy a 65% boost on a £10 pay in, or a 75% boost on a deposit of £20 to £100 using the code BRAVE.

Play that funky music

Can anyone honestly say they’re not a music fan? I mean, sure, there are people out there who live and breathe it, but we’re all fans of music in a way, aren’t we?

Imagine for a second that from tomorrow onwards, all music would be banned, from your favourite songs of all time to the annoying jingles on TV advertisements.

You’d miss it, right? You’d miss it like crazy.

We’re humans, and we’re programmed to respond to music. Of course, we all have different tastes and our opinions vary widely when it comes to ‘good’ music.

Some people prefer classical, while others are rock music fans. Then there are those who can’t get enough of pop music, or electronic dance beats.

And of course there are those, like me, who really can’t make up their minds.

One moment, I’m tuning into a 70s rock classic, the next I’m humming along to a folksy little acoustic number from the 90s. Then a moment later, I’m dancing around the living room to Lady Gaga.

But that’s the fantastic thing about music – there’s something to suit every mood. A bit like online bingo, actually!

Here at Wink Bingo, you’ll always find a game to suit you. If you’re enjoying a Saturday night in with a bottle of wine, then a good old game of classic 90-ball bingo might hit the spot.

Or if you’re looking for five minutes of fun on a week day during your lunch break, then perhaps one of our instant games will be right up your street.

If you fancy giving them all a whirl, then why not take advantage of our great weekend bonus deals and boost your playing power?

This Friday September 26th, you can bag yourself a nice 80% bonus when you pay £10 into your Wink Bingo account, giving you £18 to play with.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy a 90% bonus, simply make a bigger deposit of between £20 and £100. Use the cod PEACE to claim your extra funds.

Or if you’re paying in on Saturday September 27th, we’ll boost a £10 deposit by 70% and a £20 to £100 deposit by 80% when you use the code LOVE.

And finally, on Sunday September 28th, you can grab a 65% bonus when you pay in £10 and a 75% bonus when you pay in between £20 and £100. The code MUSIC applies on this day.

You’ll probably be in the mood for a bit of party music if you win a nice little cash prize. Ce-le-brate good times, come on!

Enjoy Happy Hour with Wink Bingo!

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t escape a tough day.

Whether none of the kids slept very well last night, or your boss gave you loads of work to do, don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

The important thing is that you don’t let it get you down too much and that you do something to really take your mind off the stress or frustration.

One great way to do this is to get your friends along to a local Happy Hour where you can normally enjoy cheap drinks for a limited period of time. You can catch up with your friends, have a laugh and generally forget about the worries of the day.

I think that’s a great remedy and so you can take advantage of Wink Bingo’s very own version of that.

Inspiration has been taken from some of the best cocktails on the market and you have the chance to play every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

All you need to do is choose your favourite bevvy throughout our Hangout, Fab5 and Bingo Babes rooms.

There’s an extensive selection – Beer Bottle, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Champagne Glass Full, Full Wine Glass, Long Island Ice Tea or Mojito.

The great news is that each bingo will get you 250 LPs!

If you’re feeling brainy, there’s also quizzes that you can take part in. All you need to do is answer five questions in either The Hangout or The Strip. Each are worth a huge 3,000 LPs!

Alternatively, enjoy our weekend deals. Put £10 in your account on Friday September 19th and we’ll give you an 80% bonus – meaning you’ve got £18 to play with. Or put between £20 and £100 in and 90% extra is coming your way. Just use the code WINK.

On Saturday, use the code BINGO and you’ll get 70% more for a £10 deposit and 80% for one between £20 and £100.

There are also great deals on Sunday – 60% for a £10 pay-in and 75% for £20 to £100. All you need to do is use the code FUN.

Royal baby mania strikes again!

Remember how excited we all were when William and Kate announced they were expecting Prince George?

And how long we sat glued to our TV screens waiting for a glimpse of the future king outside that hospital when he was born?

Or how we’ve ooohed and aaahed every time we’ve seen a new picture of the growing prince ever since?

Well now we get to do it all over again, because the royal couple are having another one!

That’s right, in case you’ve been in a black hole for the past few days, little Prince George is going to be a big brother, and here at Wink Bingo we couldn’t be happier for them.

Just like last time, there are already odds on the sex of the baby, or the possible names Kate and Wills might choose for their new offspring.

And history seems to be repeating itself in other ways, as Kate is once again cooped up at home suffering from extreme morning sickness. Poor girl.

What could cheer her up, we wonder? Well how about a few games of online bingo? We’re not sure whether Kate is a fan, but we reckon she’d have lots of fun if she played.

And we’re certain you’ll have lots of fun too once you take advantage of our weekend bonuses.

This Friday September 12th we’re offering you, our lovely Winkers, an 80% bonus when you pay £10 into your Wink Bingo account, or a 90% bonus when you pay in between £20 and £100.

Just type the code BABY into the cashier when you make your deposit to claim your extra funds.

Then on Saturday September 13th you can enjoy a 75% bonus on a £10 deposit or an 85% bonus on a deposit of £20 to £100 using the code ROYAL.

And finally, on Sunday September 14th, pay in £10 and we’ll boost it by 65%, or pay in between £20 and £100 and we’ll boost your deposit by 75%. Just use the code MANIA on this day.

Now let’s all wish Kate a speedy recovery and wait patiently for those first sightings of her emerging baby bump. Yay, exciting!

Coming soon… Wink Bingo’s new mobile app!

Coming soon to a smartphone or a tablet near you… It’s Wink Bingo’s brand new mobile app!

That’s right, we’re launching a brand new app for all you Winkers out there who love to play our fabulous games on the go.

Or in the garden, in the bath, in bed – you get the gist.

It’ll be available on both iOS and Android, so whatever kind of phone or tablet you have you’ll be able to enjoy all our great new and existing features.

So, we hear you ask, what exactly is new?

Well, there will be a fresh look bingo lobby, as well as new games and bingo rooms, so there will be plenty to explore.

There will also be a new banking window and a new ‘more’ tab where you’ll find help, terms and conditions, settings and all that really important stuff.

Excited yet? Want to know how long you have to wait before you can try it all out for yourself? Well not long, because it launches on Tuesday September 9th.

In the meantime, you can carry on enjoying all the usual fun stuff at Wink Bingo, both on our website and via our existing app.

And it starts with our generous weekend bonus deals to help you boost your playing power.

If you pay £10 into your Wink Bingo account on Friday September 5th we’ll boost your deposit by 80%, which means you’ll have £18 to play with.

Or if you pay in between £20 and £100 the bonus will increase to 90%. Just enter the code HAPPY into the cashier on this day.

If you’re playing on Saturday September 6th you can use the code SMILE to claim a 70% bonus on a £10 deposit and an 80% bonus on a deposit of £20to £100.

Or if Sunday is the day for you, you can enjoy a 65% bonus when you pay in £10 and a 75% bonus when you pay in between £20 and £100 using the code FUN.

Ready for our last big surprise?

Well we hope you’ve enjoyed all the lovely surprises in our mystery box this August. It’s certainly been an eventful month!

We’ve offered you a £1,500 jackpot in our Thursday £500 game – which was triple the usual amount – and we’ve given away three prizes instead of one in our Sunday Hidden Treasures game.

Then we gave you a chance to win a share of £500 shopping vouchers in our Wednesday Booty Call game and gave away an iPad to one lucky player in our Friday Risk-Free £1K game.

If all that wasn’t enough, we’re now offering up an extra £1,000, which will be divided between all players who purchase tickets but don’t win in our Saturday £5,000 game this Saturday August 30th.

Wow, what a month of fab surprises! You’d be forgiven for thinking that after all that, we couldn’t possibly offer you any more great deals.

Well, you’d be wrong. We have some fantastic weekend bonus promotions for you as well to help you make your bingo funds go further.

If you pay £10 into your Wink Bingo account on Friday August 29th, we’ll boost your deposit by 80% which means you’ll have £18 to play with. How generous of us.

To enjoy a 90% boost, simply pay in between £20 and £100.

All you have to do is type the code WINK into the cashier when you make your deposit.

Alternatively, you can bag yourself a 75% bonus when you deposit £10 or an 85% bonus when you pay in £20 to £100 on Saturday August 30th using the code SAT.

And if you’re rounding off the month on a high by adding to your bingo account on Sunday August 31st, you’ll benefit from a 65% boost on a £10 deposit and a 75% boost on a £20 to £100 payment.

Just use the code LOVE on the Sunday to claim your extra funds and start September off with a bang.